Nose Pain On Nose Bridge, Inside, Inner, Broken & Nose Pain on One Side
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Nose Pain On Nose Bridge, Inside, Inner, Broken & Nose Pain on One Side

Nose pain is a common concern for most people. Some people report feeling pain inside the nose while others report having pain on their nose bridge. So what causes such pain? Read on to learn more about various types of nose pain and how you can avoid them.

Bridge Of Nose Pain or Pain in Bridge Of Nose

Fracture on nose bridge

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Wondering where that bridge of nose pain is coming from? The bridge of nose can get painful for a number of reasons.

The most obvious reason for pain in the bridge of the nose is trauma. Any kind of trauma sustained on the nose bridge, for example after falling, bumping into somebody else, or interrupting the line of movement of a football (ouch!), can lead to immense pain in the nose bridge. The pain in the nose bridge could be accompanied by swelling depending on the degree of injury. Intense swelling and crooked look of the Nose Bridge as well as difficulty in breathing calls for the attention of a doctor as this might be a sign of fracture in the nasal ridge.

Some people also might also experience pain in the bridge of the nose due to pressure and pinching caused by their spectacles or sunglasses. This often happens to patients who just had a new pair of glasses (or new frames for that matter). The best way to work around this if it is intolerable is to go back to your optometrist who can adjust the glasses to offer relief at the pressure points.

Bridge of nose pain is sometimes a sign of sinusitis . This is simply speaking an irritation of the sinuses.  Sinusitis is associated with pain in the bridge of the nose and other areas of the face such as cheeks and above the eyes in addition to nasal congestion, fever, and excessive mucus production. It is however not associated with ay swelling on the outside.

Pain inside Nose , What it is

Inside nose view

Pain inside the nose can result from various factors.

Nose injury : This is the most obvious cause of pain inside the nose. This can happen when someone knocks his nose against a hard surface or a moving object e.g. a baseball (ouch!) stops right on your nose thus causing trauma on nasal tissues. If the injury results in a crooked shape of the nose (such as Wilson Nose ), and is accompanied by bleeding, this might be a sign of nasal bone fracture. You should seek medical attention immediately.

Cocaine abuse can also cause pain inside nose . This typically happen in drug users who take cocaine by inhaling.

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Nasal infection : another likely cause of pain inside nose is a local infection. This might start as a small, reddish pimple that then begins to swell and grow bigger until it becomes a painful lesion. It can even end up filled with pus.

This often happens in people who are into the habit of pulling nasal hairs e.g. with tweezers. This habit may make the nasal hair follicles to get infected (a condition called folliculitis ) causing pain in the nose.

Frequent wiping and picking of the nose and blowing the nose too hard can also culminate in nasal infections. This often causes nasal capillaries to rupture, allowing the entry of staphylococcus bacteria. The resulting infection can manifest itself in painful sores inside the nose.

Antibacterial cleaning solutions and antibiotics are often used to treat the condition. If the infection has however spread out, the doctor may prescribe.

Pain on the nasal bridge

Sinusitis is another likely cause of pain inside the nose. This refers to an inflammation of the sinuses resulting either from allergic reactions or infection (bacterial, viral or fungal). It is often characterized by nasal congestion, excessive mucus drainage and facial pain. Antibiotics, nasal decongestants and pain killers are usually administered for treatment of sinusitis.

Nasal polyps can also cause pain inside the nose. These are abnormally growing tissues that can occur in the nasal passages or sinuses. They have symptoms similar to common cold but unlike common cold which clears in 2 to 14 days, nasal polyps can’t go away without medical treatment.

Treatment involves a prescription of corticosteroids in the form of nasal sprays and drops, or orally in order to shrink the nasal polyps.  Surgery may also be performed to get rid of nasal polyps of larger sizes and those that don’t respond to initial treatment.

Dryness in the nose can also lead to pain inside the your nose . This happens when the nose gets exposed to harsh climatic conditions leading to drying out effect on the mucous membranes. The low humidity that is characteristic of winter months can cause this. Smoking can also make the mucus membrane dry, making it susceptible to formation of nose scabs and the associated pain.

Other likely causes of pain inside the nose include presence of foreign bodies (e.g. small beads in children) and allergic rhinitis.

Inner Nose Pain

Nose Pain – On Nose Bridge, Inside Broken Nose Pain

Inner nose pain can result from any causative factor that lead to irritation of the nasal passages. This could for example be due to a painful sore caused by bacterial infection. The nose acts as a shield against external elements including dust and bacteria in the air we breathe. In some cases however, some bacteria especially staphylococcus may find their way into the nasal passages leading to infection. The resulting inflammation in the inner nose is often painful.

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Sometimes a small ulcer develops in the inner nose as a result of sneezing or blowing the nose too hard as to make the inner nasal lining to rupture. The painful sore can also be due to allergic reaction to various elements such as pollen, chemical fumes and molds among others. Antibiotics can be administered to treat the problem. Saline nasal sprays , drops and gels may as well help to relieve inner nose pain.

Broken Nose Pain

Pain after rhinoplasty

Nose pain is typically a sign of broken nose, especially following an injury on the nose. This can happen after a trauma on the nose. This can for example happen during a fight (like it allegedly happened to Owen Wilson ) or after a fall. When should you suspect that your nose is broken ? You should suspect it if your nose takes on a crooked shape after the injury. If the nose also seems to have excessive pain or swelling, you should as well consider seeking medical attention.

Nose Pain On One Side

You might sometimes experience nose pain on just one of the nose. This may later progress to both the nostrils or simply remain in the affected side. This can be the result of any of the common underlying factors such as nasal infections, sinusitis, dryness, nasal polyps, or injury. Nasal sprays and a round of antibiotics can help to treat the problem. Your doctor may also prescribe some corticosteroids.

The same rule of thumb applies: If nose pain seems persistent or recurring every now and then, consider consulting a doctor for appropriate advice.

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