How to Tweeze Eyebrows – Best EyebrowTweezers, Tips and Benefits of Tweezing
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How to Tweeze Eyebrows – Best EyebrowTweezers, Tips and Benefits of Tweezing

Eyebrow tweezing is definitely one of the methods of plucking eyebrows.  Get info how to tweeze, benefits, best eye brow tweezers to use, tips, secrets and benefits of tweezing compared to other ways of plucking eyebrows, which include waxing and threading. some of the very important questions that will be answered in this article include:

Brow Tweezing

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  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of tweezing your brows?
  • Which are the best eyebrow tweezing brushes to us?
  • How do you tweeze eyebrows?
  • What are the important tips, secrets and advises for brow tweezing?

Do Tweezed Eyebrows Grow Back?

Although some people often imagine if they tweeze eyebrows, they will never grow back. That is not true, any time you tweeze your brows, expect them to grow to full length after 4 to 8 weeks. However, if during the exercise you damage your hair root, it might not grow. This is not so common and it should not scare you.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tweezing – Advantages

Before we go to the details of how to tweeze eyebrows, you deserve to know some of  its benefits or advantages.

  • The first benefit o is that the process is inexpensive if you do it yourself. You only need to spend some money on one of the best tweezers, which you can use for as long as you want.
  • It is flexible since you can remove any stray brows any time you see one. Although you are advised not to overtweeze, you still can tweeze any brows, which seems to be off its place.
  • It is the most precise way of eye brow plucking which will give the most precise results because you have a chance to pluck a single hair at a time as opposed to other ways. This is why many people choose to it instead of waxing or threading.
  • It is less painful since you only remove one brow hair at a time.

Disadvantages of Eyebrow Tweezing

Even though eyebrow tweezing has all the above advantages or benefits, it does have some disadvantages when compared to other methods such as waxing and threading. So what are the disadvantages?

  • It is time consuming since you will be pulling one brow hair at a time. If you want to remove many eyebrow hairs, be prepared to take some time.
  • Since it takes a long time, you also expect to feel more pain as tweeze eyebrows unless you use a good numbing spray.

Best Tweezers – Top Brands

Other than the numbing sprays that can help reduce pain, the most important thing required for you to tweeze eyebrows is a good tweezer. Generally, a slanted tip tweezer will give you the best results. The tweezers you use can make a big difference on the results you get. If you are looking for the best eyebrow tweezers, here are some of the top tweezer brands you can go for:

Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer

  • Tweezerman Mini Slant
  • Slant Tip Stainless Steel Tweezers by ToiletTree Products
  • Revlon Beauty Tools Expert Tweezer with a Slanted Tip
  • Prevaro Slant
  • Sally Hansen Beauty Tools, Perfect The Arch-Dual Slant Point Tip
  • Billion Dollar Brows
  • Brow Tools & Tweezers
  • Rubis Swiss
  • Sonia Kashuk® Precision Tweezers
  • Avon Precision
  • Revlon Spotlight Tweezer with LED Technology
  • Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezers

The above list of the best tweezers is not conclusive, see more brands and compare prices. There are many other top tweezers, which you can buy. However, before you spend money on any of the tweezers you might come across, you deserve to do your own independent research, read reviews, customer rating and comments to be sure it is the best tweezer indeed.

How to Tweeze Eyebrows

Begin by shaping your eyebrows

Let us now look at how to tweeze eyebrows having given you the best tweezers and benefits.  Eyebrow tweezing is a simple exercise that requires some time. How long you will take when tweezing brows will depend on the amount of hairs you should remove and your experience. While discussing how to tweeze eyebrows, we are not going to cover the details of brow shaping. We will assume you already know how. If not, see Eyebrow shaping guide . Although while covering the below steps on how to tweeze eyebrows, we followed a certain order, it does not matter, you can begin from anywhere, provided you know what you are doing.

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  1. To tweeze eyebrows, stand in front of a mirror or sit down. Do not be too close to your mirror since you to see the general appearance as you are tweezing them.
  2. Before you begin the tweezing exercise, soften your brows using cotton pads soaked in warm water or a towel. Warm water will help losing the brow skin and open pores on your brows. This should be done for about 5 minutes.
  3. Begin tweezing hairs between your eyebrows, just above the nose ridge. You should follow the shape you created while shaping them. This is the least painful area. You should slightly stretch your skin using your index or middle finger. Some people find it easy to use their thumb while tweezing. It does not matter so much. However, avoid stretching your eyebrows to tightly as it might cause wrinkles. While tweezing, you need to use sudden quick pull towards the direction of hair growth which hold the a single eyebrow close to its root.
  4. The next step on how to tweeze eyebrows is removing any hair above your brows. Although initially most makeup artists advised people not to touch any hairs above, you can do it if you have some stray hairs. Ensure you only remove hairs that are outside the shape you want, take care when tweezing areas near to your natural arch as you might remove too many hairs there. How to Tweeze Brows
  5. Finally, you have to remove the hairs below your eyebrows. To do this perfectly, you need to first brush them upwards and tweeze any hairs outside the shape you want to achieve. You need to remove a small amount of hairs before you carefully study your eyebrows to see if it is too thin or thick.
  6. Once you are done with tweezing eyebrows, you need to soothe the area. It is common advised you use astringent and cotton pads without getting to your eyelids. This will help in closing pores and tightening them on the areas, you have removed hairs. Using aloe vera jelly will help reduce the redness, especially if applied and left overnight.
  7. The next step when tweezing brows is filling any gaps. These gaps could have been during eyebrow tweezing i.e. you did some mistake or you naturally do not have brows on those areas.  First, brush them upwards and outwards, to their natural position. Using brow pencil, fill any gaps that are created using feathery and very soft strokes.

These are the most important steps on tweezing brows. Once you have achieved the perfect eyebrow shapes you need, you could continually be removing any stray hairs, once a week to ensure the perfect shape is retained. This will save time as opposed to having to start from scratch each time.

Tips, Secrets and Advices for Tweezing Eyebrows

You have comprehensively covered the steps for tweezing eyebrows, benefits, disadvantages, and even gotten the best tweezers to use. However, if you want outstanding looks, you need to also follow the below eyebrow tweezing tips, secrets and advices that will make you get celebrity looks.

  • Although some makeup artists advice you put ice cube on the eyebrow area to make it numb before you can tweeze eyebrows, it is not a good idea as it will make your eyebrows firmer and cause more damage as you are tweezing them.
  • Each time you have plucked substantial amounts of hairs, you need to step back from and see how they look like. This will give you a general appearance of the eyebrows in relation to other facial features.
  • For effective brow tweezing, ensure you have a firm grip close to the hair root. You should regularly rub your tweezers with alcohol to remove any oil that could make them slippery. If your tweezers get blunt, you can go to Tweezerman for free sharpening if you bought your eyebrow tweezers from them.
  • Even after tweezing them, if they still stray, use brow gel to keep them in placed. This will help tame any unruly ones.
  • Another important eyebrow tweezing tips is to clean your face and exfoliate it, while putting much emphasis on the brow area. This will help in removing any dead skin around your eye brow area as well as reduce the potential pain you will have to endure.
  • To tweeze eyebrows perfectly, ensure you first trim any long eyebrows. This will reduce the chance of creating gaps by tweezing hairs that are in areas you did not want to tweeze.
  • If you are using magnifying glass, ensure you do not go beyond. Although the magnifying glass will give you better looks, it might easily make you tweeze hairs you did not want to.


You have learnt how to tweeze eyebrows, some of the benefits of eyebrow tweezing, cons and best tweezer brands you can buy. The above eyebrow tweezing tips should be of much help in ensuring you look great. I will not lie to you. Eyebrow tweezing is painful unless you have a numbing product. I do not know if it is I or everyone has the same problem.

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