Natural Hair Relaxer – Best, All Natural, Recipe, for Black Hair, For Kids, Men & Natural Relaxer for Hair
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Natural Hair Relaxer – Best, All Natural, Recipe, for Black Hair, For Kids, Men & Natural Relaxer for Hair

Are you looking for an all natural hair relaxer? Do you need a recipe for a homemade relaxer? Find the best relaxer for natural hair and various recipes to make your own homemade relaxer with natural ingredients already in your kitchen.

When it comes to hair, you can never be satisfied with a single style. You may try one in the hope of keeping it for the rest of your life, only to wish for something different. After all, you are growing older and your moods too keep changing. Therefore, it is only wise to change other aspects about you and that includes your locks. Hair that is natural is attractive if you have never achieved it. In its quest, you stumble upon tips and rules of how to achieve natural hair.

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However, when you finally achieve it, you get tired of combing it and protecting it with various styles. In essence, it becomes unmanageable. That is the point you begin wishing for bone straight hair courtesy of relaxers, but when you think of the chemicals in manufactured brands it makes you squirm at the thought of losing your hair. You can find good relaxers for your hair and stop worrying about losing your crowning glory. Here you will find the best relaxer for natural hair, including homemade types as well as a manufactured brand that is all natural.

Best Relaxer for Natural Hair-Lye and No-Lye Relaxers

When it comes to processing hair, nothing does it better than lye or no-lye relaxers. Unfortunately, most of these are laden with a heavy chemical known as sodium hydroxide. This is the lye, which may also comes in other names such as calcium hydroxide among others. As long as the second name is hydroxide, you ought to be aware that it has a chemical that will process your hair to be bone straight.

Some companies claim that their products are no-lye kinds; only one brand uses natural ingredients in its manufacture. Most of these relaxers have chemicals to some degree. Here are is a list of the best brands; ensure your hair is safe by reading the ingredients label:

  • ORS
  • Mizani
  • Affirm
  • K-Styler
  • Maxi- Glide
  • Phytospecific
  •  Hawaiina Silky
  • Motions
  • Organic Root Stimulator
  • Cream of Nature
  • Dr. Miracle
  • Just for Me
  • Empress

All Natural Hair Relaxer and Bodiphier Natural Hair Relaxer

If you are looking for an all natural hair relaxer, one has been manufactured by Relaxed by Nature LTD. According to the company’s website, the brand is known as Bodiphier. This made of purely alkaline water and minerals.

As the name suggests, this relaxer raises the pH of your scalp so that your hair grows in healthy conditions. It is safe for home use and you can use it on virgin natural hair or on already relaxed hair. If you are retouching your hair, you should do it between 8-10 weeks. However, the use of this relaxer is no excuse not to shampoo your hair thoroughly after its use, leaving the alkaline ingredients on hair for too long could damage your hair. Therefore, ensure you have the best shampoo for natural hair as you make use of Bodiphier.

Natural Hair Relaxer Recipe and Natural Hair Relaxer Ingredients

There are natural hair relaxer ingredients that you could use at home to make your hair manageable. However, this will not work the same way as lye or no-lye relaxers. This is because they are moisturizing natural ingredients mostly and not harsh chemicals that could change your hair component. Furthermore, you must make use of heat to ensure that they hold for longer, a blow drier and flat iron for natural hair. Besides, you must make use of them once or twice per week to attain manageable hair.

A good recipe would be ½-cup lemon juice, 2tbsp honey, 3-4 cups of warm water. Mix these ingredients, slather them on your hair, and keep it under a shower cap wrap for 1-2 hours before washing off and straightening it with a flat iron.

You could also use Baking soda mixed with your natural hair conditioner. Put this mixture on hair for one hour before rinsing your hair off. Other natural relaxer ingredients include the use of 4tbsp of coconut cream, 2 tbsp coconut oil and 12 oz of yogurt, which should be fat free. Melt the cream and oil together and then add the yogurt to make a condition like mixture. Slather the mixture on your hair, leave it for one hour under a shower cap, and then rinse off.

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How to Make a Natural Hair Relaxer

Making your own relaxer for hair that is natural can be a tad difficult if you do not know what ingredients to add and at what quantities. Here is how to make a natural hair relaxer, use a conditioning natural treatment that works on your hair like coconut oil, olive oil, coconut cream, lemon juice and yogurt among others. Mix any of these with your conditioner if you are afraid to use them straight on your hair.

Natural Hair Relaxer for Kids

Do not attempt to put relaxer on your kids’ hair. The hair of children is different from that of adults because it gains the texture at the age of five. Furthermore, you do not want to put chemicals in your child’s hair only for them to end up hating your or themselves for the borrowed look. Let your children maintain their kinky hair and if it is unmanageable, use coconut oil on their hair as relaxer. You can mix it with conditioner, or simply use it on its own. Let your child’s hair be covered with the oil for about three hours under a shower cap before washing it off. You do not even have to follow the relaxer with heat as after drying the hair will be naturally manageable.

Natural Hair Relaxer for Men

Men too find it difficult to comb hair. Therefore, they may opt for relaxers. Men may also want to avoid the chemicals in the lye relaxers. Here is a good one for men at home. Ingredients needed:

  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • ½ cup caramel

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and then apply on hair. Wash off after half an hour. Do wear a shower cap or warm towel while waiting for the time to elapse.

Natural Relaxer for Natural Hair or Natural Hair Relaxers without Chemicals

If you are looking for over the counter relaxer for natural hair or those without chemicals, then you have to be prepared to wear them for long hours before they can show desirable results. This is because they are only highly moisturizing and deep conditioners, not chemical relaxers that would straighten your hair in an hour’s time.

In the list below, you will find a suitable natural brand:

  • E’tae Carmel Treatment
  • Bak Beauty Natural Laxer
  • Curlaway

You have to use a flat iron to ensure that the treatment holds for some time, at least a week. Similarly, you have to apply them on weekly basis for best results.

Natural Hair Relaxers for Black Hair

Except for the BiodipHier, which is manufactured in New Zealand and it is a multi-racial relaxer; there are no other natural hair relaxers for black hair. You either have to make use of conditioning treatments available in your own kitchen to make your hair manageable or go the undesired route of using lye or no-lye relaxers. You know the disadvantages of using the later though, and therefore it is best to avoid them at all costs.

By using natural ingredients such as coconut milk, coconut oil, olive oil, lime or lemon juice, honey, which add moisture to your hair, there is no need for relaxers. You need to be proud of your hair as it is and flaunt it in its original self. However, should you want to relax with the lye or no lye relaxers, your hair will no longer be natural and it could easily damage as well.

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