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How to Stop Hair Breakage – Best Ways to Stop Severe, Extreme, Black African American and Natural Hair Breakages

Are you looking for ways on how to stop hair breakage, we will comprehensively and in the most detailed way cover various ways and options to go for. However, if you are looking for How to Stop Hair Breakage , it is possible to stop it immediately or instantly without any further bother. However, to know how to go about it, the first step will knowing what causes it to break off. Once you are sure, you can deal with it, and thus eliminate it. While discussing the various ways on how to stop hair breakage, since we might not know what actually causes yours, we are going to look at all the possible ways to stop this nuisance and you go with whatever will be able to deal with the cause in your special case.

Stop Using Hair Colorings and Hair Dyes

So, how do you stop hair breakages form coloring? If you have established that the cause is hair dyes and colorings, it is time you considered not to use any these products completely. Most of them contain harsh chemicals especially the hydroxyl ions and peroxides, which can affect it. Furthermore, if you have to use them, opt for temporary hair dyes or natural hair colorings that are unlikely to cause any damage to your hair.  To some people hair-dyes often cause severe hair breakages.

Stop Processing Your Hair with Chemicals

It is not only the dying that is harmful but also the various hair processing and styling products. Chemical straighteners, relaxers and any non-natural hair processing or styling can break your hair’s natural bonds and recreate others according to Dr. Jessica Krant, board certified dermatologist and founder of , “This is a serious chemical reaction that can be caustic and damaging to the scalp and follicles themselves. After several years of processing, some women lose the ability to grow hair permanently.” Not using chemicals is a way on how to stop hair from breaking that should be embraced by everyone.

If you have to perm or color it, ensure you do it after a long duration of time i.e. perm it after 8 weeks or process it after it has gained at least 2.54cm.  To make it look great, “…continuously pretreat you hair to keep it healthy and shinning in between perming or relaxing treatment,” according to [wikihow].

Reduce Flat Iron, Blow Drying and Heat Processing

If you want to be successful in stopping hair breakage, you deserve to know that flat iron, excessive heat processing can be harmful. “If you continue to go over the same piece of hair with a straightener you’re going to eventually cause bad breakage,” [Skin Rules]. Curling irons will cause a similar impact.

You can stop hair breakage immediately by not using any heat processing method since heat damages your hair strands, dries them and create air bubbles by boiling. This can make it to lose sheen, damage follicles and reduce its vibrancy. As Dr, Krant notes, “so no sitting under dryers, ladies! If you must use a hair dryer, only dry the middle third of the shaft, avoiding heat on your roots and tips.”

Proper Hair Styling

Some hairstyles are known to be too tight and might cause receding hairline as well as breakage. Stay away from ponytails, tight braids and buns. Traction force exerted by such styling can lead to hair loss, breakage, damage and a receding hairline. If you have to stop hair breakage, you must ensure you do not apply too much mechanical pressure since it leads to mechanical breakages.

Protect Your Hair from Direct Sunlight

Too much exposure to sun can cause hair breakages afterwards. This is why you often notice it breaking off after summer i.e. during fall. Going for SPF hair sprays, wearing hats when going to the sun will be a great way on how to stop hair from breaking you should try. UV light from the sun is known to weaken or damage bonds and weaken your hair strands.

Avoid Messing Your Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can cause temporary hair damage. It is advisable to ensure that you do not mess up with them. One area that can destabilize your hormones is the use of contraceptive pills.  Dr. Krant advices women to, “Consult carefully with your doctor before starting a new birth control pill if you already have thin hair and don’t want to make it worse.” In fact, most women not only start seeing their hair breaking but also thinning when they start using contraceptive pills.

Use Hair Boosting Supplements

If you are suffering from severe hair breakage, you should consider supplements. According to Dr. Alex Khadavi of , he says that “Studies have shown that large doses help support healthier looking, beautiful strands with no side effects.” Ensure you go about 2 to 3 grams gelatin supplements to ensure your locks look vibrant, are stronger and healthier.

Try Best Shampoo to Stop Hair Breakage

The shampoos you are using could have a positive effect on your hair. Go for specialized shampoos that help in stopping hair breakage.  Some of the best shampoos for hair breakage include the following:

  • Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner
  • Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Fortifying Shampoo
  • Redken – Diamond Oil Shampoo
  • TRESemmé Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner system

These are not the only shampoos that can help in stopping hair breakage. There are many others. However, ensure you read reviews, customer feed and see how they are rated.  Occasionally, you could try the clarifying shampoos such as Neutrogena Anti-Residue clarifying shampoo as they could be of much help on removing any product build-up in your hair that could cause breakages. However, be very gentle.

Furthermore, conditioners that have vitamin E will help in strengthening it if used together with a good moisturizing shampoo.

Other Ways On How to Stop Hair Breakage

All the above ways on how to stop hair breakage are definitely very important. However, more ways you could embrace to help you include:

Eat a Balanced Diet – having a balanced diet is a great way of stopping hair breakage. Eat foods with lots of iron, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, beta-carotene, biotin, among other vital ingredients.

Manage Excessive Stress – Excessive stress can not only cause hair loss but also make it to start breaking off. Get best ways to manage your stress (ways to calm yourself down) and ensure it is a routine. Stress has many other harmful effects to your body.

Relaxers and Perms – Further on how to stop hair from breaking, ensure stay away relaxers and perms. This weakens and makes it very vulnerable.

How to Stop Black Hair Breakage – African American Hair

Although the ways to stop hair from breaking can be applied to any type of hair, we decided to give ways on how to stop hair breakage in African American hair. This is because this hair is characteristically different and might need extreme care if you are to avoid breakages since this it is very fragile and the weakest of all types. Some of the best ways on how stop black hair breakage include the following:

  • Ensure you do not comb it when it is still wet. Hair is weakest and most fragile when it is when and if you comb it with a fine hairbrush, it will fall off. The most “ideal state to comb is when it’s saturated with conditioner”, [about.com] as brushing it when it is wet might stretch beyond its elastic limits and it is bound to snap.
  • Condition and shampoo it regularly, after 2 to 3 days using organic products only.
  • Using a protein based conditioner, deep condition it for about 60 minutes while wearing a cap or for 20 minutes under a dryer, using great products such as Organics Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise.
  • Going on with ways on how to stop hair breakage in African American hair breakage, moisturize it. To do so, use Organic olive, coconut oil or shea butter.
  • Avoid using the No-Lye Relaxers, as “No-lye relaxers tend to strip the hair completely of its natural moisture, causing it to become dry, brittle, and then no more” [eBay].
  • Minimize hair treatments, glued-in extensions (or any styling that tugs it), tight braids, cornrows, gel and hair hairstyling. This will reduce stressing it.
  • Lubricate your black hair before you begin to detangle and be carefully to avoid too much stress. At night, wrap it to stop tangling. A few oil olive drops at night can help in conditioning it.
  • Keep it moisturized and deep conditioned, especially after use of chemical relaxers, heat treatments or stressful hairstyles.
  • Wash it at least once a week whenever possible to help unclog pore on your scalp.
  • Avoid sulfate containing products (strip natural oils), alcohols, silicones or glycols (cause hare dying).

Home Remedies to Stop Hair Breakages

Other than the above ways to stop hair breakage, we have also covered comprehensively the home remedy to stop hair breakage that will also be of much help to you.

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