How to Color Eyebrows, Choose Brow Color, Tips, Secrets, Advice and DIY at Home
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How to Color Eyebrows, Choose Brow Color, Tips, Secrets, Advice and DIY at Home

Are you looking for information on how to color eyebrows or choosing brow color? Or do you want the flattering looks of Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba eyebrow colors? We are going to cover much more that will help you get looks that beat these celebrities. You will be truly a beauty queen if you do it correctly in addition to using other , skin color, hair color among many other factors. When selecting any of your them, you need to follow the below simple rules that will ensure you have perfect looks

  • If you have dark hair, you need to go for a slightly lighter shade or at best, two shades light than your hair color. This applies to people who have dark skin tone too.
  • If you have light hair and light skin or pale skin, the best eyebrow colors will be two shades darker. Going for a lighter one will not help in defining your eyebrows in any way.
  • Blondes should avoid colors that are too dark as they might be too much or look harsh on them.

This rules are just but conventional and might not work for everyone. You still have the right to try various colors or get advice to help coming with the best color for your eyebrows. For instance, although most of the Hispanic and African American women get flattering eyebrow looks with brown eyebrow colors, some find black to be the best.

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How to Color Eyebrows

With the above basic ways on how to choose eye brow colors, let us look at how to color eyebrows. We will be general cover the steps to follow.

If you want specific way to color your brows, the following articles will help in giving tips, secrets, best brands, how to apply and much more.

  • ,  and if necessary, reapply correctly.  This might not apply to people using or tint. Whether you are using eyebrow pencil, tint, powder or dye, ensure no demarcations are visible. If you love tints, Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint (comes in 4 colors) will be a good pick and for pencils try Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil.
  • When removing eyebrow colors, ensure you have the correct makeup remover and void rubbing your eyebrows so much to try and make the colors come off.
  • Always follow all the instructions, which come with the type of eye brow color you have purchased.
  • If you are using temporary brow coloring, ensure you remove it before you go to bed. This will avoid it staining your bedding. They are also unhealthy to your brows, which need to be cleaned, moisturized and conditioned. However, if you have a permanent eyebrow coloring, you can still wash, moisturize and condition your brows without color coming out.
  • Some eyebrow colors, especially dyes might require bleaching your brows before applying the color. Ensure you follow bleaching instructions and do not let the bleach stay for longer than recommended time to avoid irritations. Bleaching will help intensify the color of your dye.
  • Going on with best eyebrow coloring tips, unless it is very necessary, avoid dye when coloring brows. Instead, go for colored tints, eyebrow gels, eyebrow powders and pencils.
  • If you are using eyebrow powder, ensure you have chosen the correct eyebrow brush in applying it. Angle eyebrow brushes are known to be the best for applying or coloring your brows.
  • Whenever you change the color of your hair (dye your hair) you will also be required to switch to a different brow color that will flatter your hair color also. Imagine how you would look if you dye your hair blonde and use very black eyebrow color!
  • The other tip for eyebrow coloring is that before using any of the eyebrow colorings, ensure you have conducted an allergy test to ensure it will not cause any irritations. Test using your neck region or inner arm and wait for two days before you can start using your eyebrow coloring makeup.


All the above eyebrow coloring tips, secrets and advices if are followed with the procedure on how to color eyebrows, excellent results will be achieved. However, unless you chose an eyebrow coloring that will flatter your facial features, especially hair, you might not get the best of looks, even if you apply it correctly.

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