How to Moisturizer Natural Hair, Keep, Best Natural Moisturizers, Homemade, All Natural & Recipes of Hair Moisturizers
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How to Moisturizer Natural Hair, Keep, Best Natural Moisturizers, Homemade, All Natural & Recipes of Hair Moisturizers

Moisturizing natural hair is an important practice to help prevent it from drying up. There are various ways on how to moisturize natural hair. Once this has been done, one has to learn how to keep hair moisturized or it will all have been in vain.

How to Moisturize Natural Hair– Natural Hair Moisturizing

Moisturizing natural hair is important as it helps to keep the hair looking good as well as keep it strong. In order to do it in the right way, it is best to follow a regular procedure. Below are some tips on how to moisturize natural hair.

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  • To avoid product build up as you moisturize, start off with water. Moisturizing damp hair ensures that the hair gets to seal off moisture without getting saturated with products.
  • Too much buildup prevents the hair from getting hydrated. To get rid of the barriers, wash the hair to enhance absorption.
  • To make the moisture last long in the hair, one should try wearing hair in protective styling. This will help to eliminate the need for the use of daily moisturizers. This will also ensure that only some little product is used.
  • In case one suffers from overly dry hair after washing, it is advisable to use a deep conditioner as well as a leave in conditioner. High quality conditioners will help to not only make the hair strong but also manageable. Moisture retention will also be improved.

How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

After one has had moisture infused into their hair, it is upon themselves to look for ways to keep the moisture locked in. There are some techniques that can be applied on how to keep natural hair moisturized. These include:

Sealing: Once a person has successfully moisturized hair, proper sealing is necessary. This helps to lock in moisture. Shea butter or hair oil when applied on hair after moisturizing will serve this purpose. These contain particles that are too large to pass through the hair. As a result, they are left on the outside of the hair thus trapping the moisture.

Satin Beddings: It important to protect the hair from the drying effects of cotton fabrics. To promote moisture retention, it is important to use beddings and more specifically pillows that are made from satin. For people who sleep with their heads tied up or in bonnets, these should as well be made from satin.  The smoothness of this fabric will keep the hair as styled as well as ensure that no moisture is absorbed as opposed to when cotton is used. When wearing hats and head wraps, it is advisable to line them with satin.

Humidifier: During very cold seasons or very hot weather it is important to put back moisture in the atmosphere as the air tends to be overly dry. To enhance this, one can use a humidifier.

Water filter:  At times, the water we use for cleaning our hair could be the cause for dry hair. Calcium and chlorine deposits found in water that is not purified have negative effects on hair. These cause it to become dull, dry and brittle. Having a shower filter can keep these components away. This will help to avoid dry hair.

Best Natural Hair Moisturizer

The best natural hair moisturizer is one that will help to infuse moisture into the hair as well as keep the moisture in. Some of the best natural hair moisturizer ingredients that can help achieve this include:

Aloe vera: This natural moisturizer also helps to balance the Ph of the hair. One can make use of it in the form of juice or gel since their properties are the same. When using it in homemade moisturizer, it is best to get it straight from the plant. This way one gets to make use of its properties without their having been stripped off.

Honey: This is a humectant and naturally draws moisture from the environment to the hair. When having it in products, ensure it is listed among the first five. Agave nectar is also a great one.

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Shea butter: This is a natural sealant. It helps to keep the hair moisture locked in all the time. This way, the infused moisture stays long in the hair.

Vegetable glycerin: This is yet another humectant. It is readily available in health stores as well as food stores.

All Natural Hair Moisturizer

It is possible to have an all natural moisturizer. This can either be purchased or made at home. The all natural conditioners are great for sensitive scalps. They are also great since they contain no chemicals. When made at home, they give the user the liberty of only including the ingredients they feel their hair need.

Natural Hair Moisturizer Recipes

Moisturizer recipes for natural hair are great because they help in a great way to give a step by step guidance into achieving an end product that suits our needs. The instructions are normally easy to understand. One can vary them to suit what they want.

The recipes are readily available online. However, not everything works for everyone. One has to know what type of their hair they have and their expected end result for them to be in a position to come up with a product that will work for their hair that is natural.

Homemade Natural Hair Moisturizer – DIY Natural Hair Moisturizer

DIY moisturizers for natural hair are a perfect alternative to commercial products. They are convenient as one is in a position to make one using ingredients that work and are necessary for their hair. Homemade natural conditioners also have the advantage of having no chemicals. They are also much cheaper than purchased products. To learn how to make and use them, one can watch online video tutorials on the same.

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