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First Date Gifts, Makeup, Jokes & Jitters

Which first date gifts will be ideal? Would flowers on first date be ideal? How do you do makeup for a first date? What about first date jitters, jokes and friends first date? There are many first date components to be considered before stepping out to go out on any date you must know.

Whether male or female, one is bound to have something they are not sure about. Men may wonder if they are obliged to gift their dates or if this would be too soon. Women too may be wondering if they should wear makeup or not. Below we discuss these and more issues which if handled well will help make your first date memorable.

First Date Gifts

Giving out gifts on a first date is not mandatory. Since you barely know each other, you can skip it for future dates if there will be any.

In case you decide to go for a first date gift, be sure to follow the first date gift protocol:

  • Let it be thoughtful. The main aim should be to show that you care. Avoid any gifts that assume anything about her.
  • Keep it simple. A bouquet of roses at dinner will be excessive as she will have nowhere to keep them but a single stem at her doorstep when you go to pick her will be appropriate.
  • The gift should not be too expensive. Buying very expensive gifts may be seen as a show off.

If during your previous conversations she has shared something she loves, you can buy it for her. These include things such as chocolates or more personalized ones such as a CD of her favorite musician. Avoid bringing things such as jewelry, perfumes and gifts for her family members.

Where one is going for a blind date, it would be most appropriate to delay the gift up to the second date.  Whether you decide to give her one or not, remember that the success of the date will not be measured by the gift. Work on other areas to make it memorable.

First Date Flowers

Given that gifts of any kind are not a must, if you decide to take flowers to her on the first date, these would only be appropriate if you are picking her. Avoid taking a whole bouquet of flowers to her though. These would be too much too soon. Instead, go for a single bloom stem. An elegant but simple sheaf would also be great.

Giving someone flowers indicates that you like them. You should therefore not bring flowers to a blind date. With that information, which flowers then are most suitable? Roses are quite a lovely and most women love them. You will rarely go wrong with them. Take a red or pink rose to her. Avoid yellow since she could interpret it to mean that you are only out to seek her friendship.

First Date Makeup

While on a first date, what we wear plays a role in forming the first impression that we create on our dates.

To complement one’s outfit, it is necessary to wear some makeup. To ensure you look good and not overdone,

  • Apply makeup that flatters your skin tone
  • Ensure it compliments your eye color
  • It should go well with your dressing

While applying makeup, one should avoid going extreme. Glitters and any other dramatic makeup styles should be avoided. Let the makeup not compete for attention with other of your physical elements. It should only be applied subtly to enhance your looks.

Since a lot of eye contact is likely to be made, avoid colored shadows. If you can, use nude or earth toned ones. This will retain a natural look.

First Date Jitters

The nervousness and anticipation of meeting up will send the dates some jitters. To take care of first date jitters before the meet up comes, try applying these ideas and see if they can work for you:

  • Take a nap. While you do so, the brain takes a rest and there is no time to think about the coming event. This helps cool the nerves.
  • Do yoga. The physical exercise will boost your confidence while the silent environment helps to relieve the stress.
  • Listen to some feel good music as you get ready for the date.
  • Choose what you will wear well in advance and ensure it looks and feels comfortable.

First Date Jokes

Every person has their own sense of humor. With the awkwardness that is always evident on the first date, a genuine laugh or smile may be hard to come by.

If you are humorous, you could take advantage of this and make your date memorable. Crack the jokes you know will make her laugh based on previous interactions.

While at it, do not try too hard to make them laugh. If they don’t find what you are saying funny, just drop it.  Avoid stereotype jokes to avoid hurting her. Also keep off religious, racial and political jokes. The last thing you want your date to think of you as is discriminatory.

Friends First Dating

Of all dates, first dates for friends must be the ones in which those involved have the easiest time. Friends are usually close to each other and there is a possibility that they already know a lot about each other. This may be the basis for their attraction.

To make her feel special so that she can be ready to get out of the friend zone, give her all the attention she deserves. Also make sure you maintain eye contact.

It is likely that the confidence that comes with prior knowledge of each other may lead to flirting and touchy-feely incidences on friends’ first dating. If this happens, do not let things get out of hand.  Learn when to stop unless that was your main aim of getting together.

While friends first dating may have great prospects as a result of the already established relationship, a lot of caution should be taken when navigating it. If things go wrong on this first date, there is a possibility that the friendship will cease. Approach the date in the best way possible so that in case you realize that things can’t work between the two of you, you remain friends.

Avoid being hasty and you are likely to end the date in a great way.

Having covered the various aspects in dating, it is now upon each individual to do their part to see to it that the date ends in the best way possible. If no more dates come by, let it not be as a result of lack of dating etiquette. Let failure for kickoff be as a result of other underlying issues such as incompatibility.

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