Bad Nose Jobs, Nose Jobs Gone Wrong, Worst, Bad Celeb Nose Jobs, Before & After
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Bad Nose Jobs, Nose Jobs Gone Wrong, Worst, Bad Celeb Nose Jobs, Before & After

Nose jobs results are more often than not fantastic but they can as well be disastrous. They can leave your nose less desirable or even make breathing difficult. Read around online and you will hear horror stories. Luckily, revision can be done to correct a defect created by a primary procedure. This article will talk more about bad nose jobs to keep you informed and help you minimize the chances of getting disastrous results with nose surgery or job. We have also included several before and after photos of bad nose plastic surgeries or jobs.

Nose Jobs Gone Wrong

Carmen Camposantos

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You might have heard the phrase, “...Rhinoplasty is an easy operation to do; it’s just hard to get good results”. Stories of nose jobs gone wrong are all over the internet and some people have spent a fortune trying to get that perfect nose. There are even stories of patients who have undergone as much as 7 rhinoplasty surgeries.

Unfortunately surgeries on nose often go wrong for unpredictable factors such as poor skin, bad genes and weak cartilage and even the most skilled surgeons cannot always guarantee good results.

Nose jobs gone wrong can lead to undesirable results that are as small as a small bump or depression on the nose or as large as a major deformity that seems desperate for attention. In some cases, the nose may outrightly betray you by looking out of sync with other facial features. Asymmetry is also a common characteristic of bad nose surgery or jobs.

A rhinoplasty gone wrong can make the patient lose his self-esteem and self-confidence more so if the first job was surgery was intended to correct an undesired aspect of the nose. In some cases, the patient suffer from difficulty in breathing (i.e. nasal congestion) due to a deviation in the structure of the nose e.g. deviated septum that blocks one side of the nostril.

A good example of a nose job gone wrong was that of a 26 year old rugby player who had suffered a nose injury during a scrum and consequently couldn’t breathe with one of his nostrils. The man sought for a nose surgery to restore the breathing function of his nose.

Unfortunately, the surgeon removed too much tissue (and cartilage) from his Nose Bridge and nasal tip resulting in what is commonly referred to as a “Barbie” nose. The nose didn’t fit in well with his face.

This affected his self-image and self-confidence so much that he couldn’t leave his house for a whole year. The guy eventually sought a second rhinoplasty surgery and his nose was successfully restructured.

Nose Jobs Gone Wrong Before and After Picture

Now that we have said that nose plastic job can go wrong, it would serve you well to see some pictures of real person who has had a nose surgery go wrong, right? Afterwards you are going to see a nose job gone wrongbefore and after” photo.

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Be careful with the surgeon you choose

Bad Nose Job, What to Do Next

Imagine taking that small harmless bump on your nose that steals from your self confidence only to leave your nose deformed and in worse shape than you were before the procedure. That is pretty scary, right?

Well it happens more often than most people would like to admit.  What options would you have if such a bad nose job was to ring the bell at your door?

As you have probably gathered by now, you can always have a second or third surgery if you are not satisfied with the results of the first one. Such surgeries are commonly referred to as revision rhinoplasty surgeries or secondary rhinoplasty surgeries.

If you are not happy with the results of your nose surgery or job, you should consider going back to your plastic surgeon. It is still okay if that happen eight months down the line even when you had been happy with the results all along.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Dr David Roberts points out that the nose takes about 1 year for all the swelling to settle down. Some patients might like the shape of their nose when it is still swollen a bit only to get dissatisfied with it as the swelling recedes later on, maybe they notice a bump on the nose or find the tip falls rather short of their expectations.

You can minimize the chances of getting a bad rhinoplasty in the first place by doing your due diligence when looking for a plastic surgeon. For example, it is only prudent to look for a plastic surgeon that is registered in your state and certified by the relevant board. Taking a look at several pictures of past patients can also help you judge the surgeon’s experience

More Bad Nose Jobs Before and After Photos, Images

Some of the main goals for most nose surgery jobs patients are improvement of their look and addressing a health issue. But when a bad nose jobs kicks in, the results are often the exact opposite as you can see from the before and after photos included in the section below.

This lady had undergone a couple nose surgeries after an accident but had difficulty breathing and also didn’t like the shape of her nose tip. The above “before and after” picture shows the results of her revision surgery. She had to undergo a second revision to improve her nose appearance.

Bad Celebrity Nose Jobs, Gone Bad

Celebrities – especially those from Hollywood – are nowadays known for their increased acceptance and adoption of nose surgical jobs. There are some celebrities however who have not-so-good-a-story to tell in as far as their nose plastic jobs are concerned. Here are celebrities who have had their nose surgeries gone bad.

Lil Kim

  • Michael Jackson
  • Adrienne Maloof
  • Heidi Montag
  • Jennifer Grey
  • Lil Kim – A female rapper

Worst Nose Jobs

If we had to list the worst nose jobs of all time, Jennifer Grey would easily top the list. Jennifer starred in the 1987 blockbuster movie Dirty Dancing alongside Patrick Swayze.

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Jennifer then decided to get a nose surgery to get rid of a bump on her nose without knowing that she was just about to commit career suicide.

The nose surgery or job had such a drastic change on her appearance that she could no longer be easily recognized by her family, friends and fans. At least she has been able to recollect herself since then.

Some other celebrities who would make it to the list of worst nose jobs ever are Michael Jackson (R.I.P) and Joan Rivers.

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