How to Trim Eyebrows for Women, Men and Tips for Trimming Your Brows at Home
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How to Trim Eyebrows for Women, Men and Tips for Trimming Your Brows at Home

Are you looking for best ways on how to trim your eyebrows? We have covered how to trim eyebrow for men and women as well important tips. You will learn a lot about eyebrow trimming to ensure you get professional looking looks if you want to trim them at home.

Brow Trimming

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Why should you trim your eyes? Having messy and unruly brows can make you look unattractive. Whether you are a man or woman, you need to trim eyebrows from time to time, especially to people who have bushy, big and very thick eyebrow .

Best Eyebrow Trimmers

Before you learn how to trim them, you need to know which trimmers to use to get best results if you are not using scissors. Some of the best trimmers you should consider using include the following:

  • Remington Nose, Ear and Eyebrows NE3560
  • Philips NT9110 Nose, Ear and Eye brow
  • Wahl 2-in-1 Ear, Nose and Brow
  • Conair MT3WB Men’s 2-in-1
  • Conair Nose, Ear & Eyebrows Model NT1
  • 3x Eyebrow Razor Trimmer Shaper Shaver

How to Trim Eyebrows

Most people confuse eyebrow trimming to shaping . These two are very different. While discussing steps on how to trim eyebrows, everything will come very clear.  Unlike other brow makeup , steps on how to trim eyebrows are very easy and anyone can do them. Furthermore, it is recommended that you first trim them before you can shape them or apply other brow makeup. Here are the basic steps on  how to trim eyebrows :

1. The first step of trimming eyebrows is brushing them using a comb or s spool brush towards an upwards direction. Get a small comb and brush your hair upwards. As you are brushing it, you need to cut any hairs above the comp. you can use a small pair of hair cutting scissors or eyebrow scissors.

Some of the best eyebrow scissors to buy include Japonesque Brow Groomer Scissor/Comb, Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush, Sephora Facial Scissors, Anastasia of Beverly Hills Scissors, Avon Brow Scissors, Seki Edge Eyebrow Comb Scissors Stainless Steel, among many other best brands.

2. The next step to trim eyebrows is placing the comb at a 45 degree angle. If you want them to be very short, press the comp closer to your skin and if you want slightly longer brows move it off your skin. Run your scissors over the comb and again cut any hair that is up above the scissor level.  Women will benefit from trimming eyebrows this way especially when they want to wax or tweeze their brows. Having long eye brows that are not trimmed could lead to accidental overplucking . Furthermore, trimming brows in this way will enhance looks and make brows more defined.

Cutting Eyebrows

3.  Keep on moving your comb and cut any eyebrows that are above your comb until they are all removed. You must ensure they look consistent with no part overwhelming another for both the two brows.

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4. You are done with the steps on how to trim eyebrows. What is remaining is correcting any mistakes here and there. Go over your brows keenly and do away with any stray hairs you were not able to cut as you were trimming them.

Once done with the above steps, women can go further to other eyebrow makeovers such as threading , plucking ,  tweezing and eyebrow waxing . Even if they are not doing any of the above, they can then apply eyebrow makeup such as brow pencils , powders, dyes , tints and so on.

Eyebrow trimming for men – Men eyebrow trimming

Brows for Men

Should men trim eyebrows? The answer is yes but to those who have very bushy or thick eyebrows. If you did not know, men’s eyebrows tend to be very long as they age and they need to know how to trim eyebrows when they become so long. This will help them get youthful looks. What are some of the important tips, secrets and tricks for men eyebrow trimming?

  • If you are into eyebrow trimming for men, you need to ensure you do not overdo it. Men can go as far as shaping them but they should not overdo it, as they will instead get feminine looks. Imagine a man with arches that are sharp or curvy and very thin. They would look unmanly.
  • When trimming them, as a man, you should be extra careful to avoid any mistake. You cannot afford using brow pencils to conceal any mess you did as you were trimming your brows.
  • After you trim eyebrows, you can use brow gel to hold them in place if they are unruly. This will help tame them.

There is perfectly nothing wrong with trimming eyebrows for men. However, much care should be taken as you trim them since being a man, any mess will put you in jeopardy. You cannot afford using eye brow makeup each time to hide the messes you created. For those who think it is unethical for men to trim eyebrows, they should know that having long and mess brow hairs often turn off some people, especially women.

As a word of advice to men who trim eyebrows, they should ensure they know how to do it or go to professional.  If you excessively trim them and shape them just as women do, you might be confused for gay when you are not.

Brow Trimming Before and After

You have covered comprehensively on how to trim eyebrows, including men’s. It is time to look at some of the best brow trimming tips, secrets and ideas that will make you look perfect. These tips is what will differentiate how you look at the end of the day.

  • The first important tip is to avoid overdoing it. If you aggressively trim brows, they will also grow back aggressively as Sania Vucetaj , a leading eyebrow guru notes.  This therefore means that you should trim them mildly and when very necessary. There are people who have naturally good looking brows, which will only require shaping for women while for men, some need to do nothing at all.
  • If you have curly brows, you need to be very careful and ensure you have cut any of the long eyebrows, which are curly. This will require you to keep on brushing, combing and cutting any hair that goes up above the comb. If fact, you need to trim them more than anyone else to avoid looking older.
  • For success in trimming eyebrows, ensure you have known the kind of brows you have. People who have soft and fine ones will hardly have a challenge when they want to trim such eyebrows since they hardly grow long. However, if you have course eyebrow hairs, you will find it a bit cumbersome to trim them since if they are made too short, they will look spiky. Nevertheless, people who have curly brows need to trim them quite often. Leaving curly eye brow untrimmed will make one look much older.


This discussion of how to trim eyebrows has covered the basic steps for men, women and some important tips and secrets to ensure you look incredible.  Although from the above steps, everything looks so simple, be careful. Otherwise, you will create gaps on your brows as you try to trim them.

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Do you think men should trim their eyebrows just like women do? If so, how should the trim them?

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  1. Hi, nice article, a correction on the men part, though. Technically thin eyebrows, similar to how women more typicall shape them are not unmanly, as being a man doesn’t make you unable to shape your eyebrows that way, just like a woman is not unable to to go for short cropped haircuts or even buzz cuts more typically worn by men, without being therefore unfeminine. If it looks unmanly, that’s a very relative notion of “more women than men do that” which doesn’t make anything objectively unmanly.

    Growing breast, no offence or judgement intendend, now, that’s technically unmanly. The article should help make an informed decision on how you want to trim your eyebrows, not get them too thin by accident but intentionally, depending on the visual effect you want. It’s full of men styles where thin eyebrows can (or may not) be featured, like goth, metal, visual kei, rock chic, edgy, punk mixes, or even makeup.

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