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Red Eye in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Remedies, Treatment of Cats and Dogs with Red Eyes

Do your dogs or cats dogs have red eyes and you are wondering why redness in your lovely pets? In this article, we are going to discuss the causes, symptoms, cures and remedies for red eye in dogs and cats. I know this sounds a bit offbeat, however, if you love cats or dogs and they are your favorite animals, why do not you spend some time and know more about red eye in dogs and cats. While discussion cat and dog red eyes, we will strive to give you answers to the following questions:

What Cuases Red Eyes in Cats and Dogs

  • What is red eye in dogs?
  • Why do my dogs or cats have bloodshot or red eyes? What causes red eyes in dogs and cats?
  • How do you diagnose red eye in dogs?
  • What do I do to my cats or dogs with red eye or what are the cures, remedies and treatments for dogs with red eyes?

These are not the only things we will answer on dogs and cats with red eyes. We have a lot more information to ensure you can take care of your pets with red eyes!

What is Red Eye in Dogs?

Eye redness in dogs, also known as episcleritis refer to the condition where the redness of the white eye part of your dog or cat. This condition is also common in human beings and other animals. This condition can easily be treated using tropic conditions and other treatments and cures for red eyes in dogs and cats we will discuss in details when you go to the cures, remedies and treatment section.

Causes of Red Eyes in Dogs and Cats

Just like red eyes in human, cat or dog’s red eye is caused by a number of conditions and diseases. Some of the common causes of red eye in dogs and cats include:

  • Blepharitis  or inflammation of the sclera, ciliary body, iris, corner or eyelids
  • Glaucoma where the dog or cat will have increase pressure in eyes thus eye redness will result
  • Orbital disease
  • Conjunctivitis where different type of this condition might affect your dogs that include Follicular conjunctivitis, serous conjunctivitis, Follicular conjunctivitis, purulent conjunctivitism and Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, etc
  • Front eye part hemorrhage
  • Eye blood vessel hemorrhage, both newly formed or old vessels
  • Pet allergies could also be the cause of red eye in dogs, including chlorinated water.
  • Conjunctiva often accompanied with clear discharge and a painless eye can make dogs and cats to have red eyes.
  • Anterior uveitis
  • Corneal ulcers  when surface of the cornea breaks
  • Eye dryness  due to lack of or inadequate tears
  • Trauma or a foreign body in the dog or cats eye or otherwise known as hyphema which can be also from clotting disorder, trauma or any other blood clothing problems

These are not the only causes of red eye in dogs and cats. There are many other causes of red eyes in dogs, which include superficial keratitis, cherry eye, tumor, and luxation of lenses among many others. You need to know the exact cause of dog red eye before you try to treat it since having  wrong diagnosis might not help you.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Red Eyes in Dogs and Cats

To know your dogs or cats have eye redness, you need to know the correct symptoms of red eyes in dogs and cats as well as diagnosis. The symptoms of red eyes in dogs and other pets are dependent on the causes of this redness. Some of the common symptoms you are likely to nice include the following

Symptoms Red Eyes in Cats and Dogs

  • Red and swollen eyelids, iris as well as dilated or constricted pupil
  • Squinting due to pain and the general appearance of redness in the dog’s eyes
  • Red mass, red appearance of the dogs’ conjunctiva, which could also be thickened as well as blood pool in the eye, except on the pupil
  • Pets trying to avoid much light
  • Excessive eye tearing, dryness or discharges

The above are general symptoms you will notice in dogs or cats with red eyes. The exact symptoms might vary depending on the causes of red eye in dogs or cats.

Diagnosis of red eye in dogs and cats is often done through an ophthalmic, which will involve different things. It is highly advisable to visit a veteran to help with diagnosis of red eye in dogs or cats. Ignoring your pets might lead to vision loss, depending on the causes of the redness.  Furthermore, diagnosis will be dependent of the causes of red eyes in cats or dogs. Diagnosis will also involve physical examination such as menace reflex testing, feeling eye from upper eyelid if its hard or not, lifting the dog’s or cat’s upper lid and lower and observing the underneath and so on.

Remedies, Cures and Treatment of Cats and Dogs with Red Eyes

Correct cure, remedies and treatment of dogs with red eyes can only be realized after correct diagnosis. Depending on the cause of redness, you will be advised on what to do. However to mention them in general, some of the treatments, remedies and cures for dogs and cats with red eyes include the following:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cats and Dogs with Red Eyes

  • The use of tropical eye drops for cats and dogs with red eyes. Some of these eye drops could play various roles such as constriction or dilation of blood vessels in the dog’s eyes.
  • If the red eyes are caused by inflammation, then it is recommended to use various anti-inflammation products that will reduce pain and cause the eye to dilate if it was constricted.
  • The use of various tropical medications especially antibiotics such as atropine if your dog or cat have corneal ulcers
  • Try the use of artificial tears such as  as well as tacrolimus and cyclosporine for cats or dogs that have dry eyes.
  • Surgical operation to remove foreign body, replace lenses and many other treatment. In addition, radiation therapy for dogs with tumors can help get rid of red eyes in dogs or cats.
  • A common home remedy for dogs with red eye is using saline solution that is sterile.
  • Rinsing the eyes of dogs with red eye can help in ensuring the immediate symptoms are minimized and you sooth the dog or cat Normal dog with bi-color eyes -Not Red Eyes

These are not the only remedies, treatments or cures for cats or dogs with red eyes. There are many others, which will be specific on the cause of redness on your pets. It is highly recommended that you visit your veterinarian the moment you notice any of the discussed symptoms of red eye in dogs and cats. However, if you are certain on the cause of redness, you could try any of the above treatments, remedies and cures to get rid of red eyes in dogs or cats.

Prevention of Red Eye in Dogs and Cats

Instead of waiting until your dog or cat has a red eye, you can try to prevent the occurrence. Ensure your pets are not exposed to direct sunlight especially at midday when the sun is hottest, keep them very clean and that their environments are clean. Also, get rid of any objects that cause eye injury as well as creating general safe environment for your pets.

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