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Lip Piercing Chart, How to Hide, Guys, Girls with Cute Pictures, Risks, Cool & Should I Get a Lip Piercing

Lip piercings have become a common way of expressing one’s personality or fashion statement. Below, learn more on this complete with lip piercing pictures of guys and girls with cute lip piercings. Also find out how to hide a lip piercing form your parents and boss using makeup.

Lip piercings have gained popularity and are fast becoming the most common type of body modification in the current era. People have come up with a number of variations for lip piercings making a limitless number of possibilities.

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Multiple lip piercings on a guy

Lip Piercing

According to All about Body Piercing by V.T, lip piercing is considered to be the easiest and safest kind of piercing since there are no major blood vessels in the lips. While they are all called lip piercings, it does not necessarily mean that they are located on the lip- they can be found anywhere around the mouth. Names given to these piercings literally describe their location or famous icons like Marylyn Monroe and Madonna.

Single Lip Piercings

  • Monroe lip piercing– located on the left side of the upper lip where Marylyn Monroe had her famous beauty mark.
  • Madonna– it is the opposite of Monroe lip piercing. Placed on the right side upper lip just like Madonna’s birth mark.
  • Medusa– done just above the center of the lip
  • Standard labret– done just below the center of the lower lip just above the chin.
  • Vertical labret– this type is similar to the standard labret just that one end comes out of the center of the lip.
  • Ashley or inverse vertical labret– a variation of the vertical labret just the lower hole in the piercing is inside the mouth leaving only the one on the lip visible.
  • Jestrum piercing– done like the vertical labret but on the upper lip

Multiple Piercings

  • Snake bites – a pair of piercings done with one on each side of the lower lip
  • Dolphin bites – two piercing centered on the lower lip
  • Angel bites – done just like the snake bites on the lower lip
  • Spider bites/ viper bites – two piercings done closely together on the left or right side of the lower lip
  • Cyber bites – a combination of a standard labret and medusa piercings
  • Canine bites – single bites done on all the four corners of the upper and lower lips
  • Shark bites– a pair of spider/viper piercings done. Involves four piercings with two on the left and two on the right side of the lower lip.
  • Image 1- The diagram below illustrates different types of lip piercings placement and names.

Types of piercing for lips

Can you kiss with Lip Piercings?

Before anything, let’s us stay clear that you should avoid kissing during the initial healing phase for obvious reasons. Kissing someone with lip piercings can be difficult for some people while others may not even notice it at all. Even with lip piercings, kissing should be fun and not painful in any way.  Some of the things you have to note when kissing someone with lip piercings include:

  • Be gentle especially with hoops. Do not pull or tug them with your teeth
  • If the piercing is on the bottom lip, use your tongue him or her
  • Check with your partner whether you are hurting
  • Experiment and try new things until you find your comfort zone

Stop kissing and check the piercing in case of bleeding and extreme pain.

Will my Lip Piercing Hole Close?

A lip piercing takes 3 months or less to completely close up. All you need to do is get the jewelry off for some time. Whether a lip piercing closes and how fast depends on;

  • Whether it is completely healed or not
  • Your body’s healing capabilities including underlying diseases such as diabetes which slow down healing processes
  • The size of the hole

Removing your jewelry before the lip piercing is completely healed means that the hole will close very quickly. A larger sized hole will also take some more time to close up compared to those done with small gauge needles.  A fresh lip piercing will close within a few hours if left without jewelry.

Should I Get a Lip Piercing

Before you decide to have a lip piercing, getting sufficient info should always be the first thing to do. There are many websites and forums online where you can get reviews and testimonials from people who have the piercings with different experiences.

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I tried to answer frequently asked questions on lip piercings quizzes;

Are lip piercings hot? What lip piercing should I get? What kind of lip piercing should I get? People get lip piercings for different reasons. Other than looking great on you and matching your facial features perfectly, a lip piercing should be able to speak out your personality based on things like subcultures, favorite color or music. While at it, consider your day to day activities like work and school. Think about your flaws too. A lip piercing can help conceal or scream out your facial flaws. You can always consult your professional piercer on what will suit your preferences best.

Who would look good with a lip piercing? Would I suit a lip piercing? Lip piercings are very variable and anyone can always find something that looks just great on them. To find out how a lip piercing will look on you, visualize, use fake jewelry and take a picture, talk to your friends, parents and those who know you on how you’d look with a lip piercing.

Lip Piercing Pictures

Lip piercing pictures give you a visual on what to expect. They also help you to choose what suits you best.

Image 2- in this image, the woman shows her labret stud with medusa piercings

A woman with labret and medusa piercings

Lower lip rings are considered sexy. 

Piercing on lips bring out personality, character and attractiveness and they are considered bold statement.

Lower lip rings are sexy

The picture below shows a cute girl with a small  piercing on her lower lip

Cute girl

Image 5- here is a cute lip piercing with small lip stud

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Cute lip piercing with small stud

Image 6- This image shows an infected lip piercings 4 days after the piercing

Infected piercing on lip

Lip Piercing Chart

Most people cannot figure out the right size for their lip piercings. A lip piercings chart is a very important tool for everyone planning to get their lips pierced. It will help you to determine the right size of jewelry for you in terms of length and gauge. When time comes to change lip jewelry after healing, most people cannot remember the gauge the gauge, length or diameter of the jewelry they were pierced with.

In such cases, it is best to contact your piercer for details. Jewelry shops also provide free jewelry gauge charts to help you determine what jewelry size you is appropriate for you. These charts also give instructions on how you can accurately measure the right jewelry and placement for you.

The most common size for lip piercings after complete healing is 16 gauge, 5/16 inch (8mm) in length. For initial piercings are always done with 16 gauge and 3/8 inch or even longer to allow for swelling. The size of the lip piercing that you chose once healing is complete entirely depends on preference and how thick your lips are.

How to Hide a Lip Piercing

Not everyone approves of facial piercings and may also not be acceptable in certain places such as school and workplace. Facial jewelry can be very difficult to hide. Fortunately, there are ways that you can conceal a lip piercing while making sure the hole does not close. Here is how to hide a lip piercing at work, from parents with makeup and clear colored retainers.

Using a heavy concealer which is closest to your natural shade. Dab the concealer on the top part of the lip piercing and the surrounding skin. Note that you should not allow concealer to get into the piercings to prevent infections.

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Clear lip retainers are also used to make lip piercings less noticeable. They are made of special plastics, clear glass or acrylic. Alternatively, you can use skin toned retainers. They are close to your skin tone and blend in so well making them less visible.

If the piercing is completely healed, you can remove the jewelry for several hours. Just be sure to wear the lip ring back as soon as possible.

Always remember that removing a stud from a piercing that is not yet healed may cause the hole to close prematurely or infection. You should not use retainers or change the jewelry before the piercing is healed. Studs are easier to conceal than lip rings.

Guys with Lip Piercings

Unlike in the 1980’s where men wore a single earring to identify with certain subcultures, guys have now gotten along with other types of body piercing with face piercing being the most common. Just like for women, the most favored position for lip piercing is the lower lip. With more creativity and piercing ideas, guys are prone to getting multiple lip piercings on both bottom and top lips.

While women prefer smaller gauge and lighter jewelry, male body piercing is a bit on the extreme with larger and heavier jewelry. Famous guys with lip piercings include Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

7- This image shows the famous Lil Wayne lip piercing

Lil Wayne Piercing

8- These pictures show guys with different lip piercings. Guys experiment with larger jewelry

Guy with lower ring

Girls with Lip Piercing

Men have variable opinions on girls with lip piercings. The labret lip piercing and lip rings are the most preferred on girls. Depending on individual perception lip piercings on girls can be sexy or gross. Some men say that kissing women with lip rings feels all better and find it pleasurable during oral sex. Girls should not go with multiple lip piercings as it makes them look less feminine.

These photos show girls with cute lip piercings. For a touch of femininity, girls go for gemstone or colored barbells.

Cute piercing with beaded ring


Girl with cute snake bites


Cute piercing with decoratie stud


Cute Lip Piercings

People love to show off their lip piercings. And what better way than taking pictures. There are those who like to do so just to get an opinion of what other people think of their piercings. While some do not care, for others approval and reassurance brings out confidence. You will find lots cute guys and girls pictures online- here are some of them.

 This cute girl wears a gold medusa that blends perfectly with her nose ring

Image 13- Girl rocking a golden medusa

Cute boy shows off his lip piercings. Lip rings are a favorite among boys

Image 14- Cute boy with lip ring

Cool Lip Piercings

There is new love around for lip piercings. It is now more likely to bump into people rocking different kinds of lip piercings on the streets. A peak online will give you hundreds of cool lip piercings that are paired together to make different variations and also to come up with something individual and unique.

Choosing the right type of jewelry can be a better way to accessorize your outfits.

Lip Piercing Risks

What are the dangers associated with lip piercings? Do lip piercings damage your teeth? There is no doubt that lip piercings are attractive. While most do not cause any problems, others come with short term or long term complications some of which can pose serious health risks. Effects and dangers of lip piercings depend on the type of piercing and how well it is taken care of. Many lip piercing risks take time to develop and the wearer may not even notice them in the early stages.

Dangers associated with lip piercing procedure

  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Possible nerve damage
  • Disease transmission
  • Risk of infection transmission
  • Swelling
  • Keloids, scarring and tissue overgrowth

Complications related with jewelry

  • Gum recession/ sensitive teeth
  • Bacterial infection
  • Slurred speaking and difficulty in chewing or swallowing
  • Teeth erosion, cracking and tooth loss
  • Excessive salivation
  • Allergic contact dermatitis with some metal alloys
  • Accidental swallowing which may cause chocking and injury to the intestinal tract

One of the primary safety measures to avoid the above dangers is to get as much information as possible. According to, a well-informed person is likely to get fewer dangers than the one with inaccurate or incomplete information.

Most professional piercers will ask you to sign a consent with instructions and warnings just to make sure that you understand and do everything to avoid the possible risks.

References and sources
  • by V.T

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