Silver Hair Dye – Best Brands, For Men, Permanent, Silver Grey, Where to Buy Sliver Hair Color Dyes
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Silver Hair Dye – Best Brands, For Men, Permanent, Silver Grey, Where to Buy Sliver Hair Color Dyes

The best silver hair dye and color brands are what you need for irresistible and gorgeous looks. Get insight on the top brands of silver hair color, for men, silver grey hair dyes, temporary silver, and how to wear silver hair dyes. You will also get some of the amazing silver hair color looks where to buy it.

Is Silver Hair Dye Trendy?

Silver Grey Hair Dye Silver Grey Hair Dye

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Silver hair dye is a sophisticated and trendy hair color you will commonly see in red carpets and amongst teens. It is no longer for older women and grandmas. If you know how to wear it, you can achieve any looks you want, including the ones you see on celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne or Victoria Beckham or any other celebrity who dyes his or her hair silvery.

For those who have never tried it before, silver hair dye is a daring hair dye color that brings back the ‘Monroesque’ that was popular in 1950s.  Furthermore, dying your hair silver can be a little intimidation if you are a newbie but when you get experience, it is as easy as any other type of hair dye. Let us first look at the best brands of silver hair coloring where will look at the best overall, mention something on permanent and semi permanent brands.

Best silver Hair Dye – Top Brands and Silver Hair Dye Kits

Are you looking for the best silver hair dye brands? We reviewed a number of the finest silver hair colors, saw user ratings, comments and reviews before coming with the below list of the best silver hair dye. Among the brands that everyone praised were Manic panic silver hair dye and L’Oreal Silver hair Dye. So, which are the best silver hair dyes?  

  • L’Oreal Feria Permanent Hair Colour P01 Metallic Silver Blonde
  • L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Silver
  • New Manic Panic Silver DYE HARD TEMPORARY Hair Color
  • Manic Panic – Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream- Silver
  • Silver Grey Liquid Hair Color 8 oz – Hair Color
  • Redken shades EQ 08T silver
  • Framesi FramColor 2001 Hair Coloring Creme USA
  • La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye – Silver 88ml
  • Directions Silver Hair Dye Tint Semi Permanent Toner Gothic Punk Rock
  • Hair COLOR Permanent Hair Dye Punk Goth Emo Elf SILVER TITANIUM BLONDE
  • Pravana Chroma Silk Vivids Hair Color in Silver Punk Hair Dye Halloween
  • Permanent Hair Dye Color Punk Goth Emo SILVER GREEN BLUE PURPLE High Definition
  • Hair COLOR Permanent Dye Goth Emo PEARL WHITE SILVER
  • Star Gazer Semi Permanent Hair Dye – Silver Look 70ml
  • Silver Hair Dye Simply Bright Colour Permanent 100% Grey Coverage
  • Cool Silver/blonde Hair Dye Mellor & Russell Simply Bright Hair Colour Permanent
  • Crazy Color Semi Permanent Hair Color Dye Tint Silver 027 Colour
  • 2 x Cool Silver Simply Bright hair dye Mellor & Russell Permanent Hair Colour
  • Permanent Very Light Ash White Silver Blonde Hair Dye Cream Kit – Anime Fashion
  • ArtX Silver Hair Color Dye Semi Permanent Instant Shine

The list of best silver colored dyes for the hair is endless. You need to ensure you carefully choose the brand to use since each comes with slightly a different color shade. The exact looks you get are dependent on the shade you purchase.

Permanent and Semi Permanent Silver Hair Dye

Most of the best silver hair dyes mentioned are either permanent or semi permanent. Semi permanent dyes are those that fade with each shampoo wash. If you want strictly want a permanent silvery hair dye, you need to go for the following:

  • L’Oreal Feria Permanent Hair Colour P01 Metallic Silver Blonde
  • Permanent Very Light Ash White Silver Blonde Hair Dye Cream Kit – Anime Fashion
  • 2x Cool Silver Simply Bright hair dye Mellor & Russell Permanent Hair Colour
  • Hair COLOR Permanent Hair Dye Punk Goth Emo Elf SILVER TITANIUM BLONDE
  • Hair COLOR Permanent Dye Goth Emo PEARL WHITE SILVER
  • Silver Hair Dye, Simply Bright Colour, Permanent 100% Grey Coverage
  • Cool Silver/blonde Hair Dye Mellor & Russell Simply Bright Hair Colour Permanent

The above best silver permanent hair dyes will last until your hair roots grow. They do not need touchups and you will need to dye them with a different color if you are tired with your silver look. However, you still need to ensure your hair is well conditioned.

Temporary Silver Hair Colors and Dyes – Good for Kids

On the other hand, if you want a temporary silver hair dye, the one you will have to wear each day and wash it away at the end of the day or could last for a few days, consider going for any of the brands below.

  • Fanci Full Temporary Hair Color #42 Silver Lining
  • Temporary Hair Color Styling Gels Gold Silver
  • Be Wild Temporary Spray In Hair Color Silver
  • New Manic Panic Silver DYE HARD TEMPORARY Hair Color

These are not the only temporary hair color available in the market. There are many others silver hair dyes you can try and they will give you incredible results.  Temporary silver hair dyes are particularly good for young kids who might not want to dye their hair permanently.

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Silver Hair Dye for Men – Can Men Dye their Hair Silver?

It is not only women who can wear silver hair dyes but also men. If done properly, it will give men super sleek looks that is very distinguishing.  You can use any of the best silver hair dyes or use brand such as Gatsby Hair Color/Dye for Men w/Eng – Aqua Silver that is one of the popular or best silver hair dye for men.

There are many other good silver hair dyes for men you will find in the market if you are interested. However, even using any of the above best brands, there is nothing wrong with them since they are not mean for only women.

Silver Grey Hair Dye and Colors

If you are looking for silver grey hair dyes, there are plenty of leading brands to go for. Some of the best silver grey hair dyes to go for includes the following:

  • Permanent Light Grey Silver White Hair Dye – Goth Elf
  • Permanent Silver Grey Hair Dye Colour Cream Kit – Anime Goth Emo Fashion
  • Permanent Light Grey Silver White Hair Dye – Goth Elf
  • Directions Silver Hair Colour/Dye Metal/Metallic Grey Semi-Permanent by La Riche
  • Berina A21 Light Grey / Silver Permanent Hair Dye

For great looks with silver grey hair dyes, ensure you carefully consider the exact shade that the specific brand comes in. Each of the above top brands comes in color shades that slightly vary from one another.

Steps for Dyeing Your Hair Silver – General Steps, Ideas and Tutorial

We have seen insight on silver hair dye for men, best brands of sliver including the temporary and permanent ones. It is time to discuss on steps for using this hair color.  Here are the general important steps to follow:

Bleach Your Hair

This will ensure there are no pigments left and your hair will take any color you want. It is very important for those who opt for permanent or semi permanent silver hair dyes. The 40 Volume is one of the most popular bleach kits you should consider buying. Follow instructions you will be given in your bleaching kit.

On average, it takes between 30 minutes to an hour for your hair to be perfectly bleached but if you have longer and thicker hair, it might take slightly longer. You could also try the L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Maximum, which works for all hair types well.

If you go for 40-volume peroxide, do not apply it on your root hairs since it can affect your scalp and cause a burn.  Bleaching is the only want to get rid of brassiness in your hair and it will give you blonde platinum colors.

Tone your Hair

For perfect looks, tone your hair with a complimentary hair toner such as purple or blue to ensure any trace of remaining pigments in your hair will not show up at all. Use sufficient toner amounts for best results.  This color will help counteract any yellow tones that might have resulted during the bleaching or lightening up of your hair.

From my experience, purple toners tend to deposit their color much faster when compared to blue. This might be because of my hair type or hair color.

If you want silver hair dye to appear more vividly, you can ensure you have use a toner that will render your hair pure white. This will make silver hair dye to be very magnificent and get rid of any yellow tones in your hair before you dye it with silver hair color.

Dye Your Hair

Choose your favorite shade of silver hair dye and begin dyeing it. See more on how to dye hair. There are many best silver hair dyes as we already saw in as we were mentioning the best brands. The brands and color shade you will go for will depend on the shade you want to achieve.

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Shampoo Your Hair Regularly

Remember to shampoo your silver hair to protect it for as long as possible. Go for shampoos for silver hair dye such as Pro-Voke Touch of Silver. To help maintain your hair dye color, consider having touchups after some time or use colors-restore products such as Colour Restore Cool Ash.

We did not go to the specifics on how to dye your hair using silver hair coloring because each of the silver hair dye kit you will buy will come with steps or instructions to follow. We have only given you steps that will ensure you get the best of looks.

Condition Your Hair

Just because you have dyed your hair silver, does not mean you stop conditioning it. It requires you to condition it from time to time using good hair conditioning products. This will ensure your hair does not break or be damaged.

Tips and Ideas for Silver Hair Dye

You now will practically put on silver hair color with much easy. We also have a few tips and ideas to ensure you get perfect looks. You will get more ideas on how to go about silvery hair color when we look at some of the good looks you can get.

  • If you have damaged hair, do not bleach it. Instead, go to a professional salon or use a toner.
  • Get opinion from your friends and colleague on which silver hair dye color shade will look best on you since it can be a little intimidating as we mentioned earlier.
  • Ensure the color of silver you have gone for perfectly complements your skin tone.
  • Generally, metallic blonde looks best for people who have very long hair but dip dying or Ombre silver ends will definitely look stunning.
  • Ensure you go for the right shade of silver and haircut if you want to look amazing.
  • Ensure you bleach your hair first if you do not want to end up with a shade that is not purely silver since can counteract with warm hair colors to form either neutral blonde or ash blonde colors.

Silver Hair Dye Looks (with Pictures)

Victoria Beckham often goes for blonde or purple toner to ensure her silver dyed hair looks gorgeous. It does not matter the haircut she wears because she still looks incredible.

For older women, going for such looks will ensure they look younger and amazing.

If you have short hair, you can experiment with any look. Having short hair and dying it as shown will give you stunning looks. Doesn’t it?

Dye your hair root with another color. Green hair dye was used in dying the hair roots and it looks incredible.

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Using either an extension or your black hair, you can create this looks while ensuring most of your hair is sliver. I know many people might find this a bit awful but if you like it, why not try it out.

For Rocker Chick Looks, consider dying your short hair silvery. Pinkish silvery will give you amazing looks and you need to ensure you have styled your hair to get a sassy chic lookGray tinsel when added to silver hair will enhance your looks and give you the magic sparkle. Generally, go for purple toner if you have light hair tones and blue for those with dark hair.

If you love the Kelly Osbourne looks on silver hair dye, you can also get them. It is easy. She goes for silver hair dye that with a shade that drifts towards lavender and always ensures she has a perfect hair cut.

Where to Buy Silver Hair Color and Dyes

If you are looking silver hair dyes, there are many places to buy them. Some of the popular places you will get, find or buy this hair dye include the following:

  • Amazon.con
  • Sally Beauty Supply
  • eBay

There are many other places where you can buy dyes that are silver for your hair, which includes your local beauty shop. Furthermore, some of the leading salons might be selling these dyes.

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