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Nose Job Simulator, Virtual Nose Job, Free, Online Virtual Nose Surgery

This article is intended to explain to you what a nose job simulator is as well as discuss virtual nose job. We will highlight some great free online simulators and mention something about an interesting app that was made to mimic and allow you to perform plastic surgery on yourself and your friends.  

Nose Job Simulator

Virtual nasal surgery

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How would you look like if some elements of your nose were augmented, say that small bump on your nose bridge was filled or the profile of your nose tip was enhanced? Do you get rhinoplasty done and then see whether you like the results? Of course not, chances are that you could have a nose surgical job done only to find out that you do not like your new look. This is where you need a nose job stimulator.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about having a rhinoplasty done and you are wondering what you would look like after the changes to the size, and shape of your nose that you have in mind, then you will delight to know that there are many simulators that does just that: giving you a clear visual image of what you would look like after the surgery.

Nose surgery or job plastic surgeons typically use simulation software in their facilities to render the kind of look that the desired changes to the nose would achieve on a computer and if a patient likes the look and is comfortable enough to give the go-ahead. The surgeon may then proceed to perform the surgery whose focus is to give the patient their desired nose shape.

This is important because just as a patient dislikes his/she current nose, he/she may dislike the new shape, unnecessarily necessitating a revision surgery for which there would still be no way to tell if the patient will finally like the new nose.

The kind of nose surgery job simulator we are talking about here is software that is normally installed on the plastic surgeon’s computer which means that it necessitates a visit to the surgeon’s facility.  This means that you would have to pay a consultation fee first before you can access such a  simulator and this might not be the ideal option for everyone.

That brings us to the second type of nose surgery simulators, the once to be found on the internet. Such simulators create computerized images to depict potential results if you were to undergo a rhinoplasty with the exact modifications you have made to your photo.

It also helps you to make decision on what exactly you want done during a rhinoplasty since you are able to weigh how much you like a particular change in your nose.

Despite all the controversy surrounding the app, iSurgeon is another greatly rated simulator.

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Nose Job Simulator Free or Free Simulator for a Nose Job

Here is how you might look like after rhinoplasty

There are many rhinoplasty simulators that you can use to visualize the kind of look you could have in the future if the changes you have in mind were to be performed on your face. One great free simulator that I found while researching for this article is available at It is downloadable software that is free to use for 2 days.

Online Nose Job Simulator

If you would rather not bother yourself with the downloading and installation process involved with the simulator, then you will find a free online rhinoplasty simulator at I tried it and it is very easy to use.

Virtual Nose Job and My Experience with FaceTouchUp

The term virtual nose job is one that is seen around more and more often online. This basically means giving yourself or someone else rhinoplasty by making modifications to your nose as you desire.

A photo is typically uploaded to the online job simulator you choose (I personally had a good experience working with nose job simulator but the simulator downloadable from plastic-surgery-simulator is as well very powerful.   The use of digital photos is the reason behind the use of the term “virtual”).

The is very easy to use and I tried working with the model they have on their site for practice. All that is required of you is to use your mouse to select an area of your nose you would wish to change upon which a small circle appears which you can then use to drag the highlighted area around.

As you practice and have fun getting a virtual nose surgery job, it is important to remember that the results of a virtual nose job may not always match the results of the actual rhinoplasty one hundred percent. Even then, using a virtual tool is a great way to get a glimpse into the likely results of the operation. It is kind of like getting a preview of your future look.

Once through, you just need to click on the See Before/After link and the site will play a short video showing the changes made to your nose. It also gives you the options to either print or save your rhinoplasty results.

I personally loved it so much, FaceTouchUp is an awesome free to use (at least as at the time of this writing) nose simulator.

Virtual Nose Job Free

Just the other day someone asked, “Does someone know a great site where I can surprise a friend of mine with virtual nose for free?”

Well I can make out that this person wanted a free online rhinoplasty simulator but I am not sure about the part on surprising his/her friend. Maybe he/she meant a site where he/she can post some post-virtual nose job images for his/her friends to see in which case a Blogspot or Tumblr blog would be a great free option.

As for the free virtual nose job simulator provided at would be a great option.

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Virtual Nose Surgery and Typical Results Before and After

Now, let me show you the kind of results I was able to achieve with virtual nose surgery using the model photo provided for purposes of exercise with the simulator.

Simulator or virtual nasal job

That is all you need to know about rhinoplasty simulators and virtual nose surgery jobs. Now go ahead and have fun experimenting with your photos on one or a couple online nose job simulators and see all the new looks that a rhinoplasty can give you.

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