Turquoise Hair Dye & Hair Color – Best Brands, Atomic, Permanent Turquoise Hair Color and Dye
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Turquoise Hair Dye & Hair Color – Best Brands, Atomic, Permanent Turquoise Hair Color and Dye

Would you like to try one of the best turquoise hair dyes? Learn more on the best brands including Atomic Turquoise by Manic Panic, Directions by La Riche and UV Turquoise by Stargazer. You will also know if turquoise is a permanent hair color or semi permanent and more.

Turquoise Hair Dye Turquoise Hair Dye

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Turquoise hair dye resembles the color of turquoise gemstone whose color is bluish green. This hair dye is bright blue with a hint of green that will give you stunning and rockabilly alluring looks. You need to try it as you will get stunning looks as the ones you can see besides.

Historically, turquoise is a French word that was used to refer these gemstone that was imported from Turkey.  We are going to mention best brands, give more details on a few best brands before we can briefly see how to use this mainly semi permanent hair dyes.

Best Turquoise Hair Dye and Color – Top Brands

If you are looking for turquoise hair color, you need to know there are many leading brands you should go for.  However, before investing your money on any of the to turquoise hair dyes, it is important to ensure you have read many experts and user reviews, ratings as well as comments. This will ensure you wisely choose the best brand of turquoise hair color. To make things clear, we are not endorsing any of the listed best turquise hair dye brands. Some of the best turquoise hair dyes that are semi permanent include the following:

  • La Riche Directions Turquoise Semi-Permanent Hair Colour
  • Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise
  • Stargazer – UV Turquoise

As expected, some of the most popular and best brands of turquoise include La Riche Directions Turquoise Semi Permanent Hair Color, and Atomic Turquoise.

Semi Permanent and Permanent Turquoise Hair Color

Generally, most of the turquoise hair dyes are semi permanent dyes, meaning they will slowly fade per each wash using shampoo. We are going to briefly mention something small on the above top turquoise hair color brands.

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise

The Manic Panic Classic Formula Semi Permanent Hair Color Cream is one of the most reputed semi permanent hair dyes that come in turquoise color among other colors. It will give you gorgeous looks. This atomic turquoise hair dye by Manic Panic is a ready to use type of hair color that can last for between 4 to 6 weeks.

For people who have black hair, it can help highlight your black hair making you to look great.  Depending on how you apply it, you can get punk, rich or bold looks.

La Riche Directions Turquoise Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

The other very popular turquoise semi permanent hair dye is Directions by La Riche. It is a long lasting type of hair dye, which will suit most type of hairs.

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For the exceptional looks, you need to use it on bleached or hair that has been lightened but it can help get a desired tint on hair that has not been treated.  Like most of the semi permanent dyes, it will last for up to 8 weeks.

Stargazer – UV Turquoise

 Another great turquoise hair color is the Stargazer – UV Turquoise. This is a semi permanent hair color, which is peroxide and ammonia free. You can use it on dyed, bleached or natural hair. However, it might not cover white or grey hairs perfectly.

How to Use Turquoise Hair Color and Dye

On how to use turquoise hair dye, we have seen from the above discussion of some of the best turquoise hair color and dye that usage might be dependent on the specific brand you have bought.

If you want your turquoise semi permanent hair dye to last long, you need to apply it on either pre-lighted or bleached hair.  A few of the best brands can be used on your natural hair but they will not give you the best of looks in terms of color intensity.

Is Turquoise Hair Dye Permanent?

Most of the above turquoise hair dyes are actually semi permanent hair dyes which can last for up eight weeks depending on the times you wash. Depending on the specific brand you go for, it can last for several washes. The exact duration such a dye is going to last, will depend on the type of hair you have.

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