Greek Nose Shape Meaning, Personality, Women & Pictures of Greek Straight Nose
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Greek Nose Shape Meaning, Personality, Women & Pictures of Greek Straight Nose

How does the Greek nose shape look like?  Can you identify the personality of a person with a Greek straight nose?  We have details on the straight Greek nose in this article and get a clear picture of it.

Greek Shaped Nose

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The nose is not only functional, but it also adds an aesthetic value to your facial features. This is why influential people spend thousands of dollars on nose jobs. Most of your favorite celebrities have had a nose job that you probably envy so much. The media is also busy screaming that a beautiful nose should be this or that. If you are not comfortable with your nose, you may fall prey of all the cosmetic procedures commercials.

Although, it is okay to get the perfect straight nose if you have the money, it is not necessary. You probably have a different nose from the Greek kind because of various factors such as ethnic background, genetics, evolution, and climate and of course because you are human. If you do not have a deformity from sickness, sustained injuries and fractures, then you are just perfect. You only need to love yourself and appreciate the fact that you are different and unique. Discover the Greek nose shape and see how it looks like.

Greek Nose Shape and Personality

A Greek nose also known as straight nose has narrow nostrils and a tip that is pointed. It does not have any warps or depression. This nose shape, which originated from Greece, although it is considered the perfect straight nose, does not appeal to the Greeks themselves.

Cute Looking Greek Shaped Nose

According to the World Plastic Surgery Organization, Greece has the highest numbers of rhinoplasty. The word ‘rhino’ is actually Greek for nose. The term is borrowed from the Greek artist who had done a sculpture only to change the nose shape with a chisel. The outcome was attractive and has obviously set a trend to be emulated for generations to come.

The Greek type of a nose shape is one of the most striking even in cosmetic surgery procedures. Everyone wants to have a nose like the footballer Cesc Fàbregas as it complements the rest of her facial features. For people who want perfection they would do anything to have her nose, including spending all their savings.

People with natural Greek nose shape have attractive qualities just as the nose itself. They are

  • Overly intelligent
  • Inspirational
  • Functional
  • Optimistic
  • Control emotions easily
  • Skilled
  • Offer comfort in times of crisis
  • Sensual and romantic
  • Systematic
  • Good leaders

Greek Nose Picture and Profile

Green types of nose with a pointed Tip

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This type of a nose has a pointed tip that is hard to miss.

Greek Nose in Women – Women with

Jennifer Aniston is famous for this nose type.  Born from a Greek American father, she inherited the Greek nose shape and like the Greeks, she was not happy about it. There is rumor-doing rounds that she has had about two rhinoplasty procedures, which have been perfectly done. Look at how beautiful her nose is in this photo. Many young women who hold appearances in high regard want this straight nose.

Jeniffer Aniston Is said to have Greek Shaped Nose

How to Get a Straight Nose

It is actually possible to get a straight nose without surgery. Some people have said that they got a straighter nose from pinching it. Others have to exercise the nostrils to make it straight. This tedious thing never gives a permanent solution. The best solution on how to get a straight nose is rhinoplasty. It is the only guarantee that you will get a straight long nose without any bumps or curvatures.

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