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Best Receding Hairline Haircuts and Hair Styles for Men & Women – Which Hairstyles Should Men with Receding Hairlines Should Go For

Which best receding hairline haircuts and receding hairline hairstyles will make you look great? Learn some of the great haircuts for receding hairlines that can help you make Receding Hairline Haircuts and Styles, it might be hard to deal with it easily. Instead of all this hustle, you can turn to hairstyling and haircuts that will work best for you. So what are some of the trending haircuts for receding hairline?

Men’s Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines – Receding Hairline Haircuts

Since the receding hair line is more prevalent in men that women, men need to know which haircuts to go for. Even women with this problem should know good ones they can go for. We will cover both men and men haircuts and hairstyles for a receding hairline. However, in this section, we will be discussing those for men. Later, we will discuss some that can suit women.

Clean Shaven Hair (Bald Shave)

Clean Shaven Haircut for Receding Hairline Clean Shaven Haircut

This is one of the most popular men’s haircuts for receding hairline that most people resort when they are tired with the other hairstyles for receding hairlines. It is particularly important to men whose receding hair line has become so pronounced and using the other haircuts and hairstyle might not work well.

This haircut for receding hairline is particularly easy to maintain since you can wash your head with soap and water, and live without the bother of your receding hair line. Many people and celebrities who do not have receding hairline often choose this haircut and you can use it without looking unfashionable.

The downside of this men’s haircut for receding hairline, is during winter when it is cold, it will be unsuitable. Furthermore, you are likely to suffer from sun burns if you left your house without proper protection on a sunny day.

Caesar Cut

Caesar Haircut - Perfect Receding Hairline Caesar Haircut – Perfect Receding Hairline

The list of haircuts for receding hairline seems endless. Caesar cut “is a hairstyle with a short, horizontally straight cut fringe” layered at about 1-2 inches and it is named after Julius Caesar. It has been fashionable since the 1900s and in the 2000s; some girls were seen with this hairstyle.

Popular movie stars such as George Clooney have been seen with this hairstyle and it is going to look trendy.  To get it, the sides are clipped shorter while the middle part is left longer and brushed forwards. Gel or wax might be used to keep it in place and can really help in concealing not just a receding hairline in men but also top thin hair.

Short Textured Fringe Haircut or Spiked

Fringe Short Haircut for Receding Hairline in Men Fringe Short Haircut for Men

Going for short textured hairstyles for men with receding hairlines can really help in hiding your partially receding hairline. It works well since it will add some volume to your forehead and create the illusion that you have much more fuller frontal hair.

Usually, you will cut your hair to be a few inches long and carefully style it to create maximum volume on the front part of your forehead. It is of course much similar to Prince William’s hair cut with the difference being it is combed to one direction. At your hairline, you form a short fringe that will help in hiding your receding hair line. This haircut for receding hairline or thinning hair is easy. Ensure you use hair products such as pomade to avoid making it to look sticky or greasy.

You could also opt for spiked and textured haircut that will be longer on top of your head and shorter on its sides. It works well for Daniel Day-Lewis as it enables him to draw attention from his receding hairline.

Shag Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairline

Shag Men's Hairstyle Shag Men’s Hairstyle

Going on with men’s receding hairline haircuts, at its early stages, you can opt for shag men’s hairstyle. At this time, you do not need to commit yourself to short haircuts. This haircut can perfectly hide your receding hairline as you struggle with the various receding hair line treatments, once you have known what causes it.

Wavy Longer Bangs for Men Wavy Longer Bangs for Men

Normally, the haircut is for long hair and it involves creating layers. It is often known as saggy haircut or bed head cut. You will allow longer hair to fall into your forehead while the back will have medium length hair. To look perfect, you will need to use some styling cream, gel or wax and mess it up. This will cover your receding hair line and the long hair as well as “messy layer” will give you the look like you just woke up straight from bed.

Wavy Longer Bangs for Men

If you have long hair, you can consider going for the wavy longer hair bang. As you can see from the photo besides, it covers a larger surface when compared to any kind of straight haircuts. It will also require very little hair care products to ensure it stays intact.

John Travolta Buzz cut for Receding Hairline John Travolta Buzz cut for Receding Hairline

Of done by a professional, this men’s haircut for receding hairline can help in camouflaging any window’s peak you are growing as your hair is slowly receding. It will work best for people who have natural wavy hair that is long. Why should you not try it today to enhance your looks?

Buzz Cut

For people whose hairline has already advanced, they can opt for the buzz haircut for receding hairlines. This might not hide your receding hair line but it will make you look trendy just as you see top celebrities such as Jason Statham, John Travolta and Adam Levine do their hair. Doesn’t it look trendy?

The Silver Fox or the Roger Sterling from Mad Men

This men’s receding hairline haircuts is much similar to short textured fringe haircut and it is good for people whose receding and thinning hair still has some hair on the top. It is basically a short haircut where you will cut it to length that it can be combed over to the side. To get perfect looks go for “classic taper on the sides, back, and make certain to blend perfectly with the top.”The cuts to go for are endless. You can try a cut like the one of prince Williams, Undercut, and many others.

Before we look at some of the hairstyles and haircuts for women with receding hairline, see below photos of men’s haircuts for receding hairline you can give a try if none of the above discussed does suit you. SEE All the Photos Now:

Women’s Hairstyles and Hair Cuts for Receding Hairline

Just like men, women who have the problem of receding frontal hair or thinning one should get the best hairstyles for receding hairline and haircuts. The exact way you will style your hair as a woman is dependent on the current state, your hair’s length, face frame and shape among many other factors. Note that reducing pressure on hairline should be your objective. The general hairstyles and haircuts you opt for should help reduce more pressure on your hair. Opt for hairstyles for receding hairlines such as:

Messy Ponytail and Bun Messy Ponytail and Bun

Messy Ponytails and Buns – Ensure your messy ponytail is loose. This will enable you to “keep their hair away from their faces while maintaining the overall health of the hairline and scalp.” [eHow]

Side Swept Bangs that Hide Receding Hairline Side Swept Bangs that Hide Receding Hairline

Use Hair Bangs – if you have thinning, balding or receding hair line, you can opt for bangs to help hide it. Go for a good haircut for women that have bangs that will easily hide your receding hair line while keeping you on top fashion. If you have less hair, you can go for bangs that add volume on top of hiding your hairline that is receding. A blunt straight bang that has a cut reaching just above your eyes will perfectly cover your receding hair line. Similarly, a side swept bangs would do well for those you do not want to cut their hair.

Short and Layered Hairstyles – Creating short layered haircuts can be of much help. You will be required to cut your hair to reduce the contrast on your hairline and draw attention from it. It will give you a chance to emphasis your other facial features.

Finally, on receding hairline hairstyles, ensure you work with your natural hair and reduce the use of chemicals and processes that require chemicals such as perms, relaxers, etc since they can inflame your hair follicles. Furthermore, wear a part where you part your hair and let it fall naturally.

We have covered some of the common and best hairstyles for men with receding hairlines as well as hairstyles for women with receding hairline we hope they will help you.

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