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Kiss on First Date – Should You Kiss On the First Date or Not

Should I kiss on the first date? Is it ok to kiss on the first date or should you not kiss on the first date? To some there is no kissing on the first date while to others, they would be anticipating for a kiss. We have all the answers to whether you should kiss or not during your first date.

Kissing on First Date

Generally, the kiss on first date is over-rated. When people agree to have a first date, they barely know each other. They only just sat across some dinner table or walked in the park and shared a few awkward minutes.

Given this background, the first kiss should not be offered on the first date i.e. do not kiss on first date.  What should be important is what memories linger on hours after the date is over.

There is a lot of peer pleasure play when it comes to giving your first kiss on the first date. Some people believe that this is the only way to find out if there is some chemistry between the two of you. The down side of this kind of mentality is that giving her a kiss is not an assurance that you will be seeing each other again.

Kissing on the first date tends to be predictable. Both parties know that it could happen. However, a lot of nervousness is still in the atmosphere. The woman is wondering if it’s going to happen and the guy is wondering if he should make it happen. If you give her the kiss, it may appear that you had to kiss out of norm and simply because the date was over. Letting things be by giving her a warm hug and a peck on the cheek would be reassuring and build anticipation as you await the next date.

As a result of the nervousness that comes with being in the presence of a stranger, the passion to get you involved in the kiss is lacking (this might make a kiss on first date awkward.) The hands are not likely to be in the right places since you are yet to get comfortable in proximity. The kiss is bound to be a nervous and impassionate one.

It is therefore certain that a kiss on first date is not the main thing through which a date will be judged. Asking them out for a second date and a follow up call will build a strong base. The awkwardness will be gone and you will be comfortable with each other on the second date to share a much deserved and passionate first kiss.

Should You Kiss on First Date?

There are so many reasons why you should not kiss a girl on her first date unless it is the only thing you are interested in. Here are some:

  • The woman will feel safe that way.  Women like it when men show them some respect. Not kissing her on the first date shows that you understand her needs. While kissing may not be intended to show some rash judgment about her, if she is not ready for it she will be offended. This will reduce the chances of her accepting your second date.
  • When you resist the urge, it shows that you have self-control. This is a likeable character in any relationship as it will show that you can postpone your gratification for some other time. The woman is likely to take this positively.
  • Not kissing on the first date builds anticipation. This keeps each party waiting and eager for the second date. When a kiss is offered, there is nothing much to look forward to and thus, if possible, avoid a kiss on first date to build anticipation.
  • The fact that you are willing to wait until the next date is enough proof that you value her. It shows that you are willing to build a relationship with her. This will all add up to show your patient side.
  • If you try a kiss on first date, there is the possibility of rejection if the other person doesn’t like you or if they are not ready. An unreciprocated may ruin a perfect first date. Avoid doing it if you can.

On the other hand, there are a few instances when a kiss on first date may be viable. Below are the scenarios when:

  • If the two of you have been friends but just started dating, it is likely that you know each other well. This means that you are also comfortable in each other’s company. If this is the case, why not seal your first date with a kiss.
  • Some people agree to go out with the sole purpose of getting intimate. If in such cases there is mutual consent, no one would be offended. It is also possible that this was their only motivation while going for the date.
  • At times it happens that both parties like each other. As the date comes to an end, the chemistry is evident. You both want to lip-lock and you can see it in the body language. If you both want it, well and good. Nothing should stop you. Just be sure that that is what you want.

Is it Bad to Kiss on First Date?

Whether kissing on the first is good or bad depends on the people involved. A person who tries it out and it turns out well will always believe it is great. However, a person who has had a negative experience after kissing on the first date will say it is bad.

Whether you should kiss a girl on a first date or not remains a personal choice. Having looked at it from different angles, one should make a decision depending on their motivation for doing it.

Whichever you decide on i.e. whether to have a kiss on first date or not, it is important to know that a first kiss on first date should not be over judged. If he kisses you, do not let your mind to read too much from it. This is no guarantee that he will be seeing you once more. If he does not kiss you, do not be terrified. Take a chill pill and wait for things to unfold. Women like it when men show them respect. It shows

While it is not advisable, failure to kiss on first date builds anticipation. This keeps each party waiting and eager for the second date as kiss on first date might kill the anticipation.

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