Non-Surgical Nose Job, Cost, Before After & Nose Job without Surgery in NYC, Boston, Chicago, LA
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Non-Surgical Nose Job, Cost, Before After & Nose Job without Surgery in NYC, Boston, Chicago, LA

You have probably heard about getting a nose job without surgery and wondered how that is possible. We will highlight what non-surgical nose job entails so you can make the decision whether it is for you. Furthermore, we’ll highlight the cost and risks associated with this procedure and post several before and after pictures to inspire your imaginations about what is possible with this options that is growing in popularity.

What Is a Non Surgical Nose Job

The Wikipedia defines a non-surgical nose job as “Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a medical procedure in which injectable fillers, most commonly hyaluronic acid ones like Restylane and Juvederm or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), are used to alter and shape a person’s nose without invasive surgery”.

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Non-surgical nose job, otherwise known as non-surgical rhinoplasty or injection rhinoplasty, can improve the shape and size of the nose and enhance the overall appearance by taking care of any troughs, dips and bumps.

Small volumes of dermal filler are usually injected into the targeted nasal area. This could be the tip, the base, or the nose bridge; the three of which are the most important features of your nose in as far as your nasal shape is concerned.

This procedure can also be used to make corrections to small defects caused by surgical rhinoplasty and it suitable for use by any individual regardless of his/her ethnicity. The procedure takes between 10 and 15 minutes only and you can resume your daily activities immediately in most cases.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Risks

There are various risks associated with this procedure. For instance you may get some discomfort for a few days after getting the procedure.

You can also get some local infections but the most significant risk of them all is the likelihood of getting an asymmetrical nose. Imagine having to contend with a nose that is a bit too thick on one side.

Although very rare, you may also get granulomas as a result of the body reacting to the “foreign” bodies injected.

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job

A typical non-surgical rhinoplasty  is usually temporary. The question then is “Can I get a permanent non-surgical nose jobs?”

The answer is “Yes” but most respected rhinoplasty specialists would not recommend it since it involves using silicone injections, or ArteFill. Such injections are associated with inflammatory problems that may be difficult to treat without surgery.

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Non Surgical Nose Job Pictures

If you have been reading around on this site for some time now, then you may have noticed our obsession with pictures. We like posting before and after pictures when discussing cosmetic and health procedures with notable changes on an individual whenever possible.

After all someone equated a picture to a thousand words (quite a lot huh!) and who are we to disagree with that wise man. Anyway going back to our topic, here are a few non-surgical nose job before and after photos to inspire you on what is possible with this procedure.

Non Surgical Nose Job Cost or Price, How Much Is

Now that we know what a non-surgical nose procedure is, the next question is, “how much does a non-surgical nose job cost?” well that depends on numerous factors ranging from the type of filler used, the volume of filler required per treatment session, and the total number of sessions required.

The cost also varies from one practitioner to another irrespective of the above factors. The price can also rise if combined treatment is used.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty cost can be as low as $500 and as high as $3,500 depending on your specific requirements and the location of the practitioner. The average price is however $750 based on reported prices by real patients in the Real Self community.

Non Surgical Nose Job Before After Treatment

There are numerous things that you need to observe before and after this procedure in order to ensure results.

The dermatologist or plastic surgeon performing the non-surgical procedure on your nose will give you the precautions to follow several days before the procedure depending on the specific kind of dermal filler that he/she will be using for your particular case.

Below are some general guidelines that you should consider after the non-surgical rhinoplasty has been performed.

  • Avoid trauma and pressure on your nose for the next 5 days. Sleeping on your back can minimize the chances of accidentally sleeping on your nose
  • Stay away from the sun and avoid laser treatment for at least 7 days as these can lead to scarring and inflammation in the nose.
  • The doctor will give you additional post-procedure requirements that you must keep to the letter for the best results.

Nose Job without Surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgery is one of the latest concepts to have hit the market. A quick scan through some of the most popular beauty forums online and you will see all manner of questions asked about the topic such as “Does nose jobs without surgery work?” and “Where can I get a nose job without surgery?

In reality the term “nose job without surgery that we see being thrown around simply means “non-surgical rhinoplasty or job on your nose” as in the above context. There are many dermatologists and facial plastic surgeon nowadays who are offering nose enhancements or corrections without surgery as an alternative to the surgical rhinoplasty.

Who is nose job without surgery for?

It is especially preferred for minor nose shaping jobs, say reducing a bump for example, and usually involves using dermal fillers which are typically injected into the respective area where reshaping is desired. In the United States, Radiesse and Sculptra are the two most commonly used fillers.

It is important to keep in mind that the dermal fillers commonly used to give a this kind of a procedure usually works by filling in the depressed parts of your nose and nose bridge, altering the angle of the nasal tip to make it more elevated, and as such you can only augment but not alter the size of the nose. Straightening the nose can however make it appear smaller.

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Remember also that the so called “nose job without surgery” is chiefly a cosmetic procedure and can not be used to correct any functional problem such as deviated septum which often cause nasal congestion or make breathing difficult.

Non Surgical Nose Job NYC

With the ever growing popularity of non surgical rhinoplasty, the number of practitioners offering non-surgical rhinoplasty keeps increasing. If you are in NYC, it seems you can never run short of non surgical nose job practitioners. I did a quick search on Google using the phrase “non-surgical nose job in NYC” and had lots of results to choose from within no minutes.

It seems identifying a non surgical surgeon is NYC to work on your nose is not really the problem; choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon from among them is really the problem. In addition to their training and accreditation, you may want to look at the before and after patient photos posted in the surgeons’ websites and offices before making your decision.

A look around the non surgical section of the Real Self website can also help you identify some good surgeon and dermatologists to consider. Simply look at the reviews and ratings of specific surgeons who reportedly operate in NYC.

Non Surgical Nose Job Boston

If you are in Boston, then you may want to visit Dr Ishoo’s Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center (this is not to be taken as an endorsement whatsoever) and start your research there. Dr Ishoo is board certified surgeon and has significant experience, but it is advisable to look at some of his before and after photos to determine if the center is the best option for you.

For other non surgical procedures to compare with Dr Ishoo you may want to query Google using the phrase “Non surgical rhinoplasty Boston” or visit the non surgical rhinoplasty section of Real Self website and try to identify any surgeon whose location is given as Boston.

I also tried using the “Find a Doctor” section and it was very helpful.

Non Surgical Nose Job Chicago

If you are looking for non surgical procedure on your nose  in Chicago, then you may want to consider Otto Joseph Placik, MD. A Plastic Surgeon based in Chicago, Otto has a rating of 5 out of 5 from 37 of his past patients.

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Dr Otto runs a facility in Chicago, Illinois and is behind the website However, this is not to be taken as an endorsement; do your due diligence to ensure that he is the right surgeon for your specific need. A tip: look at his before and after non surgical patient photos.

A search on Google using the phrase “non surgical nose job Chicago” will also give you a whole list of surgeons to compare with Dr Otto.

Non Surgical Job Los Angeles

For those of you in los Angeles, you will be able to dig up a full list of plastic surgeons and dermatologists offering non surgical procedures in Los Angeles by simply searching on Google using the query “non surgical nose job los Angeles.”

The Real self section on non surgical rhinoplasty is another resource that should not be ignored. The best thing about it is that it shows ratings and reviews from actual patients who have seen a specific surgeon before and if you come across a plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles, a quick look at his/her ratings will give you a general picture of his/her kind of services.

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