Lip Piercing Prices, Cost, Places for Piercing Lip around You & How Much
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Lip Piercing Prices, Cost, Places for Piercing Lip around You & How Much

How much does a lip piercing cost? Where can I get a lip piercing in my area?Different forms of lip piercings have grown popular in different types of modern settings. More people are having their lips pierced for different reasons.Below, is a look at how much lip piercings cost in different areas. Also, find out where you can get your lips pierced in your area.

Lip Piercing Prices

How much is a lip piercing? How much does it cost to get your lip pierced?It is normal for anyone considering getting their lips pierced to wonder about how much it will cost them. Lip piercings vary from shop to shop and can be very dynamic and competitive.

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Lip Piercing Prices

Usually, a lip piercing will come with a piece of initial jewelry. Most piercers will charge a piercing fee and a jewelry fee. The total cost for that piercing will be the two combined. In other places, the lip piercing prices may include, aftercare charges.This means that, depending on what jewelry you choose, the final price is up to you. Here are the factors that influence pricing of a lip piercing;

  • Individual piercer
  • Type of piercing
  • Location of piercing
  • Locality
  • Type of initial jewelry used

How much do lip piercings cost?Typically lip piercing price ranges between $40- $85. There are those piercers who give promos and discounts for multiple piercings, regular customers or groups of individuals. While getting fair prices is fine, do not fall for cheap piercing studios. Be sure to go for high standards of sanitation, experienced piercers and good quality jewelry.

How Much Does a Lip Piercing Cost

How much do lip piercings cost? This question is a little tough for a precise answer since different body piercing studios set their own values. While there may be a similarity in certain regions, some studios do their all their piercings for the same price while others have different prices for different piercings. If you really need to know how much a lip piercing costs, it is best to just walk to the specific shop and inquire.

Generally, in the United States, a lip piercing could cost anything from $25 to $45. At Walmart for example, you will get your lip done for averagely $35 depending on the type of jewelry you want.

In the London, a lip piercing will roughly cost you 30-45 Euros- but still, this depends on where you get the piercing and the type of piercing. A standard labret is much cheaper than double snakebites for obvious reasons. At Body Link Piercing Studio, a double snakebites with hoops is 40Euros or 45Euros with bars.Blue banana does most of the piercings in the UK. Their procedure and total cost vary slightly depending on the type of jewelry used. They also have promotions and discounts from time to time.

How much does a lip piercing cost in Malaysia? Dragonfly, the oldest body piercer in Malaysia does lip piercing for RM 135.In Winnipeg Canada, a lip piercing will cost you $30-$35 for a single piercing and $50 for a double piercing depending on the shop.

Lip piercing prices in Australia differs from shop to shop. At Hairhouse Warehouse, a single lip piercing like Monroe goes for $65 while snake bites or spider bites go for $110. All their prices include surgical stainless steel jewelry and aftercare spray.

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Lip Piercing Places

Where can I get a lip piercing near me? Lip piercings have become very popular and quickly incorporated into society. If you do not have any idea where to get your lips pierced in your area, you can find lots of info online on different malls and shops that offer body piercing and tattooing services. Most jewelry stores also offer piercing services or they can be better placed to direct you to a good piercing studio.

In Fayetteville North Carolina, you can get lip piercing services at SignaturedSoulz Tattoo and Piercing, Evolution Ink and Arts and Sacred Heart Studios.

As you have seen, lip piercing prices vary from shop to shop and from region to region. However, when it comes to something so important like your body, you should never go for services based on how cheap they are. Your priorities should be quality, sanitation and experience.

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