Eyelash Extensions – Meaning, Semi/Permanent, Procedure, Glue, Specialists, Before and After Eyelash Extensions
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Eyelash Extensions – Meaning, Semi/Permanent, Procedure, Glue, Specialists, Before and After Eyelash Extensions

Get info on Eyelash Extensions including the meaning, semi permanent and permanent, how to or procedure, glue and adhesive used, the need to go to a specialists who is certified and the before and after photos and looks. Of course,they are the new ways to go for people who want semi permanent long, fuller and thicker lashes! Have you heard about them but you do not know what it is or you have questions you would like answered? This guide will introduce you to them and answer some basic questions about these extensions. 

Lashes with extensions

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To begin our discussion, luscious and beautify eyelashes help in defining your eyes better as well as improving your overall looks. For a long time, people have been looking for ways of lengthening, thickening and volumizing eyelashes. Many methods have been tried before which include different types of mascaraseyelash enhancers, attempts to grow longer eyelashes naturally, and even fake eyelashes.  However, there is a new way to go which will give you the most natural looking fuller, thicker and longer eyelashes – eyelash extensions.

You definitely have so many questions about eye lash extensions which you need to know before you try it out. Some will be answered in this guide while others will be answers in other articles we have written on this subject matter. Some of the questions that will be address in this discussion include the following:

  • What are they and what are their common types?
  • What are permanent semi permanent eyelashes extensions?
  • How are they applied and who can go for eye lash extensions?
  • Can you wear mascara after going for once you have them?
  • What are lash extensions glue and kits?
  • What should you do before an appointment for this procedure?
  • What are some of the eyelash extensions before and after looks

What Is Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extensions or simply lash extension refers to a technique of increasing length and thickness and consequently fullness of eyelashes on lash-to-lash strand basis and they are designed to allow you go on with your day-to-day activities as usual without any hindrance while they enhance your looks. It could also refer to the hair like shaped material, which is placed on top of your natural eyelashes to enhance their length and thickness during an eye lash extensions job. Generally, they are made from either natural fibers or synthetic fibers. The latter is more durable and cause less allergic reactions or irritations.

Eyelash extensions are particularly becoming more popular because they achieve better results than mascara yet you will not have the problems of clumping, no black streaks whenever you come in contact with water and you are not wearing a waterproof mascara and you lashes will be make to the length and thickness you want. Furthermore, the process of applying them does not hurt in any way (painless) and is completely safe if you go to a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist. The only concern might be the kind of eye lash extensions glue used. Some glues as NovaLash Adhesive is of the USP grade (US Pharmaceutical and it is free from formaldehyde.

Wonderful Looks

Some people often confuse these extensions and false eyelashes. The later are just temporary lashes, which are temporary worn (glued) in between or on top of your eyelashes to make them fuller, thicker and look luscious. You have to afterwards remove the false eyelashes and reuse the m again if they are reusable. They are not done necessarily technicians as you can also apply false eyelashes on your own.

Must I go to a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist?

For those who have never gone for this service before before, it is important to ensure you have gone to a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist. This is someone who has attended relevant training and been certified.  Once they have undergone this training, they are often knows as Lash Technicians, Lash Stylists, Lash Artists, etc. If you want to go for eye lash extensions training, some of the good colleges to consider is Xtreme Lash USA, Dreamlash Academy of Advanced Lash Artistry, Novalash, nternational Academy of Eyelash Arts & Sciences among many others.

Ensure you go for only a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist or technician who has undergone the eyelash extensions training if you want a perfect job. Going for any technician might turn everything disastrous.  Furthermore, you cannot apply them on your own since it required a trained professional as the Certified Specialist are.

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Common Types of Eyelash Extensions

You definitely now have a precise answer as to what they are are. It is time to look at the common types of these extensions so as to know which one you should go for. There are two types oi.e. the semi-permanent and temporary ones.

1.      Temporary Eyelash Extensions

Temporary eyelash extensions are those extensions, which designed to last for up to a single day or lesser period. They can be made from both natural fibers, including human hairs or synthetic materials. Among the synthetic materials, the Keraspecific fiber is one the best in terms of quality. This specific fiber has been made to feel like human hairs in every way.  They cannot be worn when sleeping, swimming or taking a shower. To apply temporary eye lash extensions, you need a special glue and kit.

2.      Semi Permanent eyelash Extensions /Permanent Extensions

The second type is the semi-permanent eyelash extensions. This discussion will also answer the question what are sthey are and how long they last.  As the name suggests, these types are are designed to last for several days, and if taken good care of, they might last the entire lifespan of eyelashes.  Semi permanent extensions can be seen as permanent ones where they last for the entire lifespan of an eyelash. Good brands such as .

Before and After Looks truely natural

When applying semi permanent eyelash extensions, stronger adhesives capable of lasting until the eyelash naturally falls of are used and the glue or extension strand should not touch your eyelids.

During application of semi permanent eye lash extensions, a single strand of the synthetic or natural fiber is added to a single strand of your eyelashes. However, using some powerful oil based eye makeup removers might make the bond created weaker and your extensions will start falling off sooner. With this type, you can go on with your day to day activities such as taking a shower, swimming or sleeping without any problem because the adhesive used is waterproof. However, immediately after application, it is recommended not to wash your face for at least 12 to 24 hours to allow setting to occur.

Some people often confuse the permanent eyelash cosmetic surgery eyelashes extensions. The former is required around $5,000 and it is a permanent procedure. It is a surgical procedure done by a cosmetic surgeon under anesthetic.

Eyelash Extensions Colors, Thicknesses and Extensions

For both the temporary and semi permanent procedures, there are various colors, thickness and lengths, which can help you, achieve the exact looks you want to. It is advisable to ensure you settle for lash extensions that closely resemble your natural eyelashes if you want to look as natural as possible. However, if you want to look trendier and quite dramatic, why not go for colors such as blue, purple, dark brown, blonde, green, red, light brown, etc. which will add depth and create an illusion of colored mascara.

The common lengths range from 5 to 15 millimeters while thickness will vary from 0.25mm to about 2.0 mm.  The number of eyelashes applied will vary from 30 to over 60 extensions for every eye. This therefore means you will be able to choose the looks you want by choosing color, thickness, lengths, etc.

Eyelash Extensions Application Process or Procedure

Procedure for extending eyelashes

You must be excited with the lash extensions by now. Obviously, the next concern that everyone will have is how to apply them. The process takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of eyelashes you have for a full set. However, if you are going for a repair work, it can actually take a shorter time and cost lesser depending on their condition.

Before going for eye lash extensions, you need to do the following:

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  • Not wear  contact lenses
  • Not wear any kind of eye makeup including eyeshadow, mascara, fake eyelashes or eyeliners.

If you are worried about the cost of or a place where to go for for this service, see: Eyelash Extensions Costs, Prices and where to go for the best services.

Who Can Go for Semi – Permanent Eyelash Extension?

Lash extensions are for everyone. It does matter your profession, occupation, walk of life or age. Anyone can go for it. However, if have the following problems, you might not be a good candidate.

  • People who rub their eyes often due to allergic reactions such as hay fever or it is a habit they are not able to stop are discouraged from going them.
  • If you have an extremely sensitive skin, which is irritated by the other eye makeup, avoid going for these extensions.
  • When you are ill or currently under an allergic attack such as a cold, sinus or allergic reactions, it is good to avoid going for this procedure since they will not last long. This is because your eye will be producing many secretions as well as the already irritated eyes you will be having.
  • People with eyelashes that are naturally very curly should not go for this process since they will quickly wear out the lash extensions, making them shorter within no time.
  • When you have no natural extension since there will be nowhere they will be attached to.

These are the people who cannot go for eyelash extensions and it is rare to find someone who meets the above criteria.

Wearing Mascara with Eyelash Extensions

Another very important thing you need to be certain about before you go for this procedure is if you can afterwards apply mascara or not. The answer to this concern is both yes and no. After you have undergone the process, you should ask your Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist the type of mascara you can wear. Depending on the kind of adhesives used, you will be given a few you can use.

However, you will not be allowed to use waterproof mascara because during their removal, you will need waterproof makeup remover will remove the extensions or weaken them.

What Is Eyelash Extensions Glue?

Before and After Looks Lash Extensions


Eyelash extensions glue refers to the adhesive used in binding the lash extensions to your eyelashes. It often forms semi permanent bonds and it is waterproof in nature. Most of the these adhesives or glue such as NovaLash is completely safe for use. Some of the best eyelash extensions glues available in the market include the following:

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  • Stays-On-Glue  – Long Lasting Hypoallergenic
  • Novalash Lash Adhesive by NovaLash
  • Blink Ultra Plus Eyelash Extension Bonding Glue Adhesive- 10ml
  • Maximum Sensitive Glue
  • Modern Lash Adhesive Gel
  • Eye lash Glue Ultra Strong Type EU made / Individual / Semi Permanent

What Are Some of the Eyelash Extensions Before and After Looks?

Most of the questions you had have been answered. If not, the other lash extensions articles we have covered will answer them. The only way to know you will look like after you have gone for them is seeing the eyelash extensions after and before looks. We have collected the below e after and before photos to help you visualize how you will look like.


You have learnt quite a lot about eyelash extensions, which includes answering numerous questions. All this is to ensure you thoroughly understand what they are before you spend money on them.  When I last tried, mine lasted for only three weeks and I had to go for a touch up.

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Suggested Further Reading

Further Reading

Have you ever gone for eyelash extensions? How much were you charged, how long did it take, where was it and what your general experience? Share, Advice and Warn.

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