Nose Hair Scissors, Pulling, How to Cut, Pulling & How to Pluck Nose Hair
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Nose Hair Scissors, Pulling, How to Cut, Pulling & How to Pluck Nose Hair

The skin inside the nose is usually thin, delicate and sensitive.  You should thus be very careful when removing nose hairs to avoid irritation and injury. If you decide to use scissors, they should be of the right type to reduce chances of injury to your skin. Continue reading for some tips and for our opinion on nose hair plucking.

Scissors for nasal hair

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Nose Hair Scissors

Using a pair of scissors is one of the most common and earliest trimming options. If not done properly however it can lead to injuries and infections. On that note, safety should be an important consideration when buying and using scissors for nasal hairs.

Regular scissors may be too sharp for use inside the nose. Ideal nose hair scissors should have round, blunt tips. This helps to avoid injuries to the delicate skin on the inside of the nose.

Cuticle scissors can also be used to trim those pesky hairs strands in your nose that seem to attract the attention of everyone. Stainless steel scissors make for a great choice since they are easier to clean and reduce the chances of infections.

You should also check to see that the scissors you use has a smooth blade without groves as these might scratch the nasal skin. The pair of scissors should as well be clean; it is a great idea to run the nose hair scissors under hot water before use.

Furthermore, these scissor should as well be easy to grip tightly and maneuver. If for example the finger holes are too small, you might find it difficult to hold the pair of scissors steadily when cutting the nasal hair. This can increase the odds of getting a nick on the inside of the nose. Before buying a pair of scissors for use on your nasal hair, you should thus check how easy it is for you to work with it.

You may also want to go for scissors that come with curved blades since they are usually easier to work with.  Curved blades are also better suited for trimming a bit further up in the nose compared to straight scissors.

Regardless of what type of nose hair scissors you have however, you should only trim your hair too far.  Sticking the scissors too far can cause damage to the delicate nasal cavity. In addition, nasalhair has important biological functions and overdoing the trimming can make you more prone to respiratory infections such as asthma and sinusitis.

How to Cut Nose Hair with a Pair of Scissors

Using nasal hair scissors

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Safety should come first before you even start cutting hairs in your nose. To start with, ensure that the area you will be working in is properly lit. Standing in front of a magnifying mirror is also a great idea as this gives you a better view when cutting the hair, thus minimizing the chances of injury. It also makes the task quicker.

Next you will want to clean your nose with a damp cotton wool or cloth soaked in water. Once the nose is clean, it is time to cut the nasal hair.  This is done more effectively with the head tilted backwards. Lifting your nostrils a little bit to make a pig-nose can also make viewing of the inside of the nose easier.

You should only cut the hair that is visible from the outside. In other words, you should avoid cutting nasal hair that is deep inside the nose as it is required for defense against airborne pathogens and solid particles.

The major drawback to using a pair of scissors to cut nose hair is that it only takes a slight tremble of the hand to nick the nasal skin. It is however unlikely to happen if you take the precautionary measures we discussed above.

Plucking Nose Hairs

Plucking nose hairs can be very painful. It can also lead to infections and ingrown hair. It is thus not the most advisable way to remove those ugly hair strands protruding from your nose; it is better to trim it with a hair trimmer or even use a pair of scissors.

If you however decide to pluck your nose hairs (maybe you have only a couple overgrown hair strands and you don’t mind the pain), you can either pluck it with your hand or use a pair of tweezers. Tweezers can however give you a deeper reach and better grip that the fingers. You should however be cautious to avoid injury since tweezers can scratch the skin lining the nose.

Tweezing nasal hairs

Nevertheless the same rule applies to plucking as it applies to all other methods of getting rid of overgrown hairs in your nose: avoid going overboard with nasal hair removal and take it only far enough. Otherwise you might irritate or injure the nasal cavity or expose yourself to potentially harmful airborne pathogens which are usually guarded against by the nasal hair.

Before you pluck hairs in your nose, you should clean your hands. It is also a good idea to disinfect the tweezers; otherwise they might introduce pathogens such as bacteria and viruses into the nasal cavity.  In case you don’t have a disinfecting liquid, passing the tweezers under boiling water can help.

Pulling Nose Hairs

While we are not advocates for pulling nasal hairs, given the fact that it can lead to infections and is actually a painful undertaking, you may find it easier to pull out those whiskers protruding from your nose after a shower.

When pulling them, someone should only remove the hair visible from the outside since nasal hair is important. Furthermore, pulling hairs in the nose high up in the nose is even more painful and can irritate the nasal cavity.

How to Pluck Nose Hair with Tweezers

Wondering how to pluck nose hair with tweezers? Well, the best way to pluck these hair with tweezers is to hole the hair strands from as close to the base s possible before pulling hard and fast. It deserves another mention however that plucking them is not the best way to or get rid of these hairs.

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If you opt for a scissors, as we have said, scissors should be sharp and of the right size for best results and to reduce chances of accidental injuries inside the nose. On the other hand, plucking nasal hairs is also not generally suggested as it can lead to infections in the nose.

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