Eyelash Primer or Mascara Primer – Best Brands, How to Apply, Use , Buy, Benefits of Lash or Mascara Primers
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Eyelash Primer or Mascara Primer – Best Brands, How to Apply, Use , Buy, Benefits of Lash or Mascara Primers

Learn on eyelash primer or mascara primer including best brands, how to apply this primer, use or buy as well as the benefits they come with.  It is obvious that they are very important if you want perfect mascaras or natural looking eyelashes. In this discussion, we will strive to answer a number of question which include the following:

Smashbox Lash Primer

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  • What are eyelash primers?
  • Are lash and mascara primers the same?
  • How will I benefit from using lash primers?
  • What are some of the top or leading brands of mascara primers?
  • How do I know I am buying the right brand?
  • How do you apply Lash primers?

What Are Eyelash Primers or Mascara Primers

Eyelash, lash or mascara primer refers to a cosmetic product applied on your eyelash before you apply mascara. To help you understand what they are, let us draw an analogy using paint.

When you want to apply paint, you first need to apply a primer or base coat. This coat is supposed to ensure that any additional paint layers adhere to the surface where you are applying them. Similarly, eyelash primers are cosmetics, which are applied of eyelashes just before you apply your mascaras.

Benefits of Mascara Primers

The benefits of eyelash primer are not limited to mascaras only but to any other eyelash product such as eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes or false eyelashes you might be using. If you have never used them before, there is a lot you could be missing. Some of the benefits of mascara primer include the following:

  • They are specially formulated to ensure they adhere well to your eyelashes and when you finally apply mascara, it will adhere firmly. They are very important way of avoiding flaking and smudging other than going for waterproof mascaras.
  • Mascara primer helps in creating a larger surface area. This will resort to thicker eyelashes when you finally apply your mascaras. For instance, some of them have small fibers, which cling to the eyelashes, and when you apply your mascaras, your eyelashes will look fuller. People who want to use different types of mascara such as matte or glossy can benefit from these products too.
  • Most of them are white in color and they can help in knowing where you have already applied mascaras and where you have not applied it. It will make application much easier especially for people have darker eyelashes since it is not easy to see where you have not applied mascaras.
  • It helps in conditioning eyelashes because it contains some nourishment for you lashes.

See more reasons why you should apply mascara primers:

Best Eyelash Primers – Best Mascara Primers Review

Although most mascara manufacturers often accompany primers with the mascarsa type are selling, you can still buy them independently. There are many types of eyelash primers, which can buy.  Buying brands such as E.L.F. Studio or Urban Decay Eye Lash Primer Potion will assure you great results. Other best lash primers you can buy include the following:

Urban Decay Potion

  • Blinc
  • Smashbox
  • Clinique Lash Building primers
  • Lancome Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing  Base
  • L’Oreal Studio Secrets fibre lash primers
  • Shiseido The Makeup Base
  • Estee Lauder Plus
  • Etude House Dr. Fixer
  • Hard Candy, Hard Candy 1000 Lashes
  • tudio Secrets Professional Fibre
  • Mary Kay®
  • Layer

This is list of the best mascara primers is not conclusive and quite a number of best brands has not been included. We were only able to get and review the above lash primers and we hope you get a good one from the list.

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You want an experience with lash primers? See Dior Dior Show Maximizer Lash Primer and its benefits.

How to Buy Lash  or Mascara Primer

Clinique Lash Building Primer

The benefits of mascara primer cannot be underscored. However, you need to know how to buy eyelash primer if you are maximally to benefit from it. Here are some of the important tips for buying lash primers.

  • When buying eyelash primer, it is advisable to go for vendors who sale them together with mascaras as this will make their price much lower. If you buy it separately, the price might rise by anything from 25% to even over 100% compared to if you bought them together.
  • When looking for this primers, go for brands with moisturizers and vitamins to help nourish your eyelashes.
  • If you want natural makeup looks, buy brands that match your natural color of eyelashes. This way, you can skip the step of applying mascara and use the primer alone.
  • Consider the wand that the specific brand you have purchased comes with. If it is not sold together with the wand, go for a brand that will be easier to use.

How to Apply Eyelash Primer Apply

Since they are much similar to mascara in every way, you will follow the exact steps you followed in applying mascara; see how to apply mascaras. While most makeup artist recommend not letting the them to dry before apply your mascara, some say you can let it dry before applying your mascara. You need to try to see what works best for you. I do not let it dry first and my eyelashes look awesome.


Although not emphasized like mascara, skipping  them means you are going to miss on the many benefits it has. You should ensure you have bought a good quality, definitely from among the best eyelash primer list we shared.

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How to you apply your lash primerS? Do you have any experience, warning, tip or advice that you believe could make a difference in some? Share it.

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