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Green Lipstick – Mint, Dark, Lime, Emerald, Bright, How to Wear, Green that Turns Pink or Red & Best Green Lipsticks Brands

Going for the best green lipstick is a surefire way of getting from subtle to gothic looks. We are going to cover the best brands, green lipsticks that changes color to pink and red shades as well as some shades such as emerald, dark green, mint green, bright green. You will know how to wear them and a few brands from Lime Crime.

Green Lipsticks shades


If you are fond of green lipstick, you must know the Barry M Touch of Magic  since it is one of the most popular brands in the market. However, if you want to try Barry M Touch of Magic, you need to know that it is only green while in the tube but when you apply it, you will realized it is a  and  it behaves like the  Diors Colour Reviver Lip Glow  which also changes color on application.

Best Green Lipsticks – Overall Top Rated

If you are looking for some of the best brands, there are not many brands since not so many people wear this lipstick color. Except for the Barry M Touch of Magic, which we have already said is not green; the other best green lipsticks include the following:

  • Barry M Touch of Magic
  • Lime Crime Opaque Mint  Mint To Be
  • L’paige Green Aloe Vera Lipsticks
  • Superstar Neon
  • Green People Organic Lipstick – Big Green Smile
  • Mini lipstick fan lipstick fan 2 – green
  • Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick
  • Serpentina Dark Forest Green Poison Ivy Lipstick by Lime Crime

Best Green Lipstick Shades, Types and Brands

We have seen some of the best brands overall. We want now to cover something small of various shades such as mint green , bright , emerald and dark green .

Best Dark Green Lipsticks and Top Brands

If you are looking for a dark green lipstick, it will help you get a melodramatic look. Some of the best brands to go for include:

Amber Rose Moss Green Lipstick

  • Manic Panic Green Envy Metallic Lipstick Goth Deathrock
  • Poisonous Mineral Lipstick Dark green GothLip by SobeBotanicals
  • Serpentina Dark Forest Green Poison Ivy Lipstick by Lime Crime
  • Amber Rose Moss

Best Mint Green Lipsticks

If you love mint green, Lime Green has a wonderful lipstick for you, the Serpentina Dark Forest Green Poison Ivy Lipstick by Lime Crime . This is one brand you should try for truly stunning looks

Best Bright Green Lipsticks and Top Brands

Bright Green Lipstick

Bright and lighter green lipstick will be ideal for most casual daily activities. You can wear it with black tops, which have green writings, and you will look amazing. Some of the best bright green lipsticks to go for include:

  • Lime Crime Opaque Mint To Be
  • Serpentina Dark Forest Green Poison Ivy Lipstick by Lime Crime

Best Emerald Green Lipstick and Top Brands

Emerald is another great shade worthwhile trying if you want truly adorable looks. Some of the best emerald green lipsticks to go for include the following:

  • Lime Crime SERPENTINA Dark Emerald Green Poison Ivy Lipstick
  • Stargazer 137 Emerald Green-Lipsticks

Best Lime Green Lipsticks

If you are looking for lime, you will get a number of shades from manufacturers such as Lime Green. Lime Green seems to have specialized in making this color. Some of the great brands from Lime Green include:

  • Serpentina Dark Forest Green Poison Ivy Lipstick by Lime Crime
  • Lime Crime Opaque Mint To Be

Green Lipstick That Changes Color

If you are looking for green lipsticks that changes color when you apply them, there are quite a number. To be particular, there are two scenarios. The first scenario is where some green lipstick turns pink upon applying them on your lips while the second scenario is where green lipstick turns red . We will briefly mention each of these scenarios.

So that you know, these lipsticks that change color are said to contain an ingredient known as Red 27 , which reacts with temperature and pH of your lips to change their color.

Green Lipstick  That Turns Pink and Top Brands

Barry M Touch of Magic

These are nothing other than lipsticks that are green in color and when you apply them on your lips, they turn to pink. Some of the common brands that turn pink include:

Mood Green Lipstick – Mood Magic Color Changing Lipstick Green is one of the lipsticks that change color according to your mood to ensure it has created the right to suit you. Although it is is green, on application it turn to clear before it can change to perfect pink color.

Mood Magic Color Changing lipstick has special lip conditioners, creates a tint that is transparent without greasy feel or look and it is also a , which changes its color according to the mood of to wear, try using bleeding green eyeshadow and yellow eyeshadow , as they will both compliment your looks.

To know what is good as you struggle to get the best brands to wear, never forget to experiment. Try various shades of green to see what will make you look great.

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