Fake Nose Piercing & How to Hide a Nose Piercing, Hide New Piercing on Nose
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Fake Nose Piercing & How to Hide a Nose Piercing, Hide New Piercing on Nose

So you love how great a pierced nose looks but can’t just stand the pain you hear. Or you are wondering how you would look like with a nose that is pierced? Or even wish you could look like your friend who has a piercing when attending the party next weekend?  Well, a fake nose piercing can be your answer. This article will take a closer look at what fake piercings on the nose are and how you can use them to fake a piercing. We will also take a brief look at ways in which you can hide a new nose piercing.

How to Fake a Nose Piercing

Fake piercing on a nose

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The fact that piercing your nose is painful (although the pain bearable) provides a logical reason why people keep expressing their interest to know “ how to fake a nose piercing ” in online beauty and piercing forums.

An easy way to fake a piercing on your nose is by wearing a fake  piercing. A Magnetic and spring hoop rings are the most popular options you could go for. We’ll discuss this concept more details in the next section.

Fake Nose Piercing

A fake nose piercing is a great way to look cute and cool without having to go through the trouble of piercing or worrying about any future shift in opinion about having a pierced nose. It is also great for people who worry about the prospect of developing s car on your pierced nose .

It is also a fantastic way to goof your friends and have them talking, only for them to realize it wasn’t the real thing. The good thing about a fake nose piercing is that it hardly looks like a fake if you fix it properly and your friends or family would believe that you just discovered the daring side of you with a new piercing on your nose.

Another good thing about a fake pierced nose is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with the idea to see if you appreciate how you look with the accessory. You ca then proceed to get a real ones if you like how you appear wearing the fake one but should you not like the look, you can just do away with the idea

Fake nose piercings vary from magnetic clip-ons to fake nose hoop rings that fix niftily on your nose to give you an authentic look. Magnetic clip-ons use a small magnet that is placed on the inside of the nose. This attracts a small nose bone or stud on the outside thus keeping it in place.

Fake nose hoop rings on the other hand come with a small spring that looks like a disc which is typically pulled while fixing the fake ring in place. The spring helps to clip the ring niftily on the nose and no one would ever realize that you are actually wearing a clip-on hoop ring.

Fake nose hoop rings comes in numerous sizes varying from small and medium to large and extra-large and could. Depending on your taste you can also choose between the simple varieties to the flashier, embellished ones and among various colors.

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Some people will even adorn different colored fake piercings for the nose to match their outfits and mood of different events.

Where to get a fake nose piercing

How to hide a piercing on the nose

The question “where do you get fake piercings on your nose” almost seems like a natural one after this discussion. There are numerous online stores (websites) that stock fake piercings for noses

You simply need to add the varieties that appeal to you to your cart and check out and they will send it to you within a specified time. Numerous offline stores that deal with fashion accessories could also have fake pierced nose . Some piercing shops also sell them.

How to Hide a Nose Piercing

While piercings on the nose are increasingly becoming socially accepted and most employers and people will not have a problem with seeing you with one, there are times when you may still want to hide it just to be on the safe side. For example, if you are attending an interview, it would be advisable to have it less noticeable.

Some more traditional positions and industries may not be so open up to the idea of adorning a nose piercing at work. You might also want to hide your it while visiting your parents.

So, how do you hide a pierced nose? Well, there are various ways in which you can do it. It deserves to be mentioned first however that a nose stud or bone renders itself more to hiding a piercing on your nose than a nose ring .

Makeup Cosmetics

The first way to hide a pierced nose is to cover the stud up by applying makeup on it. The idea is to use a thin layer of concealer and/or powder especially a concealer. But you must ensure that the wound is completely healed before using and makeup to hide the nose piercing . You should also avoid applying the makeup cosmetics directly into the piercing hole and instead limit it to the areas surrounding it.

As for the nose stud, you should consider dotting some flesh-colored nail polish but make sure that the polish doesn’t find its way into the piercing hole.


Another great way to hide a pierced is to use a flesh-colored or clear nose piercing retainer . Bio-flex, Pyrex, and polytetrafluoroethylene retainers make for great choices since they can be autoclaved and are typically clean.

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Fake Nose Piercing and How to Hide a Nose Piercing – How to Hide a Nose Piercing

As we have already mentioned however, it is not a good idea to change your piercing before it has had some time to heal considerably. At least 2 to 4 weeks are recommended although complete healing time can be up to 4 months for nostril piercing and 8 months for septum piercings.

How to Hide a New Nose Piercing

Hiding a new nose piercing is a bit trickier than hiding a completely healed one because a newly pierced needs to be safeguarded from infections. For example, although a popular option, using makeup cosmetics to hide a it is not advisable because it doesn’t allow the wound to breathe and could lead to infections and irritation. It is advisable to talk to your piercer about the options you have.

For example, the piercer should help you choose appropriate, small gauge studs (not rings) that closely match your skin complexion. This makes them less visible during the healing phase after which you can move on to other pierced nose hiding options such retainers and makeup.

You can also use a small bandage to cover the piercing during the healing phase but this should not be a long time option lest you raise suspicion at the workplace or at home.

Be sure to also practice proper aftercare of your newly pierced nose to minimize chances of infection as this can attract attention to your nose.

There you go! We sincerely hope that we have answered all questions you might have about fake nose piercing. It can help you to adorn that cute and bold look that you have always wished for without going through the trouble of piercing especially if you are not yet sure you want to get pierced.

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