Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp, Natural Remedies, Vinegar, Ho to Relive & Soothe Itchy Scalp at Home
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Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp, Natural Remedies, Vinegar, Ho to Relive & Soothe Itchy Scalp at Home

Which are best home remedies for itchy scalp? Discover natural home remedies derived from fruits, spices and vinegar among others. Additionally, learn how to relief and soothe itchy scalp at home using these home remedies.

Natural Remedies for Itchy Scalp

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An itchy scalp is awkward because you feel the itch just about anywhere. You could be out on a special dinner or with a group of friends only for your get together to be ruined by dead skin cells falling off your hair to their food and drinks. It is worse if you have extremely itchy and flaky scalp because everyone will imagine you have a horrible skin disease and therefore, will avoid sharing personal items with you. The collars of your clothes will also show there is a problem with your scalp as you will have a few deposits of dead skin cells there as well. You do not need to be isolated from your friends and family because of an itchy scalp when there are various treatments to take care of it.

You just need to choose one that is natural and will give your relief from the burning sensation on your scalp. Furthermore, it must leave your scalp healthier and not affect your hair growth and upkeep. When it comes to natural treatments for itchy scalp, there is nothing better than the use of home remedies. Home remedies for itchy scalp are not only natural but also safe because they do not contain harsh chemicals. You consume some of the recipes used in home remedies for itchy skin without getting any side effects. Therefore, if they are good for your internal self, they can also work wonders on the outside, and that is on your scalp.  Discover the natural remedies for itchy scalp, which include vinegar among other food items in a bit and relieve that itch without side effects.

Relieving Itchy Scalp Naturally -Natural Remedies for Itchy Scalp

When comes to mind when you get an itchy scalp, I too have been a victim of this, is a grease or shampoo that can relieve your tough scratching. Therefore, you rush to the market expecting to find that perfect grease or shampoo that will work wonders. You buy the hair product with all the money you have then you come back home and try it only to find that it does not work. The itch still keeps bugging you and if it is extreme, you may develop bumps on your itchy scalp.

Even though there are several shampoos and oils out there in the market promising to have natural ingredients. They are not a 100% pure. Natural remedies for itchy scalp on the other hand are 100% or at least 90% free from harsh chemicals. This is because we eat them or use them alongside some food items all the time.

It takes trying several of these natural home remedies for itchy scalp before you can land on the right product. Since they are free from harsh chemicals it will not hurt at all to try all, but do make sure it is one home remedy at a time lest you will not know what works or does not work.  A good treatment for itchy scalp should start with natural shampoos and end with everyday oils used on scalp and hair. If you must buy a shampoo from the stores, here are the best shampoos for itchy scalp.

Homemade Shampoos

You can make a shampoo from Castile soap and mix it with your favorite natural oils such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil. The soap, which is mild on scalp, should also be mixed with an essential oil to give it antiseptic value. The soap cannot make a shampoo with these oils alone, as you should add some water as well. You can choose to use pure water or water infused with herbs such as chamomile, rosemary, and thyme among others.

Another homemade natural shampoo requires you to mix aloe vera gel with coconut milk. Ensure that you get the aloe gel from the plant’s leaves or buy natural aloe vera in the stores. The coconut milk should also be organic or derived from coconut flesh. Mix equal parts of each and blend well before applying on your scalp liberally. This is a bit oily. Therefore, you may not need to moisturize your scalp after washing. Alternatively, you can use more of the aloe gel than the coconut milk to make this shampoo less greasy.

If you make more of the above natural remedies for itchy scalp that can be used more than once, do store the remainder in the refrigerator or freezer.

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Several juices give soothing relief to an itchy scalp. The following are natural juices that you can squeeze in a few minutes and use them on your itchy scalp, however, do remember to rinse off after application.

  • Lemon juice
  • Onion juice

Spices and Herbs

The following natural remedies for itchy scalp are derived from natural spices:

  • Cayenne pepper, which contains capsaicin a component that may be found in itchy scalp ointments
  • Ginger root, crush some and mix with olive oil for easier application
  • Crushed garlic
  • Witch hazel , works best when mixed with lemon juice
  • Aloe vera gel


  • Mashed ripe banana
  • Mashed avocado

Vinegar for Itchy Scalp

Vinegar for Itchy Scalp

Vinegar is one of the most common natural home remedies for itchy scalp because it fights fungi and bacteria effectively. You can use white or apple cider vinegar for itchy scalp. In order to use it on your hair, there are various ways to go about it.

  1. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and dab the ball on your scalp. This way, it will get on the deep into the scalp. Leave it until it dries off and rinse it off to avoid its smell on your hair. However, if you do not mind you can leave it until your next shampoo session.
  2. Add quarter a cup of vinegar to one cup of water and pour it in a sprizt bottle. Mist your scalp with some of the solution and leave the rest for another day in the bottle. Rinse off you scalp with warm water after five minutes.
  3. Alternatively, give you scalp and hair a rinse with the one cup of water mixed with vinegar for itchy scalp.

Other natural remedies for itchy scalp for use at home include:

  • Honey mixed with lemon juice
  • Baking soda, which contains sodium bicarbonate an antibiotic mix with water to make a paste before application or apply the powder on wet hair

Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp and Dandruff –Listerine

You must have heard about how Listerine works on treating peeling feet caused by fungus. Although, not all dandruff on scalp cases are caused by fungus, if you have an oily scalp it is most likely that your scalp with dandruff has fungus in the name of malessezia globosa. The above natural ingredients work as home remedies for itchy scalp and dandruff. However, Listerine works within a short while.

It does not matter on the color of Listerine, as they both have antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Soak a cotton ball in Listerine and dab it on your whole scalp. Rinse off with warm water.

 How to Relieve Itchy Scalp with Cool Compresses

You can avoid rubbing your scalp vigorously by applying cool compresses on your scalp. Get a cloth and soak it in cold water, if you can bear water from the refrigerator, it would be best. Compress the whole of your scalp until you feel better. How to relieve itchy scalp with cool compresses is a temporary solution that can work for you if you get red from scratching. However, you should follow the compress with a soothing oil massage of olive or jojoba oil mixed with a soothing essential oil such as lavender.

How to Soothe Itchy Scalp at Home- What to Do

In order to soothe your itchy scalp, you must be prepared to do a few things differently. How to soothe itchy scalp at home requires that you do the following:

  • Wash your scalp three days in a week with a mild shampoo
  • Massage your hair with antiseptic oil such as tea tree oil, sesame seed oil or coconut oil before going to bed
  • Avoid using over the counter shampoos but instead use baking soda, which will remove residue on scalp, soothe the itching and clean your scalp naturally
  • Rinse your scalp with apple cider vinegar mixed with water to balance the scalp’s pH

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