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Great First Date Ideas – Cool Ideas, Awesome and Casual

There are many great first date ideas, cool, casual and awesome first date ideas. These could end up confusing someone on deciding which the best is. Below we split them into great, cool, awesome and casual first date ideas. With these subdivisions, making a choice should not be so hard.

Great First Date Ideas

Coffee date:  Coffee dates are quite popular for first dates. They provide for time to be together and have great conversation potential. Since there is not much to draw away attention from both of you, you concentrate and talk more. This gives room for both of you to know each other much better.

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Nature walk: Strolling along the beach or in the woods helps one to appreciate nature. Walking in the moonlight is also gives such a spectacular view. Take a walk as you talk to help know each other. Wrap it up by visiting a coffee shop.

Art galleries: There are different artistic talents lying within us that are undiscovered. Visiting an art gallery helps appreciate art as expressed in various forms. The work displayed is likely to evokesome feelings from us which will be then expressed as we talk. As we get to share what we think about them, we interact more with our dates. This offers a chance for the two to know each other.

Shopping malls: These have a wide variety of services that can be combined to have a date with more than one activity. Getting involved in these activities helps in opening up and learning about each other’s lifestyle. From their criticism of any live performance that you may have watched, you get to know what kind of music they like. While strolling around moving from one point of the mall to the next, the points serve as conversation starters. The multiple activities you engage in help to fill up the time you plan to spend on a date. It is also possible to control the direction that the date takes. If after one activity there is nothing common amongst the two of you, the date can be brought to an end after it. Where a connection exists, you can stay as long as you may have wanted.

Carnival: Head to the festivities and as you mingle with others, get to know each other.  If there are any winning ticket chances, be sure to get engaged in them by purchasing some.

Tour a factory: Choose a factory of whichever type located near you and get to learn how things are done. From previous conversations, you may have learnt that she loves making cookies. Take her to the cookie store in town. This way you both get to learn new techniques and taste their cookies too. Just make prior arrangements with the organization to see what will be required of you. As you are taken on a tour of the plant, you learn about each other by the way interactions with the guards and questions to them are undertaken. We also get to share what we think about the whole process.

Hot air balloons: This falls on the expensive first dates’ list but is a great one. While riding it you get to see things from a different angle. As you remain suspended in the air there is so much you could talk about. Taking with you something to drink would be great. If not, have it ready by the time you hit the ground.

Horseback riding: riding horses gives the two of you an opportunity to make equal strides while being at each other’s side. This way you get to watch nature as you engage in a conversation.

Aquariums: Anyone who loves water creatures will be impressed by this date. The variety of water life available in aquariums provides for great talking points.

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Sporting events: These would be perfect if you share love for a certain game. Look out for upcoming games around you and attend the event. Remember the main aim is to pay attention to your date as opposed to the game. Do not be too engrossed in the match that you forget to chat your date up.

Cool First Date Ideas

Breakfast: Despite experts telling us that this is the most important meal of the day, a number of people tend to skip it or substitute it with brunch.

Breakfast is a cool date idea and one can be themselves as they take it. This is as opposed to official dinners where one is expected to follow a certain code of conduct.

Stand up Paddleboard: Stand up paddle boarding gives for contemplative conversations. This is quite fun and can get the two of you to learn from each other as it is refreshing, humbling and induces laughter.

With the concentration on what you are doing and taking caution not to fall, those silent moments will not mostly be as a result of failure to talk but preventing one from falling and thus less obvious.

Shooting range:  Firing guns has a lot of potential to debatable conversation. This way it sparks consistent exchange of ideas. If one of you has some skills, giving the other some tips will be great.

Awesome First Date Ideas

Sunset picnics: Watching the changing environment as the changing lighting intensity has an effect on it is such an amazing thing. As the sun peeks over the horizon, the world awakens. Having to share this beats the evening dinner. The food is light and setting right for you to be yourselves. There is no trying to fit in to the setting; it flows naturally.

Off peak first date venues:  Some places are best suited to visit while other people are not thinking of doing so. The zoos are rarely booming with scores of people during winter. Going for a date there means you will be among very few other people. You will get to watch the animals being more active since they need to keep warm.

In the same breath, visiting Disney land during off season means that you don’t get to wait on queues for any rides. You enjoy yourselves to the maximum while getting to know each other.

Having such huge places almost to only a few of you would be great. Plus you do not have to worry about how many people are noticing the awkward moments you are having.

Casual First Date Ideas

If you want to have a casual first date, trying out the following:

  • A Coffee shop
  • Lunch at a simple café
  • Bowling competition
  • A pool or snooker game
  • Bird watching
  • cycling

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