Red Eyes in Photos – Causes, Prevention and How to Fix Red Eye Pictures
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Red Eyes in Photos – Causes, Prevention and How to Fix Red Eye Pictures

Again, another offbeat topic on red eyes, I found this area of red eyes in photos, causes as well as how to fix red eyes in photos and pictures quite thrilling. You do not want to be assuming to be having red eyes eye it is just your photo. Furthermore, red eyes in photos gives you a vampire look as your eye biology and light behaviors interacts. Some of the questions, which will be answered in this discussion, include the following:

Red Eye Photos - Causes and How to Fix Red Eye Pictures Why do I get red eyes in my photos always?

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  • What causes red eye in photos – why do my eyes look red in pictures?
  • Why are some people prone to red eye in pictures than others?
  • How do I fix red eye in my digital photos?
  • What are the ways to prevent red eyess in photos?
  • What photography tips can help reduce red eyes?

These are not the only questions that will be answers; you will learn a lot much more on photography and red pupils or eyes.

Causes of Red Eye in Pictures and Photography

As I was sorting digital pictures on my laptop, I noticed that some of my friends have red eyes on pictures yet in real sense, they do not have red eyes. I also noticed red eyes in some of my own personal pictures.  This triggered me to find out what causes red eye in photos and photography and how can they be fixed. I guess this problem bothers many people who use digital camera and it happens more when you take photos in poor lighting conditions or at night, which makes your pupil to dilate more.

According to, red pupil in pictures appears when you take flash pictures or photographs. As they say, “the camera produces a big burst of light to illuminate the subject and that burst of light goes in through the open pupil of the subject, and bounces off the back of the eye” from the blood rich surface inside the known as choroid on the retina. It is this blood rich tissue or layer known that gives the light reflected back the color reddish (color of blood). This happens so abruptly, the eye pupil does not have enough time to contract and therefore you will have red eye on pupils.

Although the human eye is adapted to regulate amount of eye that enters the pupil, if it happens so abruptly, the eye might not be able to contract or expand accordingly to accommodate more or less light. You are most likely to have red eyes when your pupil is dilated, when a camera has a built-in flash, and when the camera lens is at the same level as your eye pupil. One common misconception that people have is the red eye color in pictures is influenced with the eye color you have.

Why Are Some People Prone to Red Eyes In Photos than Others?

Red Eye Photos - How to Fix Red Eye Pictures How to Fix Red Eye Pictures

We have seen what causes red eyes in photos and pictures. One of the concerns many people often have is why some people are more prone to reddish eye in pictures than others are. This depends of the eye features and photo taking exercise. The flash light produced might not penetrate someone’s eye enough and to be reflected by the choroid while it does for the other person. Furthermore, people who have been found with a thick epithelium might soak some of the light produced by flash and this might make them not to have red eyes in photos.  This explains why albinos tend to have red eyes in photos as opposed to non-albinos.

Your eye properties can also influence whether you will have red eyes or not. If you have a wider pupil, you have a higher likelihood of having red eyes in photos that those who have narrower pupils. Of course, a valid question you might have is why children tend to have red eyes in pictures than adults. This happens because children have a higher adaptation to darkness; this makes them to be affected by red eyes during photography than adults. Animals such as cats, dogs and deer have a highly reflective tapetum lucidum, which makes their eyes to appear red. Human beings do not have this reflective tissue in their retinas.

How to Fix Red Eyes – Photo editing and Red Eye Removal

Red Eyes in Photos - How to Fix Red Eyes in Photos How to Fix Red Eyes in Photos – Programs

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We have seen the cause of red eye in pictures and photos. It is wise to look at ways on how to fix red eyes. While discussion this, we are going to take both the prevention of red eye in pictures from occurring and what you can do to fix red eyes already in digital photos you have – red eye photo editing and removal. First, let us begin by discussion how to fix red eye in photos and pictures.

How to Fix Red Eyes in Pictures and Photos

In this section, we are not going to discuss how to reduce red eye in photos that will be discussed in the section that follows. Furthermore, we will not go to the tutorial details on how to fix red eyes. We will instead focus on giving you information on what you can do to fix red eyes. If you want details and steps, you will have to read more on each of the methods of fixing red eyes will have mentioned and briefly discussed.

Photo edition programs – if you have photos in digital formats, you can use an online or programs installed in your computer to fix red eyes. There are many programs to use most of them often known as red eye removal tools, which work differently. Some of the popular red eye removal and photo editing tools to remove red eye include the following:

Red Eye Photos - How to Fix Red Eye Pictures How to Fix Red Eye Pictures

  • Any version of has the capability of fixing red eyes. It will require you to get a tutorial to guide you through if you do not know how to use Photoshop.
  • Use Windows Photo Gallery has a feature to FIX RED EYE as well as auto adjustment feature. Go to Start button > Click all programs > Click Windows Photo Gallery, choose the photo want to correct by clicking on it and while you are in the Fix window, click fix red eye.
  • Apple’s iPhoto has the ability to remove red Eyes.
  • has an Online Red Eye Removal to help you fix red eyes in photos and pictures.
  • Use GIMP red eye removal feature
  • LunaPic Free Online Photo Editor can also help you fix red eyes or reduce them.

There are many other software and programs you can use to fix red eyes in photos. You however need to learn how to use each of these software if you are to benefit from them.

Hard Copy Photo – Fixing red eye on already printed photos is not easy. You will be required to either use a highlighting pen for removing red eye in photos or scan your picture into a computer, use any of the photo edition software and print it afterwards.

I hope the above ways on how to fix red eyes in photos and pictures have been helpful. You now know how you can fix red eyes in photos and pictures. Perhaps a much easier way is to know how to prevent red eye during photography. This will save you the trouble of photo editing and removal of red eyes in digital photos.

How to Prevent Red Eye in Photos and Photography Tips, Advices and Secrets

Instead of troubling yourself with the ways on how to fix red eyes photos and pictures, you can actually learn some tips, advices and secrets on how to prevent or reduce red eyes. They are going to make everything much easier. Among the ways to prevent or reduce red eye during photography, we have the following ways:

  • Red Eye Reduction Settings – Use cameras with eye reduction setting or features. Most of such cameras have produce two flashes. The first flash is produced to help pupil constrict and the second one as the photo is being taken.
  • Lower or rise shooting positing – To help prevent or reduce red eyes in photos, shoot photos while you are in a higher or lower position and not at the same level as the person’s eyes.
  • Proper Lighting – When you want to take a photo, turn on more light to help your pupil constrict and reduce red eye. Red Eyes in Photos - How to Avoid Red Eyes in Photos How to Avoid Red Eyes in Photos
  • Put Flash Away from Lens – Further, on tips to on how to reduce or prevent reddish eye in photography, it is advisable always to try to put the flash of your camera as far away from the lens and possible. This is why cameras with built in flashes tend to give red eyes more often than cameras with attached flash. If you can move the flash a feet away unless you have digital SLRs, whose flash have been fitted in ‘hot shoes’ to prevent red eyes.
  • High End Camera – Invest in high-end camera which software able of correcting any red eye making people’s eye to look as natural as possible is a great way to prevent red eyes in photos. Such cameras can detect people’s face, eyes, and other features and fix any red eyes in pictures.
  • Reduce or avoid alcohol before a photo shoot – Another way to prevent red eyes in photos is ensuring your subjects are not too drunk. This has a tendency of slowing their pupil reaction.

These are not the only tips, secrets and advices you can have. There are many others often used by professional photographers to ensure they do not have pictures with pupils that appear reddish, partly or wholly. It is such a bad thing to have a photo showing redness in your eyes when you do not want to have them. You will look like a vampire and turn off people who see your photos. Some people will think your eyes have a disease.


We have looked at the causes of red eye in pictures and photos, why some people tend to be more prone to redness eye in photos, how to fix red eyes and some important tips, secrets and ideas to reduce or prevent red eye. It is important to mention that if you see white or yellowish appearance of pupil in photos, especially in children, it could be a sign of cataract, retinal detachment or Coat’s disease. Ensure your child is treated immediately. If your child has a yellow eye shine, it could be a sign of childhood type of cancer known as retinoblastoma.

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How do you fix red eye in pictures and photos? Why software do you use? Share.

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