Crooked Nose – Meaning, Causes, Celebrities, Actors, How to Fix & Crooked Nose Surgery
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Crooked Nose – Meaning, Causes, Celebrities, Actors, How to Fix & Crooked Nose Surgery

Is there a crooked nose? What are the causes of a crooked looking nose and how can it is it possible to fix it? This article will discuss causes, celebs, and the rhinoplasty surgical procedure of fixing it.

Ashton Kutcher  Nose – A little crooked?

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Every human being has a type of nose that defines who he or she is to the world. For some people who do not care much, they have no idea what type of nose they have. However, for the looks conscious people, the nose is a big deal. There are various types of noses about 14 types actually and each of these gives character to the person.

The crooked nose is one rare kind, but it occurs in some people who either have sustained injuries on the nose, or fractures, or were simply born that way. For people born with a nose that is crooked, it is believed to be saddled, a deformity from stage two congenital syphilis. Regardless of how one got it crooked, the nose does stand out as unique and different.

Crooked Nose Meaning

The crooked nose is one characterized by a typical bump at the tip. The tip also faces sideways giving it a crooked look. A person may be born with it though in most cases, it is self or human inflicted. It is one of the most detested noses today for some people who do not want to be associated with the saddle nose deformity.

Celebrities and Actor with Crooked Nose

Celebrities have this kind of nose too. In a modern world where TV actors are idolized this may not be seen as unattractive. These celebrities walk tall and still look cute, not to mention they are successful too. So the looks do not really matter I guess.

If you thought that looks did matter, especially when one has a nose that is crooked then you are quite mistaken. Apparently, people with crooked noses are known to be good humored and easy going and hence they tend to be very popular. They are fun loving and are the best people to be around. A great example would be Ashton Kutcher. His character, on and off screen, gives the perception of a person with a great sense of humor.

Owen Wilson – A celebrities whose nose looks crooked

Ironically, women find these celebs attractive despite their crooked type of a nose. Some attest it to the fact that it projects a macho character. However, like most facial blemishes, it carries an annoying double standard. Women with crooked looking noses are frowned at and it would greatly affect their self-esteem, while men on the other hand are admired. Fortunately, for women they do not have these noses as they keep off rough games and fistfights or they recognize the double standard and get it fixed with rhinoplasty.

Unlike other kinds of noses though, very few people would get a crooked nose job regardless of how much they love and admire the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Owen Wilson.

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Crooked Nose Causes

A nose that is crooked can be caused by trauma. Nasal bones are the most commonly fractured bones in the face, and fractured nasal bones are a leading cause of a crooked nose . People in high-risk careers, such as boxers most often than not have suffered from a broken nose. When the bone heals, it would most likely not go back to its normal location, giving the nose a crooked appearance. Disregarded or reduced nasal fractures usually result in a nose that is crooked associated with surface dents and abnormalities.

Some noses become crooked at a young age as the nasal bones of children are soft and the slightest trauma during childbirth or play could damage the shape of the nose. The septum may also be deformed or infected with syphilis leading to malformation. Practices such as abuse of cocaine could lead to the formation of ulcers, which could permanently deform the nose.

It could also be a result of rhinoplasty gone wrong. Cosmetic surgery is a very delicate procedure and the slightest slip-up during surgery could leave the beauty seeker with a such a nose for life.

How to Fix a Crooked Nose

One natural method would be to apply a darker foundation to the side with the pronounced bend. Next, apply a lighter shade of foundation on the opposite side. Blend well, and keep your lines straight to give the illusion of evenness. Another way would be to avoid too-dark lipstick, which can draw attention to the center of the face. Also, consider parting your hair to the side. If you have nose that goes crooked on the right side, create a part that falls to the left, for instance.

You can also apply a creamy highlighter straight down the bridge of the nose. This technique helps reflect light away from any unevenness. To soften bumps on the nose you can apply a darker shade of foundation right onto the bump and blend. Diffuse the bump ever further by applying a lighter shade of foundation on each side of the bump from the top of the nose down to the nostrils.

However skillfully you apply the makeup, it does not change the fact that your nose is still crooked. The permanent solution for you would be Rhinoplasty.

Crooked Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Before and After Surgery Front View on Initially Nose that was Crooked Before and After Rhinoplasty or Surgery Image Side View to correct a nose that is crooked

Crooked nose surgery also known as rhinoplast y for a nose that is crooked, is the corrective procedure for altering the crookedness. It involves nose rectification and reconstruction to give the nose a normal shape. Nowadays, nose jobs are common especially among the young generation with specific ideas about the definition of beauty derived mostly from the media.

This said  crooked nose surgery could be the solution for many women. Many women go through life hating their crooked looking nose. They are self-conscious about their condition and some even might find it difficult to interact normally in social situations, particularly towards the opposite sex.

The plastic surgeon reconstructs the form of your nose according to your specific instructions. This could be a huge relief to such women. Men too, undergo rhinoplasty to correct the crookedness look at these before after surgery photos.

How to Straighten a Crooked Nose  and Crooked Nasal Tip

As seen above, Rhinoplasty surgery does really work. However, it comes at a risk and cost. The risk is that the surgery could be badly botching end especially if your surgeon is unqualified or inexperienced. Quality surgery from a quality surgeon could cost a lot and few women would afford this. Or you could take a chance and get rid of your crooked nose for good.

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