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Labret Jewelry, Studs, Bioplast, Bioflex, UK, Amazon, 16g, 18g, Retainer

Moving away from the common labret bars, CBR’s and rings, labret piercing jewelry come in more fun and stylish forms. They are available in gold, silver and titanium- colored or plain of different sizes and gauges. Labret jewelry can be flat or fitted with gems, spikes or balls in the ends. Below is more on labret studs, bioflex and bioplast retainers to help you find one that is most comfortable and suited for you.

Labret Jewelry or Labret Piercing Jewelry

Labret piercing jewelry come in a variety of types, styles thickness and lengths to suit different needs. Labrets are made of surgical steel, gold, titanium and bioflex.

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Types of Labret Jewelry

Types of labret jewelry include: straight and curved barbells, labret bars, Ball Closure Rings and Retainers. These can further be divided into internally or externally threaded with ball, cone or star attachments made of crystals or clear cut glass. Externally threaded labrets have the thread on the outside of the bar while internally threaded are threaded on the inside hollow end of the bar. The smooth external surface of the bar make them a favorite as they can be inserted and removed comfortably.

Fishtail labret jewelry are straight bars with threaded or fixed bars- they are available pre-bent or straight. They have a long shaft with a flat disc on one end and a ball, gem or spike at the other end. The disc rests on the inner part of the lip while the disc or spike is visible on the outside. Measurements for fishtails is done along the length from the bottom of the ball to the end of the tail.

Images 2 and 3 show a straight fishtail and internal threading on a bent fishtail labret respectively. The balls on the ends can be replaced with gems and studded stars to make them fancier

Straight Fishtail Labret Internally Threaded Bent Fishtail Labret

You can bend straight fish tails on your own or have them bent by a professional piercer to suit your taste and anatomy.

Generally lip piercings sizes range from 18g -16g for female and 16g – 14g for men. These can vary depending on the type and style of the jewelry.

Note that, labret jewelry used after initial healing should not be removed for at least 4 months. Once completely healed, carefully remove the jewelry and replace it with that of your choice

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Get a wide variety of labret piercing jewelry at well-known stores such as Amazon and Etsy. Try out different forms and styles to see which is most comfortable and suited for you.

Labret Studs

Labret studs are lip accessories designed with a flat disc that comfortably rests on your gums making them ideal for lip piercings. They come in different materials, sizes and gauges with fancy accessories to make them more fun, stylish and unique. Labret studs should have a bar that is enough to comfortably accommodate the piercing. If it’s too short, a stud can get trapped in the skin and slow the healing process.

Standard Gauges and Lengths for Labret Studs

There are standard gauges and lengths used by professional piercers for each type of piercing. Piercers will sometimes use different lengths and gauges to suit your body. The standard gauges for labret studs and rings is 16G and 14G. The standard length s 5/16” and 3/8”. 16G and 3/8” or longer are used for initial piercings to allow for swelling but- they can later be changed to 5/16” length.

Threaded Labret Studs

Labret studs with screw on balls or accessories can be externally or internally threaded. The screw part of the jewelry is attached to the stem of the bar or the ball. External threading are commonly used because they are less expensive.

The images below show the difference between internal and external threading respectively

Internal Threading External Threading

Threaded labret studs have at least one removable ball which can be changed for other accessories as long as they are of the same gauge.

Since jewelry has to be changed once the swelling subsides, internally threaded labret studs are the best for initial piercings. The screw is attached on the inside hollow part of the bar, it does not drag on the yet to heal piercing. Note that, the internally threaded type of labrets are harder to find and a little more expensive but the expense is sure worth it.

The flat surfacing on the inside of the labret stud makes it safe for teeth and gums. If you have to change your jewelry regularly for one reason or another, barbells and any threaded studs are the best option- they are easy to remove and you do not have to pull on skin.

Push Pin Labret Studs

The other type of labret stud is the push and pin. These are kept in place by pressure. These are however not secure and require a lot of force to pull of which can be potentially damage skin.

Image 6- This image shows a stainless steel push pin labret stud.

Push and Pin Labret Studs

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Bioplast Labret

Bioplast labrets are an easy way to keep lip piercing looking great. They can also be worn on the nose and ear cartilage piercings. They are a comfortable alternative to steel and other metal labrets. They are soft, flexible and also biocompatible making them ideal for visits to the dentist and X-rays. Bioplast labrets are made from acrylic which is hypoallergenic. They are great for new piercings and aid in faster healing compared to other materials.

Bioplast Retainers

There is also a wide selection of bioplast retainers which are flexible and less visible- perfect for hiding lip piercing at work, school and from your parents. Bioplast labret stems feel soft and comfortable against the piercing and do not cause any irritaion. They are perfect for dental visits or X-rays where you cannot wear metal jewelry.

Image 7- A clear colored bioplast retainer which makes it almost invisible

Bioplast Retainer

You will be glad to know that problems with bioplast labret studs are manageable. Compared to other type of jewelry which can cause gum recession, the inside end of bioplast labrets are soft resting comfortably on the gum. Most people rate this type of labret highly with internally threaded bioplast labret being the most preferred.

Get a wide selection of bioplast labret jewelry including bioplast lip rings at E-bay, JoBANANAS Body Jewelry and Claire’s in the UK.

Bioflex Labret

Bioflex labrets are made using Swarovsky Crystals and are highly polished. The composition of bioplast and bioflex is similar just that the jewelry looks different. Bioflex labrets have thinner smoother discs compared to bioplast labrets.

Bioflex labrets have a push in fit which slips on smoothly to the labret stem. Its bead is small and rounded with ends made of Swarovsky crystals making them more expensive.

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Bioflex retainers are hypoallergenic and medically approved making them superior than other forms of plastic jewelry. They are adjustable, easy to clean and transparent- all you see is the crystal.

Note that, labrets made of this material are very expensive- beware of stores selling them cheaply. Buy genuine 16g jewelry including bioflex lip rings from established stores as some replace the Swarovsky crystal with clear cut glass.

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