Eyelash Extensions – How Long they Last, How to Remove, Aftercare, Benefits, Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions
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Eyelash Extensions – How Long they Last, How to Remove, Aftercare, Benefits, Side Effects of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the best way of having longer, fuller and natural looking eyelashes. However, other than costing a fortune, they need to be taken good care of. In this discussion, we are going to look, how long will your eye lash extensions lasts, after care guidelines, how can you remove lash extensions if you no longer like them and much more.

After lash Extensions Looks

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Eyelash extensions is a relatively new technology that has help people who did not like  , the exact or recommended durations varies. Some professionals might recommend going for a touch up after 3 weeks just to replace those, which have fallen off naturally in the case of an eyelash that has grown old and fallen, and a new one has grown or the adhesive bond has been weakened.

Generally, how long eyelash extensions last is dependent on your lifestyle and after care. Things like weathers (extreme coldness, heat or humidity), the number of times you swim and so on will affect duration. Let your Lash technician advice you after how long can you go for refill after elaborating to him on your lifestyle. We hope this answers you concern on how long these extensions will last.

Eyelash Extensions after Care

After you have gone for procedure and you want your , they have a number of advantages. Some of these pros, which have seen an increase in demand for eye lash extension, include the following:

  • They require no regular maintenance once you have them as compared to other , which can withstand sweating, water or soap, are normally used bond them. Depending on the relationship you have with your lash technician, he or she might not charge or charge you.

    If you try to remove them on your own, you risk damaging your natural eyelashes. This is why you need to ensure you know how to remove eyelash extension properly. We understand there are many suggestions on the internet on how to remove eylash extensions at home or home removal remedies, among many others.  Our advice is going to a technician and you should ensure you observe the following precautions:

    • Do not try to forcefully remove or pluck your eyelashes. This can cause breakage or removal of your natural lashes. In fact, this is one of the reasons, why you should not remove them on your own.
    • Avoid rubbing your eyelashes so much in attempt to remove them using the various recommended home eyelashes extension removal remedies.
    • In case you have pinpricking pain, which could be due, some of your eyelashes sticking together during the process of applying them; go to a professional to help you separate them.

    Kindly not that it takes long for eyelashes to grow back and attempting to remove them unsuccessfully might mean you will remain without eyelashes. Read more on whether eyelashes grow back, how long do they take, products to use , etc.


    We have comprehensively discussion various aspects concerning eyelashes which include how long they will last, the benefits , cons, how to remove them and some side effects.

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    Suggested Further Reading

    Suggested Further Reading

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  1. I found this as an alternative to the expense of Latisse.

  2. I got eyelash extentions while having my nails done (yeah dumb) “only” $25. Well the glue immediately burned my eyes and they kept watering (cuz why stop now?). Ive had them 3 days and its been horrible. They hurt and it feels like i have sand in my eyes. I cant see properly from a film/haze in my eyes nor how the lashes sit. They r straight across all same length and look totally fake.

    So due to the 3day headache ive had since aquiring them i decided to try to take them off. I googled! I tried oil. I went and got remover (stung and burned worse than the glue) back to oil (“just” leaves a film in the eyes a few minutes) one edge moved down my lashes and sticks out. This is a nightmare. Ive called around town for removal but no one does it. No way im going back to nail salon. I guess i just suffer til they fall off on their own. Lesson learned.

    • holy shit, going through the same thing right now.. i wish i could sit through the pain of the lash remover, but its a horrible burning sensation and i dont wanna risk any future problems with my eyes by just letting it burn.. this is horrible & i will never do this again

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