Fake Eyelashes – Meaning, Best Individual, Naturals, Strip, Lower Lash, 3 Quarter, Colored False Eyelashes
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Fake Eyelashes – Meaning, Best Individual, Naturals, Strip, Lower Lash, 3 Quarter, Colored False Eyelashes

Looking for information on fake eyelashes? Get the meaning and some of the best individual, naturals, flared, strip, 3 quarter, lower lash, colored, glittery, short or long ones. You will also learn on how to apply them and much more. 

How to Put on or Apply False Lashes

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Luscious, fuller, thicker, and well-defined eyelashes are a powerful charm on every woman’s face. However, not everyone is blessed with such natural lashes. If you are one of the people who have very few, short, and thin eye lashes, fake eyelashes is a good way to go. Let us first see what they are.

What Are Fake Eye

Fake or false eyelashes refer to artificial lashes, which are temporarily glue to the eyelash. They could be made from human hair or from synthetic materials. They are not just for dancers, clowns, actors or socialites but also for everyone. They can be worn even in corporate functions without anyone noticing them especially if someone choose the correct types and colors.The concept  came into existence the early 20 century and it was first invented by D.W. Griffith in 1916 who glued wig hair cutting on his actress eyelashes to make them longer in his film Intolerance. However, it was not until 1960s that the fake eye lashes became so popular.

Towards the end of 2000, more and more women were wearing fake eyelashes regularly to make them look fuller. Today, you will see them everywhere from model photo shoots, night out parties or even when running day to day activities.

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Video

Before we look at the common types and the best brands for each type, it is worthwhile to spend a minute and see how to apply fake eyelashes using. Here is a video guide on how to apply or wear them easily.

Types of Fake Eyelashes

There are different types of eyelashes that can help you achieve the exact looks you want, particularly if you were not blessed with well defined, full and long eyelash. While discussing the different types, we are not going to consider the glue on and pre-glued since the former means you need a separate glue source while the latter have glue on them and your work is just to apply them.

1.     Individual Fake Eyelashes / Single / Natural/ Flared Eyelashes

If you want to create the most natural looks, you need to go for the individual fake eye lashes. As the name suggests these are eyelash strands that contain individual clusters which could either be single such as the Ardell Duralash Regular, Elise #518 (which is a strip of lash that is a little flared) or in clusters where a group of 5-8 lashes are knotted or knot free on their roots to form a bunch.

Individual eyelashes are placed between the natural lash hairs to help define them as well as make them denser and they come as single or individual strands. To put them on, you need a special eyelash glue to be used in fixing them between your lash hairs. When applying individual lashes, you will dip them to your eyelash glue and plant them right in between your lashes. Individual lashes are the most difficult to notice and you need a magnifying glass to be able to tell when someone is wearing individual fake eye lashes and when not wearing them i.e. it is not easy to notice if someone is wearing cluster or flare fake eyelashes unless you observe keenly. Even from up close, it is still impossible to see them.

Although they give the most natural looks, they are not so common because they need high accuracy and expertise to apply them. Furthermore, not every woman has the patience it takes to wear them, as they are time consuming.

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Best Individual Fake Eyelashes – Top Brands

If you are handy and you would like to try on the individual fake eyelashes, there are many brands in the market. After conducting a thorough research, sampling and trying various good brands, here is what we came up as the best individual brands to go for.

Best individual Lashes – the MesmorEyes Individual Lashes

  • Ardell Duralash Naturals I ndividual
  • Duralash Regular, Elise #518Andrea Permalash Individual Lashes – Flair Medium Black
  • Ardell semi permanent individual eyelash
  • MesmorEyes Individual
  • Long Wear of Individual
  • Ardell DuraLash Flare – Short Black Short Brown
  • Stila false eyelash flares
  • Ardell Duralash Flare by Ardell
  • Andrea Perma Lash Flair by Andrea
  • Elegant Lashes I-X3 Super Flare Short Black
  • Sherani Natural Look Lashes and Flares
  • Shu Uemura Flare Under Black
  • Sephora
  • Make Up For Ever Individual
  • Winks by Georgie No. 10 “Ma Jolie” Faux

This list of best individual eyelashes is not conclusive as there are a few more brands we did not review. Without endorsing them, the Ardell DuraLash Naturals-Individual False Lashes and the Eylure Individual are some of the best individual brands you can go for. Before buying any of the above best individual lash brands, it is important to read various individual eyelashes reviews, customer comments, ratings and experience.

Most people often confuse flared, individual and single fake lashes. The truth is that the term flared is only used to describe the sized of individual eyelashes and the shape they form e.g. Flare Medium.  In addition to that, there are individual knotted and knot free ones.  The rest of the terms mean the same thing. When we say knotted individual eyelash, it means that they have a knot, which makes them easier to hold and have a larger surface area on which they can be glued. This makes make it easier to apply knotted individual eye lashes.

On the other hand, knot free individual eyelashes are those, which do not have knots on their attachment roots. They are often know as naturals and are much difficult to apply. However, the naturals will look much better since they do not have the knots, which can be easily noticed. They also will blend much better into an individual’s natural lash hairs.

For beginners, it is important to go for the knotted lashes, which are at times referred to as flared false eyelashes than the naturals. In terms of overall results, they are much the same, as they will enhance how your natural lashes look like.

2.     Strip Fake Eyelashes

People who find it very difficult to go for the individual false lashes can opt for the strip fake eyelashes. They help create very dramatic looks. Strip lashes come as a strip, which is glued, on the lash line. They often give looks that are slightly artificial as opposed to individual lashes. However, they have their own advantages, which include the fact that they are easy to apply since you only need a tweezers to place them on the correct spot. In addition to that, the process is much faster as opposed to individual lashes.

Best Strip Fake Eyelashes

When using fake eyelash strip, you might be required to have the right tools for reshaping them or trimming them to the shape you need. If you are looking for strip eyelashes, some of the best fake eye lashes in this category include the following:

Best Strip Fake Eye lashes MAC 31 Lash

  • Ardell Strip – Fashion Black
  • Ardell 6 pack Wild Lash Pretty Strip
  • Andrea Modlash False Eyelash Strips
  • Ardell LashGrip Adhesive for Strip
  • Andrea Modlash Strip Lash – 53 Black Black
  • Bundle Monster False Luscious Lashes Strip
  • MAC 31 Lash
  • Ardell Fashion 116 Black
  • Shu Uemura Soft Cross
  • Illamasqua 021 False
  • Winks by Georgie – No. 4 “La Vie Charme” Faux

3.     Three Quarter Fake Eyelashes

Best Three Quarter Fake Lashes, Urban Decay Urban Lash Instaflare

These types of eyelashes are not so common in the market but if you searched carefully, you will find them. They are a special kind, which are designed for the eye corners. They will help you achieve stunning, sexy and romantic looks. Would you like to buy three quarter fake eye lashes?

Best Three Quarter Fake Eye lashes

Here are the best fake eyelashes in this category

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  • Ardell Lash Accents #301
  • Shu Uemura Slim Partial
  • Mac False Eye Lash # 20
  • Urban Decay Urban Lash Instaflare
  • Japonesque Demi Flair

4.     Bottom or Lower Fake Eyelashes

This type of false eyelashes is not very common and most people do not wear them. However, they can add charm and make your eyes. One disadvantage of bottom fake eyelashes is that they are easier to notice particularly when people who have very think and scanty natural bottom lashes. Lower fake eye lashes are often applied under or on the lower natural eyelashes.

Best Lower or Bottom Fake lashes -Ardell 112 Black Lower

Best Lower or Bottom Fake Eyelashes

If you are looking for the best brands for lower eyelids, consider the following brands:

  • Make Up For Ever 51 Kathryn
  • Bundle Monster 40 piece Black Reusable False Fake Lower / Bottom Lid Eyelash Set ( 4 Variety Styles – 10 pairs each style.
  • Shu Uemura Flare Under Black
  • Ardell 112 Black Lower
  • Zinkcolor Human Hair Lower 75U
  • Elegant#529 Black

5.     Human Hair Fake Lashes

This is not really a type, but more of what it is made from. They are actually made from human hair and they are easy to wear and very durable.

Best Human Hair Fake Eyelashes

Eldora Human Hair False Lashes

If you are looking for false human hair eye lashes, some of the best fake eyelashes in this category include the following:

  • Eldora Human Hair
  • Everlash Human Hair – EL113
  • Amazing Shine Human Hair
  • Zinkcolor Brown Continuous Strip Human Hair
  • Zinkcolor Human Hair Lower
  • Light Density Human Hair

Fake Eyelash Colors

Colored Eye lashes

When buying fake eyelashes, other than the various types we have seen above, you also need to know that they come in different colors, which include shades of black, brown, purple, orange, green among many other colors. This is just the exact replica of colored mascara and wearing them will follow the rules of colored mascara. See how to choose colored mascara. Colored fake eyelashes are generally worn to parties and night outs while neutral or brown fake eye lashes can be worn during the day.  There could be other occasions such as Halloween when some can put on colored fake lashes to serve as costumes.

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Glitter and Shimmery Fake Eyelashes

If you like, glitter mascara or shimmery mascara, there is a chance for you to get glittery false eyelashes or shimmery ones. They are made in a way to reflect light and will be ideal for parties, clubbing or night outs.  If or instance you want glittery fake eyelashes, try Sephora Glittery and Sephora Delux Lash Kit – Glitter.

Fake Eyelashes Lengths

When buying fake lashes, you need to understand that other than color, they come in different lengths. You can go for short, medium or long fake lashes. Strip lashes are particularly made in such a way that they could be designed into various styles such as the starlet style where you will have short and long lashes to make a start like effect. However, the length of false eye lashes should not bother you so much, especially if they are long as they can be trimmed in to the sizes you need.


We have expansively covered the issue of false or fake lashes including what they are, their common types and colors as well as some of the best fake eyelashes in each brand. You need to be carefully to select the right color of fake lashes that will compliment your hair, skin and eye colors just the same way you do when applying mascara.

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