Owen Wilson Nose Story, What Happened, Broken Nose and Owen Wilson Nose Job
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Owen Wilson Nose Story, What Happened, Broken Nose and Owen Wilson Nose Job

You probably know Owen Wilson for screen writing and acting prowess, having starred in numerous films such as Anaconda , The Cable Guy , Shanghai Noon and Behind Enemy Lines among others, or for his link to Sheryl Crow and Kate Hudson. What you probably didn’t know is that he has broken his nose several times. Continue to reading for more information on the Owen Wilson nose story.

Owen Wilson Nose Story
Owen Wilson nose before surgery

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Owen Wilson Nose Story

Born to a photographer and an advertising executive, he is perhaps most notable feature for his crooked nose. It has an easily noticeable constriction. Someone in a discussion forum described it as one that appears as though there is a piece of tape running across it.

Owen Wilson’s crooked nose seems to elicit a lot of interest. Questions about him seem to popup all the time in gossip forums. It is not uncommon to see questions like, “ how did his nose end up like that ”? “ What happened to his nose ?” “ Was he born with those nose bumps ” “ When did his nose get crooked ?” and “ Where did his nose get broken ?” among others.

It is difficult for people to figure out why this all time millionaire can’t just get the nose fixed up. After all there are more rhinoplasty surgeons today than ever and nose jobs are increasingly accepted nowadays with over 250, 000 nose jobs performed every year in the United States alone.

Owen Wilson Nose Before

“How did his nose look as a child before he broke his nose?” That is a question that is commonly asked online. A picture of Owen Wilson’s picture before the nose cracked is something that many people would wish to see.

I looked around on the internet for a photo of Owen Wilson nose before it broke , but none seemed to pop out. Perhaps he will consider getting one out there some day, but until then, we can only guess how his nose looked like before as a child. I would guess that he didn’t have the two bumps and his nose was rather more aligned.

What Happened To Owen Wilson Nose

Owen Wilson Before Nose BrokeBefore his nose broke

It doesn’t require you a second look to spot Owen Wilson’s rakishly crooked nose that never cease to spur discussions on discussion forums and Q-A boards such as yahoo answers and ask.com.

While he is usually reluctant to talk about his trademark nose but word has it that the nose is not natural; Owen Wilson got it after breaking his nose twice in his childhood . It widely rumoured that his nose was broken in a high school football injury and in a high school fight.

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These explanations seem to have some ground since he played football and was in his high school football team. His other brothers, Andrew and Luke (also actors) also played football in high schools, but Andrew, the eldest brother had the greatest success with football.

A high school confrontation also seems likely especially given the fact that he is often described as a “ self-proclaimed troublemaker ”. It is not surprising that he was expelled from St. Mark’s School of Texas in the tenth grade.

Some admirer’s of his nose say that it looks sexy and makes him unique, which might have been a propelling force for his success in Hollywood since it makes him unique. Some critics however don’t think the nose look great on him.

Owen Wilson Broken Nose and What he thinks about it

The trademark rakishly Owen Wilson’ crooked nose not only compliments his comedic persona in movies, but is also a center of attraction for a lot of people especially in online discussion forums. People seem to have all manner of opinions about his nose, most positive, but some negative; someone went as far as saying that it looks like penis.

“But what happened to Wilson’s nose and being a millionaire, why can’t he just get a nose job done?” Some people might wonder.

Well, he doesn’t ever seem open to talk about the cause of his crooked nose shape , but he once said that he is proud of it.

In one interview with Los Angeles Times some time back in 2001, Owen Wilson said, “ You know, probably my nose wouldn’t have been that great even if it hadn’t been broken .”

Some critics are however of the opinion that he keeps the double-cracked nose shape to detract attention from his teeth.

Owen Wilson Nose Job

Rhinoplasty or nose job could change the way this gentleman’s nose look by getting rid of the awkward bumps and maybe flattening his base a little. I happened to see a plastic surgeon demonstrate digital morphing technology using before and after comparison of Owen Wilson’s nose, which showed some dramatic possibilities.

It seems unlikely that he would consider having a rhinoplasty since his unusual and unique look of his nose somewhat augments his funny personality and he has mentioned a few times that he is proud of his nose.

Owen Wilson's Nose After Rhinoplasty
After he went for rhinoplasty

Perhaps it is as well a better idea that he stays like that, at least in as far as his acting career is concerned. The crooked face is one of the most identifying features for him and having a nose job would steal away from that unique look that we all know.

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Remember the story of Jennifer Grey? She starred in Dirty Dancing  before deciding to reduce the size of her nose. After the nose job, the unique image we had come to associate with her was gone and a screeching halt to her acting career is what followed. (Hope he will be reading this some day).

We can however never tell what the future holds. Who knew what Michael Jackson could have decided a few years down the line? Likewise, who knows what Owen Wilson might decide in the future? But unless that happens, Wilson’s nose will remain a great point of attraction and debate, especially online.

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