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Organic & Natural Lip Balm – Best Brands, How to Make, Recipe, Homemade, with SPF, All Natural Lip Balms

Are you looking for the best natural lip balms or organic lip balms? Learn what they are, some of the best and top brands in the market, those with SPF, how to make natural and organic (all natural), some recipes to follow and much more.

Organic Lip Balm Organic Lip Balm

What is Natural Lip Balm

Natural lip balms refer to lip balms, which are made from only naturally existing raw materials. They are at times known as all natural since they contain only natural ingredients. These , lip balms should also ensure they have protected you form both sun and wind. To protect you from the sun, ensure you go for those with SPF or sunscreen. Some of the best brands with SPF include:

  • All Natural Sport Lip-Balm Spf 30 from Kiss My Face
  • Sunscreen Lip-Balm with SPF 15 by Badger
  • SPF 32 Lip-Balm – Natural Coconut
  • Natural Lip Balm SPF 18 Tangerine
  • Sun Protection with SPF 15 by Hurraw!
  • Dr. Collins Natural Lip-Balm SPF 15, Iced Pear
  • Kiss My Face Natural Lip Balm with SPF 15, Sliced Peach
  • BurnOut sunscreen, spf.
  • All Natural SPF 15 from Be Good to People
  • LIPLUX Organic SPF Lip Balm, SPF 15 Peppermint Vanilla

These are not the only best natural lip balms with SPF. There are many other top brands worthwhile trying as they will give you excellent results.

How to Make Natural Lip Balm DIY/Homemade Natural Lip Balm Recipe

How to Make Natural or Organic Lip Balm

If you want to make natural lip balm, the process is simple and straight forward. While discussing and much more.

There are many organic lip balm recipes, which are similar to the best recipes for making lip balm. You can therefore easily make organic lip balm at home just by buying organic ingredients to use from certified vendors.


We have looked at both natural lip balm and organic lip balms in each case stating the best brands in the market, how to make natural and organic lip balms though we never looked any recipes since they are the same as those we covered on how to make lip balm at home.

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