Flex Rods on Natural Hair, Flexi Rod Set, How to Use, on Dry Natural Hair, Hairstyles Using Flexi Rods
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Flex Rods on Natural Hair, Flexi Rod Set, How to Use, on Dry Natural Hair, Hairstyles Using Flexi Rods

Flexi rods on natural hair provide for protective styling. Although this can be done in salons, learning how to use flexi rods on natural hair could go a long way in saving some cash. It will also ensure that one gets the flexi rod set they wish for on their hair.

Flexi Rods on Natural Hair- Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

Flexi rods are a type of rollers that are long and flexible. This enables them to create sleek curls on natural hair. They create curls of different sizes depending on the diameter of the rods one is using. It is easy to have a flexi set on your hair that is natural as one only needs to roll hair like they would on any other roller.

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Flexi rod sets can be used as a method of natural hair stretching that is heatless. It therefore is also suitable as a protective styling. However, where one does not have enough time to wait for the hair to dry up, one could make use of a hooded dryer.

It is most suitable during winter and fall when the weather is dry leading to more drying of hair. This necessitates heatless styling as this would lead to worsening of the dried up hair. Flexi rods set on natural hair styles can last up to five days. These start off as well defined curls which can then be developed into loose curls as the days go by. With this, the hair gets a rest from manipulation as there is minimal combing and no heat use on the hair. Breakage gets minimized as a result.

Where one is looking forward to a light weight yet voluminous look, use a spray leave in for conditioning. In case of very dry hair, a creamy leave in conditioner would help. Natural oil that is light an also be applied after the set has dried.

In case one wants to come up with a sleek look, the setting should be done with the rods taut to allow hair to lay flat. For them to have a greater length, hair should be spiraled around the flexi rods as opposed to making it overlap on them. Whichever method one uses, they should sleep in a satin bonnet or scarf to allow for great setting.

How to Use Flexi Rods on Natural Hair – How to Flex Rod Natural Hair

These rods are fancy. They look good. These though cannot be of any good if one does not know how to use flexi rods on natural hair. For a seamless set, one should start off with hair that has already been shampooed, given a conditioner treatment as well as detangled.

While doing these, one should use products that are light and flexible. Setting mousse or lotion would do the hair some good. Also seek products with natural moisturizing ingredients. These will ensure that there is no frizz and that curls formed are smooth.

Section the hair into reasonable sections. This is best done before installation of the rods to help set the hair as you want it. After the sectioning, set the rods in each section as you would want the curls to appear.

After this, depending on the length you want, you can decide if you want to use the spiral curl method. In this one, the hair is wrapped around the entire rod to give longer coils. This is as opposed to wrapping hair around itself. Small spirals need one to use small hair sections while for larger hair sections one needs to use larger sections.

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To ensure that hair dries up well overnight, it is important to use just enough styling products. Too much of it will leave the hair not completely dry. Once the rods are removed, fluff the hair to separate the curls. An afro pick can help to add volume to the roots as well. From here one can style the hair as they wish.

How to Flexi Rod Short Natural Hair

When using flexi rods to set short hair, the secret lies in making sure that the tips of the hair spin around the rod completely. The rods should then be rolled up to the hair’s roots. Once the whole head is done, hair should be allowed to dry up for the curls to hold. Removing the rods before hair dries up will mess up the style. In case the time is not sufficient to air dry, you could blow dry it though this is not really necessary.

Flexi Rods on Dry Natural Hair

Although most people are used to wet setting their hair, flexi rods on dry natural hair can as well be use. While dry setting, one starts off by sectioning the hair. After this the hair is then detangled and wrapped around your choice of rods. This can be done before going to bed as they are comfortable enough to sleep in. remove them in the morning and style as desired. In case the hair is too dry, one could spritz some water and apply some little styling product.

Flexi Rods Natural Hair Styles

While using them, there are various hair styles that one can adopt. How well each style comes out will depend on the appropriateness of the rods used. It is therefore important to choose the correct size for the given style. The method of curling used, whether it is done while overlapping or spread all over, will determine how the curls come out.

Flexi Rods on Long Natural Hair

It is possible to do these rods on hair that is long. For them to have a great length, hair should be rolled on the whole length of the rod as opposed to having it curled on itself. For thin curls, use thin flexi rods and for wider ones larger rods.

Flexi Rods on Straight Natural Hair

They can be used to give naturally straight hair some curls. This method is advantageous as it prevents hair from heat damage. It can therefore be used a method of protective styling. In most cases, the style lasts a couple of days thus providing for the least manipulation on the hair.

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