African American Nose Jobs, Black Nose Jobs & Korean Nose Job – Before & After, Surgeons
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African American Nose Jobs, Black Nose Jobs & Korean Nose Job – Before & After, Surgeons

If you are a black American or Korean looking to or weighing the options for a nose surgery job, then this article is for you. We’ll discuss typical African American nose jobs as well as Korean requirements and highlight various ways of finding a rhinoplasty surgeon in your area or country. You will also delight in the Korean and black nose surgery job before and after pictures included in this article.

African American rhinoplasty

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To clarify issues, African Americans requirements for a nose  surgery or job are essentially different from that of their Korean or Caucasian counterparts. African American patients typically seek a narrower nose bridge, a more defined nose tip and narrower nostrils. To clarify this more, let us look at African American nose.

African American Nose Type

The African American nose type is commonly distinguishable for its tendency to have wide nostrils and less projecting nose tips. They also tend to be wide in overall size and are commonly associated with thick skin and less cartilage.

African American Nose Jobs

Before and after nose surgery

The overall shapes and appearances of African American noses are as diversified as the countries and geographic regions that this population is drawn from.

Richard W. Westreich, MD, a Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon thus holds the opinion that the term African American Rhinoplasty (or African American nose surgery job if you like) does not sufficiently reflect the diversity in nose types that characterise the African American population.

Nevertheless, patients on a general scale seek narrower nose bridge, more defined nose tip and narrower nostrils. African American patients seek nose surgeries or jobs for just the same reasons as other ethnic groups.

That is, to enhance or change the shape and/or size of the nose for cosmetic reasons, or to correct a defect e.g. a deviated septum that frequently cause nasal congestion and thus breathing difficulty.

Nose jobs are also increasingly being done to counteract common issues associated with the ageing process e.g. droopy nose, and humps and bumps due to variations in cartilage thickness.

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African American Rhinoplasty

Whatever the reason, most African American patients want to alter the shape and size of their nose as per their cosmetic desires while at the same time retaining the essence of the African American ethnicity by retaining the distinct facial traits and features of their ethnicity.

African American patients usually have thicker skin and thin cartilage which often necessitates the plastic surgeons to use various types of graft in order to strengthen the nose and make it more defined. Grafts may be added to the nose bridge, tip or to the base of the nose.

The price for African American nose jobs is between $3000 and $12,000. The average price on community is $6,450

African American Nose Jobs Before And After

Here comes our favorite section, the “before and after” section. For the sake of inspiration on what is achievable with African American nose jobs, take a look at the following pictures showing African American individuals before and after getting procedure done:

Tyra Banks

Black Nose Jobs  and How to Find a Surgeon

Now that you know what an African American nose job (or black rhinoplasty for that matter) is, you are now probably wondering, “where can I get a black nose job surgeon”.

There are many plastic surgeons specializing in ethnic rhinoplasty and to unearth a good surgeon, your best bet would be to search on Google (or any other search engine) using the phrase, “Black Nose jobs surgeon in [your city or state].

The rhinoplasty section of the Real Self website is another great resource. Here you will find plastic surgeons reviews from real people who have undergone plastic surgery. There is even a section devoted entirely to African American Rhinoplasty and with some due diligence on your part you can get a good surgeon there.

Nose surgery or job surgeons are typically trained in plastic surgery, otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) or both. But as Dr. David Roberts highlights in an interview with The Daily Mai, training alone is not enough to make your decision in as far as the surgeon is considered whether you are looking for black nose job or any other variation.

You will in particular want to view some of his/her before and after patient’s photos. Surgeons usually have a portfolio of their work posted on their website or in their office and you wile ant to have a look at them.

It is also prudent to check that the surgeon is registered with the relevant boards in your country or state (e.g. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

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Above all, don’t use price as the only factor on which to base your decision. For example, you should avoid some clinics that offer free consultation in the front office but don’t give you the chance to see the actual surgeon who will be performing the procedure.

Korean Nose Job or Korean Nose Surgery

In general Asians, including Koreans, have small button noses characterized by flat nose bridge that begins relatively lower in the face, wide and round shaped nostrils and poorly projecting nose tips. Asian noses also typically have weak cartilage which largely explains the flat profile of Asian noses.

Korean rhinoplasty

As a result, Asian nose job patients typically seek “more defined nose” unlike their western counterparts who have high nose bridges. Western nose surgeries patients commonly ask for a reduction in their dorsal hump but Asian patients will opt for an augmentation rhinoplasty that uses silicone implants to elevate the nose bridge.

Asian nose surgery in the general sense therefore tends to be completely different in approach from typical westerner. It is worth noting at this point that some Koreans and other people from South East Asia have higher nose bridges which means that they may not necessarily need implant augmentation as most of their Asian counterparts would.

If you are a Korean looking to get a rhinoplasty to either enhance your appearance or correct a health defect e.g. a deviated septum, you will delight in the fact that Korea is one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery in Asia.

You can find a Korean nose job surgeon by searching on Google. Another useful resource I came across is There is a page there listing a number of plastic surgeons offering nose surgery in Korea.

Korean Nose Surgery Before And After

It is said that a picture is equal in worth to a thousand words. The talk about Korean nose surgery is hardly complete without having some pictures for illustration purposes. On that note, here is a Korean nose surgery before and after picture.

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