Button Nose Meaning, Baby with Button Nose, Cute Button Nose & Celebrities
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Button Nose Meaning, Baby with Button Nose, Cute Button Nose & Celebrities

Is there anything like a button nose? What does it mean and do babies have button noses? How cute is the button type of a nose? To answer these questions on button like nose read the full article.

Wayne Rooney – Look at that nose: button!

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The nose can say a lot about a person. It determines not only the character but also the ethnic background of that particular person. It is so unfortunate that some ethnic groups consider their noses unattractive. They crave to have other peoples noses and in a bid to do that they go to any lengths including getting expensive nose jobs, which sometimes go wrong.  The truth remains that while the skin is alterable with a knife, the personality remains intact.

The button shaped nose is one of the most desired types of noses . All babies may have it at some point. These however disappear later in adulthood in some, somehow. Here is how to know how it looks like and the personality of people with a such a nose. You will also learn more on which celebrities have cute button noses .

What Is A Button Nose, Meaning and Personality?

The button nose is button-like with a slight widening that gives it an adorable look. It is a small round nose with very little definition. It is very cute in most people. Those who have their button noses are proud of them too. The ends are round, and resemble a real button.

Also referred to as snub nose, it is hugely popular especially amongst the young generation of today. It is also one of the most sought after noses in plastic surgery. It has become fashionable to have the snub nose due to its small size in form and its lack of bumps or other blemishes. In women, it is popular while in men it signifies beauty.

Button nosed people, as other people with small noses are imaginative, and more so women. They make up the vast majority of artists and musicians where their ingenuity is put to maximum use. Perhaps this is the reason this type of nose is popular, people aspire to be as artistic as they are.

Due to the good looks, it gives to people, people with this nose type make up the vast majority of models and actresses. People with the button nose are often very optimistic, kind and have a full temperament. These people are loving, supportive and have nurturing personalities. Their talent and creativity increase their probability of success in life

However, button nosed people are also known for their emotional instability. They normally feel threatened by people of stronger will. For all their creative genius, their timidity is their main undoing.

People this nose type also work well in groups. When combined with their knack for talent, this quality further ensures success in the creative field. The fact that they are supportive and nurturing allows them to bring the best out in everyone in a group.

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Button nosed women are more likely to have overall features that are better looking than women with other types of noses are. Even so, they fall short on drive and ambition. They have the no emotional stamina in hostile environment and are often wary and overwhelmed by those who have strong egos and drive. They are child like sweet, emotional, kind and highly sensitive.

Women with this nose type are also highly inconsistent due to their emotional nature and are likely to do things at the heat of the moment, which may not be in their best interests. However, they are very shrewd with accurate gut feelings. This put together with their emotional sensitivities make them very intriguing.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Charlize Theron have button type of a nose.

In the same way, people with button shaped noses use their emotions to make major decisions thus are more prone to making huge mistakes. However, their precise gut feeling most often than not gets them out of sultry situations. They always make themselves available in times of need though they are unlikely to come up with concrete solutions outside the specialty of their creativity and impulsiveness.

Women with the snub nose are very passionate about the people and the things they love and make excellent wives and mothers. However, their tempers get in the way of rational thinking and are easy to manipulate. This gullibility makes them seem innocent though they are better in keeping secrets than most.

Cute Button Nose in Celebrities

As expected due to their talented personalities, there are plenty of musicians, sportsmen, actors and actresses who have the cute button type of a nose. Avril Lavigne, songwriter and musician is one of the f amous people with a cute button nose .

Baby with button type of nose

Soccer star Wayne Rooney also has a button like nose that is cute and supposedly one of the most beautiful noses in all strikers in the English Football. However, his former boss Alex Ferguson in his Autobiography and who certainly disregards good looks because of the way he bashes at Beckham says, Rooney is not a fast learner and “has fitness issues” (espnfc.com), doesn’t make him cute in the field does it?

Baby with Button Nose

Babies too are cute with button types of noses . Look at this cute little baby with a button nose he is such a darling. So, if your baby has a button nose , you should be a happy parent indeed because this nose type is cute!

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