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Greek Nose Meaning, Personality, Women, Pictures of Greek Nose Shape & Effects

Is there a Greek nose? Which personality does it come with? Find out all about Greek nose meaning and personalities and a lot more.


Is Kate Middleton’s Nose A Greek types?

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Women with the classic Greek nose are reputable for being beautiful and are likely to have other facial features, which are quite striking. It epitomizes beauty and desirability in a woman.  Such women are believed to have certain characteristics and personalities that make them distinctive from people with other types of noses.

Writers have mused about the beauty and form of the this nose is since at least the early 20th century. In 1902, Victorian writer Harriet Hubbard Ayer wrote, “The Greek nose, which forms a straight line from base to tip, is considered the perfect nose.” With such sentiments, one can only expect perfection from a person with a such a nose.

Greek Nose Meaning

The Greek nose is a type of nose that is completely straight, devoid of defects like a hook, arcs, bumps or waviness. It tends to have narrow nostrils. Its name comes from the fact that this nose type was found in ancient Greek carvings and other forms of art. This type of nose features in all geographical regions and races. Its flat and straight nature makes it the most desirable type.

Greek Nose Details and Personalities of People with Greek Type of Nose

Kate Middleton has this type of nose. After the news of her engagement and subsequent marriage to Prince William, heir to the English throne, her nose has increasingly become a fashion statement.

People with Greek noses are said to be optimistic and to be very clever and helpful in nature. They are said to possess a certain charm and ingenuity that make them out to be more attractive than men and women with other types of nose.

They are said to display great methodical discipline and likely to attain success in life due to this fact. The Greek types of a nose’s beauty coupled with these attributes would make women with this nose type the most envied in the world today.

Female with Greek Type of a Nose

Such women are known to be inspirational to others due to their combination of outward attractiveness and warm-hearted demeanor. Leonardo Da Vinci highlights this in the timeless painting of Monalisa. That Leonardo adds a mysterious half smile gives testimony to the attitude people have had to women with Greek nose spanning hundreds of years.

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Their beauty is said not to be only superficial but are said to have a functional practicality, which makes them the best people to be around in times of crisis. They are said to be straightforward without any hidden vindictive agendas. This kind of woman who speaks plainly, if there is a pressing issue at hand, which needs to be addressed.

Despite this, they are known to be romantic and sensual, another characteristic which make them appealing to men. This may seem contradictory attributes but it makes them even more intriguing. They are passionate about matters of the heart and are said to love.  They keep their emotions close to their chest and are said to be hard to fathom. These elements of their personality evoke curiosity and add to their overall popularity with men.

However, despite its popularity with those who have undergone facial plastic surgery, no amount of surgery can possibly alter your attitude or personality. On the other hand, people who have altered their noses to the Greek looking nose claim to experience greater confidence in their appearance but this is mostly due to psychological rather than cosmetic reasons.  This is probably due to its fashionableness in today’s materialistic society.

The Greek nose effect

It is true that the nose speaks volumes about the personality of a person. Note that this argument is not purely scientific but those who specialize in face reading attest to its truth. The effect of the Greek nose is however, mostly attributed to mental attitudes people have had for ages.

Every racial and ethnic group has its own idea of the perfect nose and they vary across all cultures. Yet, how is it that these nose is highly regarded across multiple cultures? This is mostly due to its regular shape, neither broad nor too narrow and its lack of bumps. This makes most people consider it flawless and perfect.

The Greek nose is probably the oldest fad in the history of humanity. I think this is because the Greek civilization is much admired, revered and famous. The nose has thus, been connected to the wisdom and sophistication of the ancient Greeks especially in an era where they came up with new ideas that continue to shape the world today.

Relevance of the Greek Nose to non-Caucasian cultures

In other cultures where the Greek nose is not as common, particularly the in the African culture, it appears exotic. Nevertheless, in this era of multiculturalism this presumption is increasingly being eroded. It has become fashionable and to modern, upward mobile women who have embraced plastic surgery it has become popular.

Conclusion on Greek Nose Shape

In a world where the western culture is becoming more and more entrenched culturally, the Greek nose fad is unlikely to become outdated. Therefore, if you happen to be one of those few women who have it consider yourself very lucky.

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