How to Pluck Eyebrows, Tips, Care & Ways to Reduce Pain When Plucking Eyebrows
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How to Pluck Eyebrows, Tips, Care & Ways to Reduce Pain When Plucking Eyebrows

How do you pluck eyebrows, does eyebrow plucking cause a stinging pain? Learn more on how  to  pluck your eyebrows perfectly without feeling the much pain. You will get many secrets, tips, and much more.

Plucking Brows

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Of course, you should know that many people often ignore their brows when they have the power to give the most polished looks ever you see on those celebrities. Perhaps people do not want to pluck them because it is little painful. However, in this article you will learn way to reduce the pain.

Ways of Shaping Eyebrows

There are different ways of shaping eyebrows and each of these ways has its own advantages and disadvantages. Different people have different opinions on the different easy ways with some of them saying a certain method is more painful than the others are. Read more on each of the ways of shaping eyebrows below:

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  • Eye brow Waxing – Best Kits, Tips, How to Wax Eyebrows  and much more

Once you have information about each of the above ways of shaping your brows, you can go ahead to learning tips on how to go about with the specific method you will be using. In this discussion, we are going to focus on how to minimize pain when you are plucking eyebrows and some of the important tips.

How to Pluck Eyebrows

If you are looking for information on how to pluck eyebrows, you should read the article on how to tweeze eyebrows. Eyebrow tweezing and plucking refers to the same thing and you will follow the same steps.

How to Minimize Pain When Plucking Eyebrows


Eyebrow plucking is somewhat painful and if you do not prepare your skin well. Expect to feel the sting as you pluck them, irrespective the method of plucking you will use. However, we have some important ways you can follow to ensure the process is less painful.

  • Before you start plucking eyebrows, wash your face with warm water to make your brow hairs less firm. Some people will recommend to you pluck eyebrows after you have taken a hot shower. The objective is the same. Furthermore, hot water will also open pores and this will further make it easier when begin plucking eyebrows. Ensure you do not use ice blocks as they will make them firms and plucking will be harder and more painful. You are likely to damage your eyebrow hair follicle or roots and some might not grow back.
  • When plucking eyebrows , stretch your skin tight using two fingers of the other hand or your thumb, index or middle finger. This will help minimize the pain you will experience.
  • Furthermore, ensure you hold the brows close to their base and pull them suddenly in the direction they grow. If you are tweezing, you need to pull a single hair at a time. Clean your tweezers after a short while to remove any skin oils, which will make the brows to slip. If you do not hold your them close to their roots, you will increase chances of breakages and this can be painful if you want to remove the broken part of the eyebrows.
  • Some people recommend the use of lotions to make the process much easier. This is not necessary but if you find it works for you, go ahead and use it.
  • To reduce pain, ensure your tweezers are at an angle to your skin and make the angle as close to your brow skin as possible. Going for angles that are less than 45 degrees will reduce the amount of pain experienced as you pluck your brows.

How to Soothe Eyebrows the after Plucking Pain

We have seen ways to reduce pain while plucking brows. We want to mention a few ways you can soothe your skin afterwards. You do not want your skin to remain red or in worse cases, catch an infection. So what are some of the ways of soothing your skin after and during the process of plucking eyebrows?

Plucking Brows in Men

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  • The other important tip is easing pain using either a numbing spray of gel such as Orajel baby Teething Pain Medicine.
  • Once you are done, if you need to use aloe vera gel or a good quality moisturizer to help in soothing your skin. You should do this after you have washed your face with cold water. Avoid using warm water after you have plucked your brows. Aloe vera will easily calm the redness that will appear after you have plucked them.
  • When you are through plucking eye brows, get a ziplock bag of ice, refrigerated bottle, beverage, or ice pack and hold it over the place you plucked your hairs. Hold it in place for around 20 seconds before you can switch to another place where you also plucked eyebrows.
  • To avoid any infection, you should first rub the area you have plucked eyebrows with alcohol before you sterilize it. Sterilizing will reduce infections, pimple lumps and soothe your skin too.

Eyebrow Plucking Tips, Secrets and Advises

Plucked Brows –Before and After

You have learn a lot about how to reduce pain while plucking as well as some of the ways to soothe your skin after you are done. You need to know some of the very important tips, secrets and advises that will ensure everything goes on well.

  • It is highly advisable to ensure you never shave your eye brows if you do not want the funny looking evening shadow on your face.
  • Successful eyebrow plucking will require you to know the limits where you should reach.
  • To successful consider doing it during the day, when there is much light. This will minimize chances of doing mistakes.
  • To get the best looks, ensure you remove at most three hairs and see how you look like before you can continue. This will ensure you do not make mistakes. Any mistakes you make while you are plucking brows will be a part of you for the next up to 8 weeks depending on how quickly your eyebrows grow back.
  • Although traditionally people are advised to pluck the below brows only, simple wisdom should allow you to remove the upper side of brows if you have some that are truly unruly.
  • While washing your face with warm or hot water, ensure you only blot your face with a piece of cloth. Do not scrub or wipe your face.
  • While plucking eyebrows, you can correct any mistakes you make using an brow pencil and keep using it until your eyebrows grow back again.
  • Another very important tip is being careful. Eyebrows plucked will not always grow. You need not to go beyond where you want to have them. This will reduce the chances of having patches without hairs, which might refuse to grow back.
  • Do not completely do one brow and then go other one. Keep on plucking hairs on both eyes at the same time as you step a few steps back and watch how you look like.
  • Avoid over plucking  as you might end up having thin eye brows. Over plucking is one of the causes of thin or brow hair loss.


The above ways to reduce pain when plucking eyebrows, tips, secrets, advices, as well as how to soothe your skin after you have plucked your brows should be of much help to you. We deliberately did not go to the details of how to pluck eyebrows since the procedure is the same as the one for brow tweezing.

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