Dry Feet Causes, Extremely Dry, Very, Rough, Diabetes, How to Fix, Moisturize Dry Feet
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Dry Feet Causes, Extremely Dry, Very, Rough, Diabetes, How to Fix, Moisturize Dry Feet

Do you have rough and dry feet? Learn what causes extremely dry feet.  In addition, find out how to fix rough and dry feet with moisturizers made at home and those bought in your nearest drugstores.

Dry Feet – Cracked

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Dry feet are a turn off in bed especially if you are sharing it with your spouse.  You keep avoiding rubbing your feet on him or her because their roughness can even hurt the skin. While in bed, you remain chary of your extremely dry feet and cannot do anything as a couple. Without romance in bed and playing around with your partner, your marriage or relationship can dwindle.  Instead of waiting for that to happen, you should try to find solutions for your feet that are dry.

It is not possible to find a cure for dry feet without establishing the cause. You have to know what is causing you to have feet that are dry so that you can either change it, or cure it if it is an illness or disorder. Finding the cause of your dry feet may require booking an appointment with a podiatrist or dermatologist. However, the best suited specialist to understand what could be ailing your feet is a podiatrist. Before you book an appointment find out be making you have feet that are dry, what are the causes of extremely dry feet and what is it you can do about it at home? Find out shortly.

Causes of Dry Feet

You may wonder what causes dry feet in your case, but the answer could be in something you are most familiar with in your day-to- day activities.  I will ask you in form of questions and if you can answer yes to any of these, then you have your dry feet cause. Some of these causes of dry feet may require you to have blood tests done by doctors to rule out if you have any of the conditions highlighted.

  1. Do you walk barefoot in the house?
  2. Do you wear sandals, flip-flops or any open shoe at the heel most of the time?
  3. Do you moisturize your feet heels each time you take a shower or bath?
  4. Do you use hot water to shower or bath?
  5. Do you do a lot of standing at your job?
  6. Do you walk on damp surfaces often?
  7. Do your use maximum heat setting on your air con during winter?
  8. Are you overweight?
  9. Do you suffer from diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, thyroid disease or circulatory difficulties?
  10. Not all your shoes fit well because you have no space for your toes to move about and the heels are never comfortable they keep moving excessively.
  11. Do you have a deficiency in iron, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Zinc or all of these nutrients deficiencies that cause dry feet?

Extremely Dry Feet or Very Dry Feet Cure Just Right Moisture

Dry Feet

You suffer from very dry feet because that part of the skin has no oil glands unlike the skin on your face, arms, legs and the rest of the body. The heels of your feet also tend to be very hard as they hold the whole body. This is why when you do not moisturize as often and soak them often you will suffer from dry cracked feet. These are unsightly and should be avoided at all costs.

You cannot avoid extremely dry feet if you are not willing to add up moisture to your feet. By moisture, it means it should be just enough and not too much. As we have seen above, too much moisture causes your feet to dry, the reason you should avoid damp surfaces without proper shoes.

Adding moisture to your very dry feet takes having footbaths regularly for a maximum of 15 minutes and not anything more than that. This ensures that the skin on the feet becomes plump enough so that you can be able to exfoliate excessive dry skin on the feet.

You should soak your feet that are dry in warm water and not hot, as hot water also has a drying effect. The exfoliation should also be gentle with a cloth or pumice stone. Do not use a pumice stone if your feet that are dry have pain. You could cause more harm than good.

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A daily soak in water adding ¼-cup vinegar of lemon juice is just enough to ease your extremely dry feet after a week and a half. If you want to add any essential oil to your lemon water, even the better for the 10 minutes soak. If you do not have 10 minutes each day, make it 15 minutes each week and follow the soak with moisturizing with a lotion or cream.

Rough Dry Feet and Cracked

Rough and Cracked

Feet that is very dry if left unattended may become rough. Rough dry feet are also known as cracked feet. These have linear like cuts on the heels that extend on the top layer of the skin. Sometimes, these cuts can get deeper especially in people who are fond of walking barefoot.

When the cuts are deep, they tend to give your dry feet a rough feeling. Such that when you touch with your hands and rub your feet on your legs, it feels like you are running a sharp object on the delicate skin. The best way to fix rough feet that are dry is to avoid walking barefoot and to clean the feet in a soak each day.

After the soak, you can use the following pastes to treat the rough feet that are dry and leave the paste on for one hour:

  • Papaya pulp mixed with lemon juice
  • A blend of coconut flesh mixed with avocado
  • Mashed ripe banana

Apart from applying any of these pastes, use melted paraffin wax mixed with organic coconut oil to moisturize each night. Wear cotton made socks to lock in the moisture from these blend of oils for 4 hour or throughout the night.

Dry Feet Diabetes Time to See Your Doctor

If you have feet that are dry and suffer from diabetes, you may want to see your doctor to monitor the home remedies you use on your feet. He or she may also give you advice on how well to take care of your dry feet diabetes. Furthermore, you may require special footwear for diabetics, which the doctor can recommend to ease the dryness on your feet. Do not attempt to scrub too hard your feet as any small injury could become terminal.

Dry Feet Mask

How to Fix Dry Feet with Hydrating your Body

As much as feet that are dry are caused by walking barefoot and not applying moisturizers on your feet, they can also be caused by dehydration. Therefore, if you want everything your doing for dry feet to work from the soaks, home remedy pastes and moisturizers, ensure you drink a substantial amount of water.

Your body requires a minimum of 2 liters per day, which equal to eight glasses. If you do not love drinking water much, just make sure it is warm and add some lemon juice for flavor. That way, you will manage the 2 liters and ensure that you detoxify your body in the process.

How to Moisturize Dry Feet Deeply

Moisturizing feet does not have to be after thought if you have dry feet. You have to do it generously and deeply. You may have to sit down on a chair and place your right leg over your left thigh so that you can reach your right foot. Apply moisturizer on the heels while avoiding in between the toes. Getting moisture in between your toes can give you athlete’s foot. When you are sure all the areas on your heels have a generous application of moisture alternate to the other foot.

If this exercise is too much for you, you can pour some moisturizer on a flat tray, big enough to accommodate one or both feet. Step on the tray and ensure that the moisture gets on the heels. Place a towel aside on the floor and step on it to remove excess moisturizer.

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  • Note: remember to moisturize your feet two times a day, in the morning and evening or each time you take a warm shower.

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