Different Nose Types, Snub Nose, Nubian, Hawk Nose & Snotty Nose Types
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Different Nose Types, Snub Nose, Nubian, Hawk Nose & Snotty Nose Types

How many nose types are there, I hear there is the hawk, snub, snotty and Nubian types? What kind of noses are these and what do they look like? Find more on the hawk, snub, snotty and Nubian nose types shortly.

Baby with Snotty Nose

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There are many nose types across races and cultures. They are spread across geographical and cultural boundaries. Generally, noses derive their names from their shapes and sizes. Other times from certain geographical boundaries for example the Jewish, Greek, and the Nubian.

However, in most cases the geographical, size and shape elements give nose types names.  People with different nose types have different characters and personalities. It would be impossible to talk about nose types without talking about those traits. This article will focus on the hawk, snub, snotty and Nubian nose types. All are different in both shape and character as you will find out.

Snotty Nose

Although it is not a distinct nose type, the snotty nose has excessive amount of mucus flow. This condition is as also known as “runny nose” and occurs frequently among people with all types of noses.

Did I hear runny nose? It happens a lot in babies.

It is a common symptom of allergies or certain diseases, such as common cold. It can also be a side effect of crying, exposure to cold temperatures, drug abuse or withdrawal from hard drugs such as cocaine. Treatment is not usually necessary, but there are a number of medical treatments and preventive measures available.

The snotty nose produces excess mucus that lines the nasal cavities. This happens when the membranes create mucus faster than it can be processed, causing a backup of mucus in the nasal cavities. As the cavity fills up, it blocks off the air passageway, causing difficulty in breathing through the nose.

In most cases, the mucus from the snotty nose clears on its own. However, if it is due to an infection, it may require prescription medicine. Blowing the nose help get rid of the mucus.

Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose is a variety of flat nose found in people from Africa. It tends to be wide at the nostrils and the nose bridge is lower than in other types of noses.

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Barack Obama has the Nubian nose because he had an African father.

Barack Obama has a Nubian nose

People with Nubian noses are said to be:

  • Attractive
  • Expressive
  • Have great ideas above other people
  • Open minded
  • emotional

Hawk Nose

The hawk nose is also known as the hooked nose. This is because it resembles the beak of a hawk, which has a bend. The bend on the hawk nose is however due to a hump bridge. This bridge tends to be larger. It is also straight, almost flawless, and ends with a soft curvy tip pointing downwards.

Hawk Nose

Although people with hawk noses are all over the world, most are in Native Americans and Europeans. They are seen in the sculptures of the caesarean era. Hawk noses are assumed more attractive in men than in women; the truth of that assumption is unsettled. The nose has an aura of strength, which is an attractive quality in women that is for sure. This double standard however, though unfair is very real.

  • People with hawk noses are not influenced by masses
  • They follow  or create their own paths
  • The are attractive
  • Sweet
  • Slow
  • Objective
  • Value family and friends
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Determined

Snub Nose

The snub nose is button-like with a slight widening that gives it an adorable look. It is a small round nose with very little definition. It is sometimes considered to be very cute. Many people are proud of their snub noses. Like Wayne Rooney for example.

Look at how round it is at the tip, and resembles a button. The snub nose is one of the most highly sought after noses in plastic surgery. It has become fashionable to have the it due to its small size in form and its lack of bumps or other blemishes. In women, this type of nose is popular while in men it is an identification of beauty.

People with snub noses are creatively talented, particularly women. They have very wild imaginations. Musicians and artists make up for majority of people with snub noses who are creative. Their imaginative mind leads them also to be successful in life.

Wayne Rooney – Snub Nose

However, snub-nosed people are emotionally unstable. Others of stronger will intimidate them easily. I guess that is why Alex Ferguson found Wayne Rooney to be a slow learn, the poor striker must have been intimidated by the highhandedness of his former boss. People with this type of a nose also work well in a team, like Rooney, he is a striker who has to wait for the other players to pass the ball so he can strike.  His creativity leads him to score or perhaps not.

Women with the snub noses on the other hand are very unpredictable due to their emotional nature. They do things without thinking.  They can also be instinctive and have a strong gut feeling. This is what makes them appealing to men.

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People with snub noses use emotions when making major decisions. Consequently, they can mess up big time. However, their gut feeling never goes wrong. It helps them out in unfavorable situations.

Snub-nosed people are also very passionate about the people and the things the women make excellent wives and mothers, while the men make good husbands and fathers. People with snub noses may be manipulated easily, but their tempers get in the way.

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