Cost of Nose Job, Average Price, Cost for Minor, Male & Nose Job Cost in Chicago, Boston, NYC
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Cost of Nose Job, Average Price, Cost for Minor, Male & Nose Job Cost in Chicago, Boston, NYC

What is the cost of a nose job? What is the average cost for a nose job in Chicago? What is the price range ? How much does a it cost in Boston? These are all common questions that keep popping out in online communities and forums dedicated to the topic of rhinoplasty. This article will explain all you need to know about the cost so you can make an informed decision when you finally decide to go the nose surgery or procedure.

Cost of Nose Job or How Much Does It Cost?

According to WebMD, the cost of a nose job includes the surgeon’s fee as well as the facility fee, the anaesthesia, medicines, nasal packing and other services.

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It is also important to note that the cost is more often than not varies from one plastic surgeon to another. Judging from the look of things on RealSelf, the location of a plastic surgeon also influences the cost. At least that is my opinion.

As we have already mentioned elsewhere, a rhinoplasty is usually done to address one of two issues, namely, to enhance ones nose for aesthetic purposes, and to correct a health problem, say a deviated septum that is making breathing difficult or causing nasal congestion every now and then.

However, it is as well important to note that the majority of insurance companies will not cover the cost if it is intended for the first purpose; to improve one’s appearance or perception of his/her image.

It is therefore advisable to check with your insurance company before undergoing a the procedure even if you are having it performed for health reasons. That way, you will be able to know what portion of the cost they can cover.

I took some time to research the cost of a nose surgery or job and one of the best resources I found for this purpose was the rhinoplasty or nose surgery o job section of the RealSelf website, or should I call it a web community of nose surgical job enthusiasts and would-be patients?

Now before I give you the cost of a nose surgery or job in numerical figures, let’s start by reiterating here that there are two types of nose jobs, namely, surgical and the non surgical options. The former is what comes to the mind of many when the term is mentioned but non surgical  one are as well growing in popularity.

The downside to the latter is that the results are typically temporary unlike surgical rhinoplasty.

All said and done, the cost of a surgical is between $2,000 and $10,000, you can be given even a higher cost if you go to high profile rhinoplasty surgeons and the cost of a non surgical procedure is between $500 and $3500. It is thus advisable to shop around before settling for a rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Average Cost of Nose Job

The question what is the average cost of a nose job is often asked in online communities serving the rhinoplasty crowd, that is, people who are considering having the procedure to either correct their nose shape or size, or to correct a health problem.

Well the average cost of a surgical option is $6,775 while the average cost of a non surgical is $750. This is according to prices reported by actual patients (members of the Real Self Community) who have undergone a the actual procedure.

All said and done, it is important to note that price alone is not sufficient to determine the suitability of a surgeon for your nose surgery or job requirement; it is important to do your due diligence. Remember it is your nose that the surgeon will be working on and it is very likely that you don’t fancy the idea of having an endless stream of revision surgeries.

In principle, you want to ensure that the plastic surgeon is registered with the relevant board in your country and state. You will also want to look at before and after photos of past nose surgery or job patients. Most surgeons will have these posted somewhere in their facility or on their website.

Nose Job Price Range and Average Price

The question, “what is the nose job price range?” also seems to hit our inbox all so often and while we have really highlighted that in the above section, I think it deserves another mention right here using the exact keywords that these readers use.

On that nose, the nose job price range is $500 to $3,500 for a non surgical procedure and between $3000 to $12,000 for for a surgical procedure

However, in his interview with The Daily Mail, Dr David Roberts warns against shopping on price alone. In particular you should not go for doctors who offer free consultation which is then provided by someone eels in the front office without getting a chance to meet the surgeon who will be performing the actual rhinoplasty procedure.

Minor Nose Job Cost

How much does a minor nose surgical procedure or job cost? Well that depends on the location of the surgeon and the procedure required. In other words there is no way to tell exactly how much it would cost as that would vary from one case to the other. It also depends on the type required, that is whether it is a surgical (typically costs more) or a non surgical one. Nevertheless, you can expect to pay from $2,500 onwards depending on your specific need and location.

Male Nose Job Cost

Just the other day someone asked, “What is the cost for male nose surgery or job?” Well, in essence male rhinoplasty would cost the same as a female in literal sense. That is to say that gender doesn’t inform the costs.

Nose Job Cost Chicago

Are you wondering how much a nose job costs in Chicago? Well I took the time to do a brief research by searching on Google using the phrase “nose surgery or job in Chicago cost”. The average price in Chicago is $ 5,625.

Nose Job Cost Boston

As for my attempt to determine the rhinoplasty cost in Boston, I tried both Google and the nose surgery or job section of the Real Self website. I had an inconclusive research with this one and would recommend you keep the overall average of $ 6,775 in mind when looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Boston.

Nose Job Cost NYC

Based on the requests of our readers, I also went ahead to research the average cost in NYC, again using the Real Self website and Google. My research was as well inconclusive and I would recommend keeping the $6,777 average cost in mind while looking for this service in NYC.

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