Orange Hair Dye – Best Brands, Neon, Bright, Red Orange, Temporary and Permanent Orange Colored Hair Dye
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Orange Hair Dye – Best Brands, Neon, Bright, Red Orange, Temporary and Permanent Orange Colored Hair Dye

Choosing a good orange hair color can give you stunning looks. Are you looking for the best orange hair dye? Learn more not just on the best brands but a lot more including neon, bright, red, temporary and permanent orange hair dye.

Hayley Williams - Bright Orange Hair Dye Hayley Williams – Bright Orange Hair Dye

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Orange hair dye will help you get the gorgeous looks of Hayley Williams who is fond of using  dark-orange. With good brands and correct color shades, you can get from bright to red-orange to ginger -orange looks that will be very stunning. Generally, to  get striking orange looks, you need to begin by bleaching your hair to blonde before you can apply your hair dye if you have a dark haircolor such as brown, black, etc.

Best Orange Hair Dye or Color – Top Brands

If you are looking for the best orange hair dye, you need to know there are many of these dyes, which vary slightly in their color shades i.e. some are darker, brighter, vivid or with other colors undertones. We reviewed a number of orange haircolors and dyes before coming up with the below list of what we can confidently say is among the very best orange hair dye or colors.

  • Special Effects Hair Dye -Napalm Orange
  • Crazy Color Semi Permanent
  • Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Haircolor
  • Manic Panic Classic Semi Permanent Psychadelic Sunset
  • Special Effects Semi Demi Permanent Hairdye Napalm Orange UV Reactive Glow Fire
  • Special Effects Semi Demi Permanent Hairdye Hot Lava Red Orange Temporary Color
  • Hair Color Permanent Hair Cream Dye Punk Glam
  • RAW Sunset Orange Demi-Permanent Haircolor
  • Adore Blaze and Sunrise
  • Manic Panic Electric Lava (UV)
  • Special Effects Hi-Octane
  • Stargazer Orange UV Hair Gel

When looking for the best orange hairdyes, you will not miss a great product from leading brands such as Crazy Color, Manic Panic, etc. However, ensure you have seen some user comments, ratings and reviews to be certain your choice is the best.

Types and Brands – Neon, Red, Bright, Burnt, Permanent and Temporary

The above list of the best orange hairdyes, which included the popular Napalm Orange by Special Effects, should help you settle for a good brand. However, to be  more specific, let us discuss a little more on burnt, permanent, temporary, neon and red orange or orange-red haircolors and dyes.

Permanent Orange Hair Dye and Top Brands

You are tired of temporary, semi or demi permanent haircolors or dyes, you can go for permanent ones. Some of the good orange colored permanent hair dyes include the following:

  • Simply Bright Atomic Orange- Permanent
  • Berina Permanent Hair Dye Color Cream #A19 Golden Orange
  • Loquay Semi-Permanent

Temporary  Orange Hair Dye and Best Brands

For people who want to have orange hair for a short while, like a day or two, they can for temporary dyes and sprays that come in this color such as:

  • Kryolan Bright Orange UV Blacklight AquaColor Temporary Hair
  • Orange Temporary Haircolor Spray

Neon Orange Hairdye

Neon orange is a good choice if you want hilarious looking haircolor. Going for dyes such as Mani Panic Electric Lava (Screaming neon orange) will ensure you get the much-admired neon-orange looks

Orange Red/Red Orange  Hair Dye/Color  and Top brands

Would you like to try red-orange or orange red, some of the best dyes in the market that will make you achieve this color include the following:

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  • La Riche Directions Tangerine
  • La Riche Directions Coral Red
  • Manic Panic Classic Semi Permanent Electric Tiger Lily (Reddish-orange)

Bright Orange Haircolor and Dye and Top Brands

If you want bright orange hair dye looks, you have a number of best haircolors and dyes that give you stunning looks. Some of some dyes you should consider include the following:

  • La Riche Directions  Apricot Semi Permanent Hair Dye  (bright vivid-orange)
  • Crazy Color Semi Permanent – Mandarin (Bright Screaming-Orange)
  • Dawn Orange Haircolor Rinse from Stargazer (Almost Pastel-Orange)
  • Crazy Color Semi Permanent

Burnt Orange Haircolor or Dye

If you are looking for this hair dye color, consider going for Crazy Color Semi Permanent – Coral Red (Flame Orange-Red). It will give you dazzling looks.

How to Apply Orange Hair Dye

Orange hair dyes are applied just like any other dyes or haircolors in the market. Depending on the brand, you have selected and whether it is a permanent, temporary or semi permanent hair dye, you will get directions on how to apply it from the manufactures. See more on general tips, secrets, tricks and ideas on how to apply hair dye.

Covering Orange Hair – Brassy Looks, Darkening or Neutralizing

After using orange hair dye, you might want to cover it, darken it or neutralize this color. There are many ways to go about it. Here are the common ways:

Neutralize Orange – If you have dyed your hair orange and you need to cover it, it is advisable to go for a darker haircolor such as  brown hairdyes to help neutralized the warm tones found in orange haircolors. Brown dyes with cool tones(purple, violet, green, blue, etc.) will be ideal( use together with 10-volume hydrogen peroxide to help the dye stick to hair roots without lifting it). A warm brown haircolor will result to warm tones that could create brown-orange haircolor you might not want.

Bleaching and Dying – Secondly, if your hair can tolerate it, you can bleach it before applying the haircolor you want. Bleaching will not be ideal for people who have damaged hair. Ensure professional or stylists advise you on the condition of your hair. If you cannot bleach it, go for demi permanent hair colors and dyes, as they are less harsh and can help restore your haircolor.

Use Correction Toner – There are many hair toners, which can help in neutralizing a certain color you do not want. Go for a complimentary color if you want to neutralize the shade of orange you have.

Shampoos and conditioners – Combining specialized shampoos and conditioners designed for removing brassiness after lightening your hair is another temporary approach you can opt for.  Get brands such as ‘debrassing,’ blue dye based shampoos, etc will be of help.

Tip – Generally, to remove brassiness from orange haircolor, you need to go for hairdyes that are two shades darker than your current haircolor. Those free of red will remove brassiness while going for warm hair dyes, you will get golden hair effect.

Note – People who have brown hair will tend to get brassy orange looks when they lighten their hair using hydrogen peroxide. To get rid of this, you need to neutralize either using any of the above methods.

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