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Natural Hair Tips, Rules, Transitioning, Solutions, Natural Hair Tips for Black, Healthy & Winter Tips

Are you transitioning to natural hair and don’t know where to start? Here are some valuable natural hair tips and tricks. They are very valuable rules, tricks and ideas that were invented by other people with curly hair; you too can invent your own depending on your hair type.

Every time I come across or see a picture of a woman with a mound of natural hair, I get green with envy. This is because for two long years, I was trying to work towards maintaining kinky hair. I quit retouching my once relaxed hair, but along the way, I gave up since I did not get the desired result. Instead, I opted for dreadlocks. However, it is not that hard to maintain as I have come to learn.

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Since I have been deliberating chopping the locks and starting all over again, I went ahead to research on natural hair care tips and tricks. I also wanted to learn what rules apply. Here are the tips and rules I found. It seems coming up with your natural hair rules is not bad after all. If you are transitioning to natural hair, here you will find tips and tricks you could use in your journey.

Natural Hair Tips and Tricks

Before I give you the tips and tricks of caring for hair that is natural, it is important that I mention that not all hair is the same. No type of hair fits all. When it comes to hair it is a personal thing, the way yours responds to certain products is not the same way mine would. Therefore, when it comes to going natural, you may not achieve what your friends or family members have been able to achieve, because it all boils down to what your hair loves and of course, how you treat it.

Natural hair is quite delicate because you had it previously permed, like in my case. Therefore, when it comes to taking care of it, it may not bend or style easily as it used to while relaxed. You may find this a bit frustrating and think about giving up. However, if you follow these natural hair tips, there will be no going back.

Chop off

This is a harsh tip if you are trying to maintain long hair. However, if you want it to grow naturally without any damages along the way, you will have to chop the processed parts and leave only the growth. Although, the natural growth maybe short, you will give it an opportunity to grow without limitations since the damaged part is out of the way. Similarly, if you are committed to staying natural, you will have to do this or else you will find yourself searching for a natural hair relaxer to give you manageable hair once again.

Shampoo and Condition

You may also have done your own research and came across the tip about not shampooing your hair, but instead co-washing, where you use conditioner as a no-poo cleanser. However, this tip is not valid because of these two products are designed to play different roles in your hair. Therefore, you will need to shampoo your hair before you condition or else you will end with too much build up of conditioner in your hair and it will stop growing or shining with vitality. Make it a habit to shampoo once a week or biweekly and co wash in between as much as you may like. You may also have to deep condition once in a week with natural hair growth remedies to ensure that your hair has the just right moisture.


Another trick is to moisturize. You have to moisturize your hair regularly. If you have no protective hairstyle, you could do it daily, however, if you do have one, avoid over manipulating your hair by just doing it once or twice a week. You want your hair to grow and therefore you must give your scalp the nourishment it needs. Choose oil that will not clog the pores of your scalp.


Natural hair is not about having straight locks. Therefore, you will have to give up heat styling and relaxers at all costs. If you must style your hair, do wet sets, stretch styling or curly styles that will also protect your hair from breakage.  Occasionally, you may want to use a flat iron for natural hair, which is okay, but know that heat will not help you achieve kinky hair. Ensure that you use a wide toothcomb when styling and moisturizing to remove any tangles. However, if you can manage detangling with your fingers then do it and do it uniformly on your whole head.

Here are more tips and tricks:

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  • Do not press hair
  • Do not scrunch it will appear frizzy
  • Avoid texturizing or dying your hair, if you still have your permed ends on your head you may not be able to distinguish them from the natural growth
  • Avoid products that claim to revert processed hair; they may cause you to have unmanageable frizzes.

Natural Black Hair Tips

There are various types of black hair. They range from tight coils, slightly wavy to straight. If your desire is to have any of these and you do not see your hair getting anywhere near there, yours probably is in between. Furthermore, it is not possible to have the exact same natural hair with your friend, neighbor or relative because hair grows differently in each person.

The sizes of curls are also different some may be small while others are large. If yours can only achieve pen spring curls, be content with those instead of manipulating your hair in every way to achieve large curls.  Therefore, follow these natural black hair tips and you will be good to go:

  • Shampoo your hair while in the shower so that the curls can maintain pointing downwards
  • Apply styling products while your hair is still damp to avoid it from looking dull and dry
  • Do not scrunch hair to achieve curls you will only end up with frizzes
  • If you must dry hair do it by air or use a diffuser set at low heat.

Natural Hair Tips for Healthy Hair -How to Achieve Healthy Natural Hair

Sometimes natural hair may be long, but not healthy. Follow these tips for healthy hair that is also long and natural:

  • Moisturize your hair from the shower to the use of styling products
  • Always eat a healthy diet because your hair will not grow because of the products you put on it. Here is a list of best and healthy foods for healthy  hair growth
  • Take supplements
  • Trim the ends once or twice in a year although it will not make your hair grow longer or thicker, it will just prevent damage on your healthy natural hair.
  • Section your hair while moisturizing, combing or washing it will prevent breakage.

Natural Hair Tips for Winter

In winter, your it may react from the lack of humidity in the air. Therefore, make it a habit of moisturizing regularly. Furthermore, you may want to use protective styles to prevent shrinkage. Consequently, the best tips for winter are:

  • Moisturize and moisturize
  • Wear protective styling.

Transitioning To Natural Hair Tips

Are you transitioning to natural hair, you will definitely use these tips:

  • Know how to counter the negative comments from your friends, family and even your significant other, it might not be easy at first because they were used to the old you and may be having a hard time accepting the new you
  • Style it with braids or extensions if you still have the permed sections on your hair, the additions will hide the differences
  • If you have all natural hair but are wondering how to style it, try strand twists or comb twists, sisterlocks, crinkle set or flat twists for more information on how to do these check out the Twistout Method 101 on Youtube or visit for step by step guidelines
  • If your hair shrinks, stretching styles such as braids, bantu knots, bunning, curlformers and African threading among others would help to straight it out naturally
  • Do not press your hair because you risk straightening it permanently.


Natural Hair Rules- What Rules to Follow for Natural Hair

Are there natural hair rules? As far as am concerned there is a website that supports it and therefore uses this title to mean that, it is supreme. I know about this because I read an excerpt from the author. However, when it comes to hair that is natural, it is good that you make your own rules because hair is personal. You may not have the same hair as your friend, neighbor or cousin.

The best thing is to experiment different treatments and products for hair that is natural and see what works best for your type of hair. What may work for another may not be ideal for you. Nevertheless, there are some rules that could guide you through your experiments. Therefore, it is not a natural hair jungle after all.

You will be safe if you can follow the following natural hair rules:

  1. Trim your hair after every six months or just once in a year to get rid of split ends, which form regardless of the products you use after 3 months.
  2. Section hair to detangle, shampoo, condition or moisturize, this will make your work easier and prevent any hair breakages. You want to achieve healthy natural hair therefore; it is best if you can maintain what you already have. It is imperative that you detangle before each shampoo session. When detangling you also get an opportunity to examine any oddity in your hair. Use a wide toothcomb to detangle or better still your fingers.
  3. Shampoo your hair weekly or biweekly and follow it with a conditioner. If you want the clean feel each day on your scalp, you could try co washing in between your shampoo days. Check for any irregularities with your shampoos, whether they are too harsh and if they need changing or diluting.
  4. You can ensure extra hydration in your hair if you pre-poo your hair with natural coconut oil cover the hair covered with coconut oil with a plastic cap for 30 minutes before shampooing it. Here is how to use coconut oil effectively.
  5. Do not attempt to comb your hair while wet or too dry, only do so when you have put conditioner in it.
  6. Dab your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing and while still damp, put your styling product so that it can set it.
  7. When oiling your hair, work from the ends towards the roots. This will make your hair more manageable.
  8. Wear protective styles, they will prevent breakage on your hair by ensuring that you do not comb your hair too much.

These natural hair rules can be broken anytime if your locks so demands and desire it.

Natural Hair Solutions

The simple solutions are:

  • Repair and restore damaged hair
  • Moisturize deeply and widely
  • Give you hair extra shine by cleaning it regularly
  • Wear protective style to prevent breakage on your hair
  • Don’t not go back to processing your hair
  • Forget heat styling for good
  • Be patient, you won’t get the results you want in one day.

I wish you a successful transitioning to natural hair; you will love it that am sure!

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