Itchy Scalp – Causes of Severe, Very Itchy, Chronic, Burning, Super Itchy at Night, with Bumps
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Itchy Scalp – Causes of Severe, Very Itchy, Chronic, Burning, Super Itchy at Night, with Bumps

Do you suffer from very itchy scalp? Discover the causes of severe itchy scalp. The reasons for burning and super itchy scalp that occurs at night mostly or any other time of the day are explained in this piece of writing.

Very Itchy Scalp

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Itching scalp can leave you miserable. For starters, you may lose friends who think that you are unhygienic or have a contagious skin disease. Similarly, your fingernails always have to come out of your hair filled with filthy grime. Then things get worse because at night you cannot sleep as the itchy scalp intensifies. How do you continue living with this wretched itching sensation? You have to look for a solution sooner than later to avoid losing not only friends but also a potential life partner.

An itchy scalp to most people signifies dry skin. While this is one of the causes of itchy scalp, for a super itchy scalp there are intricate causes. When you discover you have itchy scalp you should try to treat it as fast as possible to prevent your hair from falling. Itchy scalp causes hair loss something you would not want happening to your dear locks. Although the hair loss is temporary, it does look gross.  Let us explore the other causes of very itchy scalp. What makes you have severe itchy scalp especially at night and accompanied by bumps? Find out in a bit.

Very Itchy Scalp – Causes, at Night, with Bumps

It is interesting how an itchy scalp can never bother you during the day as much as it can during the night. This happens with very itchy scalp. You toss and turn, but all you do is try to fight the burning itching sensation on your scalp by reaching to your scalp and digging as deeply as you can with scratches.

This cannot however give you relief. Instead, the scalp will become worse by being sore, red and even developing bumps. Scratching the bumps further can lead to an infection especially if your hands are dirty. It is therefore, important to find the cause of your itchy scalp and deal with it from the root.

Very Itchy Scalp Causes

There are various reasons why your scalp itches very much. Very itchy scalp causes include:

Severe Itchy Scalp

  • Seborreha dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Dandruff
  • Fungal infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Lice bites
  • Fungal infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Folliculitis
  • Ringworms
  • HIV/AIDs
  • Parkinson’s disease

Very Itchy Scalp at Night

You may also experience very itchy scalp at night. When this happens, you should try to avoid scratching to prevent infection. You can do so wearing gloves on your hands at night. Similarly, applying cool compresses on your scalp can help you give you relief over night. If the cold compresses do not relieve your itchy scalp, you may have no choice but to use antihistamines.

Very Itchy Scalp with Bumps

Depending on the cause of your itching, you may develop bumps on your scalp. Very itchy scalp with bumps could be caused by:

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  • Acne on scalp
  • Folliculitis
  • Scabies caused by dust mite bites
  • Lice bites
  • Sebaceous cysts

Severe Itchy Scalp – Causes, at Night, Treatment

Extremely Itchy Scalp

When you have to scratch your scalp severely it could be more than just dandruff. While itchy flaky scalp is common in most people, you could also be allergic to certain medications, foods and hair products you use. Therefore, it is important to stop the use of hair products that you have used in a long time.  Instead, make use of homemade shampoos or commercial organic shampoos for itchy scalp such as Aubrey Organics Primrose & Lavender Scalp Soothing Shampoo and Avalon Organics Tea Tree Mint Treatment Shampoo.

Severe Itchy Scalp Causes – Severe itchy scalp, which is felt mostly at night is mainly caused by scabies, which make eczema and Psoriasis flare-up. It could also be caused by lice bites. Ask someone to do a lice check on your scalp to identify black insects and their white eggs. Psoriasis could also cause it.

Severe Itchy Scalp and Dandruff – severe itching caused by dandruff should be corrected easily by doing away with commercial shampoos and instead using apple cider vinegar for itchy scalp. The ACV, which is antibacterial and antifungal, acts as a natural clarifying shampoo.

Severe Itchy Scalp at Night – If you find yourself having severe itchy scalp at night, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a dermatologist for proper diagnosis of the problem and prescription for treatment. Sometimes some people complain of itching at night with no improvement with the prescription topical and oral medicine.

Therefore, if you are one such case, clean all your beddings, and clothes in hot water and steam dry them before leaving them under sunlight for long hours. This will enable any bugs in the beddings to die. Your mattress should also not be left out. It is also important to avoid sharing your towels, clothes and beddings with other people because incase of dust mites you could transmit them to them.

Avoid also taking hot baths and showers before going to bed as this could make the itching severe at night .

Severe Itchy Scalp Treatment – while you may require prescription from certified dermatologists, you can also sleep better if you take sedative oral antihistamine at night. Severe itchy scalp treatment also requires that you include natural oils in your diet. Take some flaxseed oil, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Furthermore, use natural oils in your cooking. The best organic oils include coconut, organic sweet unsalted butter, and olive oil. These are healthy oils and are unlikely to give allergies unlike peanut oil.

How to Get Rid of Chronic Itchy Scalp

In order to get rid of chronic itchy scalp, book an appointment with a dermatologist and allergist. It is also important to keep tabs of the foods you eat that cause itching from the oils you use to cook. You could also be suffering from neurodermatitis a condition that make your become hypersensitive and itching flare-ups are common under normal conditions. This condition requires prescription medicine from skin specialists.

How to Cool Burning Itchy Scalp

Severe itchy scalp leaves your with a burning sensation, a temporary way to fix this problem is to apply cool compresses on your scalp. Get an ice pack and compress it on the burning itchy scalp for fast relief. When you wash your scalp with vinegar ensure, that you follow this treatment with the soothing properties of aloe vera gel. An aloe leaf when split into in the middle should give you cooling and soothing relief on your burning scalp.

Shampoos for Super Itchy Scalp

Sometimes only, a commercial product can give you relief from your super itchy scalp. If you must buy a shampoo from the stores these are the most itch relieving brands:

  • Physiogel Shampoo
  • Liquid Phenol P&S Scalp Treatment System
  • DHS Tar Shampoo
  • Burt’s Bees Grapefruit &Sugar Shampoo
  • Polytar Liquid Shampoo

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