Causes of Dry Hair, Extremely Dry, Dry Brittle, Damaged & Very Dry Hair Ends – Dry Hair Causes
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Causes of Dry Hair, Extremely Dry, Dry Brittle, Damaged & Very Dry Hair Ends – Dry Hair Causes

Dry hair is common among people with dry skin. Although, there are several factors that lead to hair being dry. This is information on the common causes. Besides, the severity of dryness on hair is explored.

It is a fact that dry hair looks awful and unhealthy. While it can occur in men, women and children, it should be no cause of alarm. In most cases, the dryness can be treated easily at home, in hospital or using over the counter hair products from reputable stores. Comprehensive dry hair treatment may involve a change in lifestyle including what you eat and how you handle it. Sometimes it may be difficult to identify if your hair is dry. Here is information to enable you do just that with ease so that you can treat it before damaging it further.

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What Is Dry Hair?

Dry Hair Causes – Dry Brittle, Extremely, Dry Damaged and Dry Ends

“Dry hair is simply hair that doesn’t have much oil in it. Hair follicles are connected to sebaceous glands, which release sebum or oil onto the hair shaft” ( When there is no oil being released to the hair shaft, it tends to have a drying effect and sometimes may split or break. Hair can have oil only if there is a healthy scalp fostered by good nutrition.

Extremely Dry Hair

In severe cases, hair may be extremely dry. It is in such situations there is usually an underlying medical condition. Extremely dry hair unfortunately, can be treated by first treating the condition that is identifiable by a physician. Such conditions include thyroid disease where the parathyroid hormone produces a low level of calcium in the blood. The result of that becomes very dry hair.

Similarly, people with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa may have extremely dry hair. They fear of gaining weight has a major side effect of dry brittle hair. If you are underfed, you may also easily have dry hair.

In another scenario, hair may be extremely dry when the doctor identifies the menkes kinky disease, a condition of the hair. This is a genetic condition where the body cells are unable to absorb copper. Copper plays a major role in ensuring that hair shafts have enough oil in them.

If you try all the methods of dry hair treatment without success, it is advisable to see a doctor to assess you further. You could be suffering from a medical condition that can only be treated on close observation and prescription medicine.

Dry Damaged Hair – Caring for it

If you discover that you have dry damaged hair, you should change the way you care for it immediately. Regular shampooing should be avoided as it derives your hair its natural oils. For starters, do not rush for the products out there in the market. See your hair stylist and discuss the way forward. The stylist may find it suitable to trim your hair so that it can grow afresh and healthy.

The stylist may also recommend the best shampoos with extra proteins for your damaged hair. He or she can also determine the mildest shampoo for your hair type. Further still, the best conditioner to use on your hair after shampooing. Some styling tools such as hot irons and hair dryers may not be used on you because they cause further damage.

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Hairsprays and mousses may also not be ideal for your dry damaged hair. Therefore, you may have to reduce or eliminate their use altogether. Combing your hair should be done with wide-soft bristled combs as thin bristles pressure the hair to break.

Dry Hair Causes – What Causes Dry Hair

Dry Hair Causes Extremely

  • Dry hair is caused by various factors one being diet. If you are not eating the right nutrients in your food including proteins and vitamins, you may experience dry coarse hair. As a result, you should ensure that you eat vitamins in plenty and proteins not only from meat, but also plants in order to maintain healthy hair. Furthermore, for a healthy scalp you should ensure a balanced diet at all times since malnourishment shows in the hair.
  • If you are used to styling your hair with tools set at high temperatures, you may cause not only damage to your hair, but also make it dry. Talk to your stylist if you have dry hair so that other styling tools, and at low heat can be used on you.
  • Bleaching or dyeing hair is another cause. Some dyes remove the essential oils from your hair leaving it dry. Ensure you are using the right highlights for your hair without deriving it oil.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water also causes hair to dry. Swimming in salty water frequently is also not advisable. If you have to swim, shampoo your hair well after that.
  • Perming regularly, using chemicals that deplete essential oils from hair.
  • Your hair may dry because of spending too much time under the sun. Use a hat or bandanna as cover when outdoors in summer.
  • Too much, wind blowing on your hair.

Dry Brittle Hair Causes

Dry brittle hair causes are the same as those of dry hair. However, it is a major indicator of hair loss beginning. These are the common causes

  • iron deficiency Dry Hair Causes – Dry Damaged and Dry Ends
  • hyperthyroidism
  • allergies
  • dirty scalp
  • Lack of good exercise and enough sleep
  • Poor nutrition

Dry Hair Ends- Untangling Them

If you have dry ends, here is what you can do to untangle them.

  • Trim the dry hair ends or have a professional stylist to do it for you.
  • Shampoo your hair with hydrating shampoos specially made for dry hair instead of using the ordinary brands. Shampoo a little. Follow each shampoo session with a conditioner for dry hair. Alternatively, use a leave in conditioner, which will moisturize the dry hair ends without necessarily making the scalp greasy. Comb the hair strands in easy strides working from the root shafts to the ends.
  • Mayonnaise is a greasy home remedy that can untangle the ends with ease. Apply generously to the ends once a week and cover with a shower cap. Leave this treatment for utmost 10 minutes before rinsing off.

You can easily avoid dry hair by eating a healthy diet, exercising and avoiding some heat styles. If your hair becomes dry, seek the help of a professional stylist to treat the dryness effectively with suitable products.

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