Big Nose Meaning, Hairstyles, Personality, Sunglasses, How to Hide & Baby with Big Nose
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Big Nose Meaning, Hairstyles, Personality, Sunglasses, How to Hide & Baby with Big Nose

Are you one of those people who feel their nose is a big letdown because it is so big and everyone makes a joke out of it? Learn more on big nose including meaning, personality, and baby with big nose, hairstyles or cuts to go for and how you can hide your nose that is big. Some of the basic things that will be discussed include:

Is this nose much bigger than yours

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  • Do I have a bigger nose or is my nose too big? How will I know?
  • Which hairstyles, or haircuts suit people with noses that are big?
  • If I have a big nose, how do I hide

The nose is such a big deal in a world where looks mean everything. Unfortunately, nobody chooses to be born with one kind of nose and not the other. If we were to choose we would all want a perfect straight nose, then again how would we have known that a Greek nose is the most attractive one?  For people with big noses, do not worry! They may seem exaggerated, because majority of people have relatively small noses, but what can one do?

Instead of wallowing in low self-esteem if you have a big nose you should embrace it by choosing the right hairstyles that draw attention from it, wear sunglasses and make up that hides it. You should not settle for rhinoplasty because at the end of it will give you an artificial small nose when your natural nose is reduced. How does a it look like and what is the personality of a person who has a big looking nose? This article will answer this question and give you an idea of the hairstyles/haircuts to wear as well as sunglasses to hide it.

Big Nose Meaning or How to Know and Personality

A big nose is larger than the rest of the facial features. They tend to outdo the width of the cheeks, the size of eyes and mouth. Similarly, it is not proportional to the face length and jaw line. Sometimes it may be bulbous, with wide tips, large nostrils and long bridge. A good way of how to know you have a nose that is big is that you will notice small eyes with a nose that is much protruding.  People such a nose are known to:

  • Radiate  power, leadership, ego and drive Justin Beiber – Does he really have a bigger nose
  • Work best independently
  • Hate laborious and repetitive tasks
  • love high ranking and paying jobs

The following are pictures of big noses, one being the famous Justin Beiber.

Baby with Big Nose

The above adults were born with big looking noses. It is not a deformity that you should correct it with surgery, learning to love yourself is the best solution. The above young man and woman look beautiful even though their noses are big. You can tell a baby with big nose right from birth. Here is a picture.

Baby with Big Nose

Hairstyles and Haircuts for Big Noses

It takes time for people with bigger noses to love themselves. They suffer with all sorts of hateful emotions before finally accepting. A big-nosed woman asserts this in her blog where she invites other big nosed people to share their experiences. ( However, when one finally begins to love his or her nose life becomes easier. It even becomes fun to wear hairstyles and haircuts for people with noses that are big.

Women should wear big hair so that the focus of attention becomes the hair and not the nose. Styling the hair in a ponytail creates length for the face. Ensure to have medium to long hair, short hair will obviously highlight the nose.

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Side parts on hair also draw attention from the nose. However, if you wish flaunt your it, settle on a pixie cut. Long hair should always be layered or have soft curls and waves.  Edgy colors can also help shift interest from the nose. Work with your stylist to choose an edgy color that will not strip your hair its natural oils. If you have to go for bangs, keep them side swept so that they flatter your facial features.

On the other hand, there are suitable haircuts for big nosed men. The haircuts that tend to draw the attention to the eyes and not the nose. The most ideal are the pompadour or the short pomp stylish crew cut. Another one for a long cut is the ivy league. The flat top style crew cut equally is perfect for big nosed men.

Sunglasses for Big Noses

Sunglasses for people whose nose might be bigger proportionally to other body features

Did you know that it is possible to hide your big looking nose with sunglasses? Yes, it is! Just because you have a nose that is big does not mean you can look chic in sunglasses. Sunglasses for big noses should have oversize frames. If the nose is long sunglasses with an elevated side bars and a low bridge make it appear shorter. Buy sunglasses without detailed embellishments, instead settle for trim and sleek.

How to Hide a Big Nose

Apart from hairstyles, haircuts and sunglasses, you can hide a big nose using makeup. Makeup should however be used in moderation. Make use of a light amount foundation. The shade should also illuminate the face. The eye makeup should also be neutral and the mascara as plain as possible.  When it comes to your lips, make use of light shades of red lipsticks just to add color to your face. Ensure also to avoid lip liners as they can make your face appear harsh.

You can also contour or create shadows on your face by applying a darker shade of foundation on both sides of the nose. This technique is ideal if the nose is wide and you will be simply creating an imaginary smaller size of your nose with foundation. If on the other hand it is long, apply the dark foundation on the bottom of your nose. Once you are done contouring, apply a lighter shade of foundation down the length of your nose so that you have an even complexion. Makes sure you finish with finishing powder with most of it going to your nose. Powder your nose throughout the day to prevent shine or just use oil blotting wipes to get rid of oiliness.

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