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Big Lips – Meaning, Girls, Men, Makeup Tips, How to Get Bigger Lips, Why Men Prefer Bigger Lips

Do you have big lips? Would you like to make them smaller? Learn more on big lips including their meaning, girls, men, and actresses with bigger lips, makeup for big lips, as well as something on how to get bigger lips easily.

Big Lips – Jay Z

What is Big Lips – Meaning

Big lips means refers to , you are free to go for any color so long it has for big lips, you need to leave a millimeter from the outside natural edge of your lips. This will help create an illusion of slightly smaller lips. However, ensure you do not exaggerate as they may end up looking very visible.  See more to Make Lips Smaller

When applying lipstick, put more emphasis on the center of your lips and do not go beyond where you have applied your lip liner i.e. Apply lipstick on your lips, directly on your lips without the use of a brush as this can help you to make them look slimmer.

Avoid that compliment your skin tone and play around on how you wear your hair.

We also covered on thick lips. If you have thick lips and not necessarily big lips, learn on how to apply makeup for thick lips, ideas and tips .

How to Get Bigger Lips

If you have small lips and you would instead wish to have bigger lips , we mentioned the various ways of having bigger lips that included proper makeup use, liposuction or argumentation, use of lip plumpers, lip exercises, and many others. See more on how to make small lips bigger .

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