Sharpie Eyebrows – Meaning, Chola, Mexican, Pictures, Girls with Sharpie Brows
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Sharpie Eyebrows – Meaning, Chola, Mexican, Pictures, Girls with Sharpie Brows

To some, sharpie eyebrows are trendy and very fashionable while to others, they consider them ugly and they cannot dare have them. We are going to discuss what they are and see some sharpie eyebrow pictures, Latina, Mexican, girls with sharpie eyebrows, chola, and much more.  (Apology – we have used the words Latino and Latinas for the purposes of writing. They are formally known as the Hispanics and Latin Americans),

Sharpie Brows - Looking Stunning Sharpies Brows – Looking Stunning

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What are Sharpie Eyebrows?

Sharpie eyebrows refers to brows which have been shaven off and drawn using dark brow pencil which often looks like a sharpie marker, hence their names. If you want to have them, you will first shave off your eyebrows (see more on shaved eyebrows) and them drawn on them using a bold brow pencil (see more on drawn brows).

They can be used as a costume (especially as Halloween Costume) while some people they find them quite appealing especially the fanatics of sharpie makeup. However, you will get so many people who completely do not like them and would rather have bushy brows since they say the look so unreal and fake.

While drawing sharpie brows, you could make them take any shape you like such as making them very thin, uneven, curvy, crooked, and thick or have any shape you want. When you want to have these brows, ensure you use only a brow pencil or black pencil eyeliners and not the ink since the ink might be unsafe to be used on your eyebrow areas. The sharpie brows picture beside should help you to understand what they are.

Benefits of Sharpies Brows

Even if you do not like them, you need to acknowledge some of the benefits that these brows have. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • They are ideal for people who do not have eyebrows due to various causes of eyebrow loss, if they are done properly.
  • They can be part of a stylish Halloween costume that can make you really stunning. Although they might be considered as scary in the US, they are quite trendy in South America.
  • They can be drawn to various unnatural shapes making you to standout.
  • Sharpies eyebrows can help give someone a certain identity in the same way dudes with baggy pants get some identity.

Drawbacks of Sharpies Eyebrow

We have seen the benefits or advantages of these brows; it is time to look at the cons, or downside of having sharpie brows:

  • On the downside of sharpie brows, most of them might smudge if you sweet on your brows and end up look messy.
  • Most people do not find drawn eyebrows flattering. It is better to fill your sparse or thin brows instead of having to shave them and trying to have sharpies.

Mexican Sharpie Eyebrows – Latina Eyebrow Sharpies

Mexican and Latinas (Hispanic) were known for notoriously having sharpie brows when they were not common in most places. This should not be taken to mean all Mexicans but at least a few Mexican girls.  In fact, many people often consider them as Mexican sharpie eyebrows or Latina sharpie eyebrows for this reason.

For instance, in 1990’s and early 2000’s you could easily spot Mexican eyebrow sharpies of Mexican women in LA, New York and any other major towns in the US. They still do exist and are popular among the Latin Americans and Mexicans.  However, nowadays, more and more people are turning to this eyebrow makeup style and it is becoming a fad again, just like the 1930’s and 1940’s. Do not be surprised to get Anglo, African, African Americans, and other races having them too.

Chola Sharpie Eyebrows

Chola or Cholo traditionally ‘refers to Hispanic gangster culture’ where men are known as cholos while women cholas.  The Cholas have a way they use makeup i.e. to so called Chola makeup including chola sharpie eyebrows.  Just like the other brow sharpies, they often shave their eyebrows and then drawn eye brows using a sharpie pen like brow pencils. See more details on chola eye brows.

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Girls with Sharpie Eyebrows – Sharpies Pictures

In this section, we decided to collect a number of photos of girls with sharpies brows and other people for you to see and judge yourself. While some people will think the girls with sharpie brows do not look great, others will like them. What are your thoughts on girls with sharpie eyebrows we have shown in below pictures?

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