How to Fix Dry Hair, Moisturize, Best Dry Hair Masks & Fixing Damaged Dry Hair Quickly
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How to Fix Dry Hair, Moisturize, Best Dry Hair Masks & Fixing Damaged Dry Hair Quickly

How to fix dry hair is a solution sought by all as dry hair is dreadful. This article will look at how to fix dry and damaged hair, including how to moisturize. The best masks in the market will covered as well.

Everyone has bad hair days, and if you have dry hair most often than not they occur very frequently. Dandruff problems are also very common with those with dry hair. The rough, brittle, crispy feeling on your ends can leave you worried about the health of your hair. The weather has a lot to do with it. Though we cannot help the weather, it does not necessarily mean that your hair has to live the rest of its natural life in hiding.

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How to Fix Dry Hair

Principally, dry hair is a condition that needs understanding and patience. There are no easy quick fixes regardless of what the product commercials on television claim. You should take a time out to effectively deal with the problem and there is absolutely no room for panic.

Dry Hair

You should change your diet to suit the needs of your hair. Eat a diet that is high in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Be sure to take foods rich in protein and fatty acids. That is, eat more fish and nuts, which are known to bring back that soft rich luster that we all love so much. Foods rich in vitamins help toward repairing hair breakage from the inside out.

Handling also plays a role in fixing dry hair. Avoid pulling or twisting your hair when drying it as dry hair is very brittle and can break easily. Avoid styling dry hair, as it is sure to bring about massive breakage. Get your hair trimmed regularly prevent split ends from going up the hair shaft to the roots. It is a good idea to have split ends trimmed on a regular basis. This creates room for the growth of fresh healthy hair.

You can also use homemade treatments to fix it. There is no end to the recipes available to treat dry hair. One widely used home remedy is a hot oil treatment. This treatment is great for many things, however is perfect for hair breakage. However, you should be certain of home treatments as they can cause even more damage to your hair.

Avoid hair driers and hot irons, as they tend to fry your hair and make it even more fragile. Try using rollers instead or if necessary use you drier on the lowest heat setting. You can also try to add shine to your hair using a few drops of mineral oil. This will bring back the soft texture and luster to your hair.

How to Fix Dry Damaged Hair

Having dry hair is bad enough, when it is damaged it is terrifying. First, you have to wash it right. Make sure that your shampoo contains extra protein to repair the damage. Further, get a protein boost. These treatments help moisten dry hair and repair damaged hair by getting to the base of the cuticle. Note that they vary according to the extent of damage to your hair.

You should quit shampooing your hair regularly. Weekly or once every ten days would be fine shampooing on your hair. Contrary to popular belief, doing this will not make your hair appear oily or dirty.

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How to Moisturize Dry Hair

How to Fix Dry Hair, Moisturize and Best Masks for Dry Hair

Dry hair does not have enough moisture in it thus making it tough and brittle. By not moisturizing, a bad situation gets worse. There are many ways of moisturizing dry hair.

Pre-shampoo treatment is the first method. This treatment makes washes easier and faster by softening the hair before washing with shampoo. The process is also beneficial to those of us with dry hair as it drastically reduces breakage while moisturizing hair at the same time.

Start incorporating hot oil treatments to your weekly hair treatment if your ends are rough, brittle and crispy.  Incorporating the hot oil treatment before shampooing, gives your hair a boost of moisture before cleansing.  In particular, hot oil treatments add shine, body and softness to the hair.

If you do not deep condition after each shampoo, you are truly missing out on the wonderful benefits this process does for your hair. Deep Conditioning will moisturize, strengthen, and prevent split ends.

Use the baggy method to deal with the stubborn split ends. Moisturize the ends only with your brand of mask and cover them with sandwich bags for 30 minutes. The ends will be free from tangles and be more manageable.

Best Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Hair masks are a perfect way to restore the lost moisture and shine in hair. While some prefer to make homemade masks, if you do not have the time for that, you can always buy the best hair mask for dry hair and carry it with you to your hair stylist.

The best hair mask for dry hair at home is the coconut pack.  It is rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamin B and C, zinc, potassium and iron, coconut will definitely prove to be one of the best treatments for dry hair ever. Invest in a jar of extra virgin coconut oil and simply apply it on your hair whenever you know that your hair is going through a lot of stress (harsh cold weather, blazing heat) or when you notice that your standard hair care needs an upgrade. Work the oil into your hair section-by-section, massaging deep it into your scalp. Leave it on hair for 15 to 20 minutes then, rinse off.

This hair mask is easy and inexpensive therefore it is accessible to most women. Dry hair is almost impossible to avoid and can test you to the limit. Sulking or giving up does not help the situation in any way and of course, it is no excuse for not looking good. However, if you must buy here is a list of some of the best hair masks for dry hair out there-:

  • Neutrogena Tripple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask
  • Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque
  • Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner
  • Kerastase Masque Age Recharge
  • Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Anti-Breakage Treatment Mask
  • John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Conditioner
  • Rene Furterer Repairing After-Sun Mask with Palm Butter
  • Davines NOUNOU Hair Mask
  • Redken Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask

These are not the only best hair masks for hair that is dry you will find in the market. There are many others that are equally good.

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