Coconut Oil for Natural Hair – Is It Good, Best Brands, Benefits, for Black Hair, How to Use Coconut Oil
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Coconut Oil for Natural Hair – Is It Good, Best Brands, Benefits, for Black Hair, How to Use Coconut Oil

With it being so popular in hair care, is coconut oil good for natural hair? If it is, what kind of oil from coconut is best for natural hair including black hair?  The benefits of coconut oil on natural hair are limitless. All that one needs to know is how to use it to reap maximum benefits from it.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Natural Hair?

Coconut oil is oil obtained from the kernel of mature coconuts. It contains monounsaturated fats, saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats in varying degrees. Its saturated content gives it a long shelf life and makes it remain stable under heat. This oil is known for its beauty, dietary, industrial and medical use. With these in mind, is coconut oil good for natural hair?

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Oil from coconut is an effective treatment for hair damage. This is made possible by the nature of its molecular composition. It is made up of molecules with the right shape and size which give it a straight line structure. This allows it to penetrate deep into the hair. Its chemical composition is also right as lauric acid contained in it gives it a high affinity for proteins. Oil from coconut is therefore great for natural hair as it works beyond its surface.

What Kind of Coconut Oil Is Best For Natural Hair

In most cases, coconut oils are categorized depending on their method of extraction, how they are grown and the method of manufacturing. One can find out what type of oil a package contains by checking out the classification given by the manufacturer on the label. Given the wide variety of oils available, what kind of oil from coconut is best for natural hair?

The best bet when it comes to coconut oil for natural hair is unrefined oil from coconut. This is also mostly labeled as extra virgin coconut oil and is made without any chemicals. The process of extraction is mechanical where raw fresh coconuts are pressed to give out the oil. The oil may come with a very intense coconut flavor.

Other than being unrefined, if one gets unrefined organic oil the better it will be. For the oil to be classified as organic it has to be certified as so from relevant authorities. This will mean that it has been grown without any harmful chemical. Pure unrefined organic coconut oil is therefore the best kind.

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Natural Hair and Coconut Oil for Natural Hair Growth

When used consistently, there are many benefits of oil from coconut on natural hair to be reaped. To begin with, oil from coconut has been proven to prevent loss of hair proteins. Since proteins are a building block of hair and help prevent breakage, this oil helps to facilitate this. Other benefits include:

Prevents split ends: Since it penetrates the hair shaft, the hair is left soft and smooth. It also increases its elasticity.

Hygral fatigue reduction: Hygral fatigue occurs when hair swells and contracts whenever water is leaving or entering the hair shaft. While this process is natural, it could cause hair breakage. Coconut oil helps to reduce this stress.

Moisturize: Although most oils are not classified as moisturizers, any oil that has the ability to penetrate the hair’s internal structure is. Oil from coconut has this ability, which enables hair to hold water molecules.

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Prevention of mechanical damage: This normally occurs as a result of rough handling of the hair. This can happen during the detangling process. When oil from coconut is used, it serves as a lubricant, which enables the fingers to slide through hair without breakage as well as loosen the tangles.

Best Coconut Oil for Natural Hair

The use of oil from coconut provides for a natural way of keeping natural hair healthy, soft and radiant. Unrefined coconut oil contains no chemicals.  It also has most of its nutrients intact thus enabling the hair to reap maximum benefits. Some recommended brands include:

  • Maison Orphee
  • Artisana
  • Nutiva
  • Carrigton Farms

Organic Coconut Oil for Natural Hair

For oil from coconut to be labeled organic, it has to be extracted from coconuts obtained from organic coconut trees. This means that they were grown in soil that is safe and have had no modifications. Their farmers have not given the crops any synthetic products. Organic farming has to get certification from relevant authorities to ensure it has met all the standards. Using this king of oil on hair gives one the benefits of an all natural product that is free from contamination.

Coconut Oil for Natural Black Hair

Black hair normally lacks moisture due to its inability to hold on to any moisturizers. To effectively hydrate it, one needs to use products that will penetrate the hair shaft. This can be a challenge when dealing with the texture in black hair. Coconut oil for natural black hair is one of the few effective products that can help in locking in moisture.

When used in its most natural state which is unprocessed, the oil gives black hair a high moisture retention capacity. This ensures that moisture is retained within the hair and that it does not evaporate easily. Oil from coconut also plays a vital role in hair nourishment. Its high concentration results in softer and shinier hair. Less damage ensures that hair grows in length. The oil will also help in getting rid of dandruffs and hair dryness.

How to Use Coconut Oil on Natural Hair – How to Apply

There are various different ways on how to use oil from coconut on natural hair. When used as a pre-wash or post grooming ingredient, it reduces hair damage.  Since most damage occurs when the hair is being washed and dried, this oil is best applied as a pre-wash.

For maximum effects, the oil has to be applied and left to rest on the hair for a reasonable amount of time. It is best done as an overnight treatment. This gives it time to sufficiently soak in the hair. Once it has been left overnight, wash it off in the morning. This will allow for is to lessen damage.

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